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Border Crossing Guides

If you’re trying to figure out how to country hop — where the nearest border crossing is, how to get the requisite visa, how not to get scammed — there probably aren’t many borders that Matador members haven’t crossed.

Out of this experience, we’ve produced many guides. It’s also a great topic to reach out to one of our thousands of community members and ask about.

Also, the Matador Trips channel runs a series dedicated to guides on getting visas and crossing borders, all based on firsthand experience. We hit routes both well traveled (Bangkok -> Siem Reap) and less traveled (Kazakhstan -> Uzbekistan).

Border Crossing Guides Articles

Here’s how to exercise your rights at any US checkpoint

by Emma Thieme

6 thoughts every traveler has at the border

by Justin Guerra

Pop quiz: How many countries are inside other countries? Watch and learn.

by Matt Hershberger

What it’s like to be detained at Heathrow

by Josh Heller

The Canada-US border as you’ve never seen it before [vid]

by Carlo Alcos

I want dance classes from these border guards [vid]

by Austin Yoder

No avoiding it now: You have to pay to play in Argentina

by Eileen Smith

How to cross the US-Canada border with the least hassle

by Keph Senett

Paying Argentine reciprocity fee just got trickier

by Eileen Smith

Border crossing guide: Van, Turkey to Tabriz, Iran

by Dina Bennett

Border crossing guide: Iquitos, Peru to Manaus, Brazil

by Filipa Chatillon

The Schengen visa: 90-day buzzkill

by Patrick Madden

US citizen guide to South American visas and reciprocity fees

by Eileen Smith

6 countries that aren’t really countries

by Richard Stupart

Border crossing guide(s): Peru to Ecuador to Colombia

by Jasmine Stephenson

Border crossing guide: Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan

by Stephen Lioy

Border crossing guide: Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang

by Hiroki Watarai

Border crossing guide: Buenos Aires to AsunciĆ³n

by Megan Wood
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