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At Matador, we know firsthand that it doesn’t take tons of money to travel the world, and that you don’t even have to be a backpacker to travel on a budget (though sometimes it helps). We’ve compiled hundreds of valuable tips on how to travel for free (seriously), or close to it.

These include guides to places with lower costs of living as well as budget guides to pricier destinations, ideas for making money on the road, info on how to fund your travels through writing, photography, and filmmaking, and opportunities to travel or volunteer abroad for free.

We also have articles focused on the budget backpacker lifestyle.

If you can find friends to travel with, all of Germany will be your cut-price oyster.
There are always costs to you living your dreams, even if not to you.
Frugality may be the result, but learning to travel well comes from being pragmatic.
I seem to be drawn to the world’s most expensive countries.
Yes, everyone in town confirmed, that’s the palace up there. 1,500 steps up.
If you’re a writer/photographer/filmmaker, keeping living costs low is a priority.
The Hamptons are just as much fun if you're a broke-ass traveler looking to cause a...
World travel can be much cheaper than a normal American lifestyle.
Notes from an impromptu ski mission in northwest India.
Megan Wood compares seven international cities in Europe with a low cost of living.
Natalie Ashett's guide to what's free and cheap in London.
Dozens of sweet exhibits...not to mention air conditioning.
Counting sheep wasn't working so I switched to bottles of beer.
Guide to traveling by local boat in northwestern Myanmar.
Cylindrical meat, hamster caskets, and dismembered bears.
Puerto Natales Chile is much more than a stopover on the way to Torres del Paine.
Forget that it’s just pig grease and focus on the deliciousness.
Budget Traveler picks 5 US budget theme parks. I pick a better one.
A real-world test of a budget-travel hypothesis.
Pricewise, French Guiana is closer to Europe than the rest of South America...
Peter's reached the end of his journey, symbolically shaving his beard into a stylish...