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As a community, we’ve stayed in thousands of different hostels, homestays, hotels, luxury resorts, squats, campsites — and whatever other accommodation options there are out there — around the world. We’ve got profiles and guides on how to dirtbag it through the American West and what 700-thread-count sheets feel like.

We’re big into couchsurfing, so you’ll find lots of tips for building up your profile and getting into the community. We also like to hit alternatives like home exchanges, short-term rentals, and house sits.

Definitely check out our stuff on novelty accommodations — ice hotels, a jumbo jet hostel, and more.

When you find a piece of handmade chocolate left on your pillow every night.
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.
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Is it simply a national love of bureaucracy, a general mistrust of one’s fellow human?
By day 5 we've stared at her bookshelves and closets long enough to decide that we like...
Book via WeHostels and enter the code MATADOR for $10 off!
Forget major booking sites. Cheer for the little guy. Tell better stories.
Brighton has more pubs per capita than any other UK city (or so we tell one another...
The Queen Mary, once a WWII troopship, is allegedly haunted by 600 different ghosts.
When I take someone out on a date, I wine and dine them good.
Captain James Bates sailed around the world and built an eco retreat from the ground up.
Each room has an open fourth wall equipped with its own infinity pool (BALLER!).
If you’re wondering if it’s possible to take a dip in this rooftop infinity pool, the...