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Family + Kids

A solid percentage of the Matador community travel and live abroad with family and kids. So while we can attest that the traveling life doesn’t end with parenthood, we know that travel with children requires special planning and consideration.

From this, we’ve created guides on family-friendly destinations, tips on how to make travel easier and more comfortable for everyone, and how to keep your kids entertained, educated, and happy on the road.

Also, we have articles on the benefits of traveling with your folks as an adult and what travel can teach you as a parent.

Family + Kids Articles

It’s cheaper for me to travel with my daughter for a year than to live at home

by Evie Farrell

5 reasons to visit national parks with kids today

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The best place to stay on your trip to Minneapolis is Bloomington, MN. Here’s why.

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Why adventure travel with kids does not always have to mean heading into the wilderness

by Cathy Brown

I travel with my kids because I want them to feel at home in any situation

by Cathy Brown

Backpacking with kids doesn’t have to suck

by Cathy Brown

10 places in San Antonio your kids are going to love

by Barrett House

Infographic: 12 pro tips for stress-free travel with a baby

by Alice Latham

16 reasons you should never take your kids to Alberta

by Erin Bender

9 reasons you need to take your kids shelling on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

by Katy Nastro

Australian school official banned this film about kids of gay parents. You can stream it

by Ada Tseng

5 ways to guarantee a family roadtrip adventure

by Ingrid McQuivey

International Pillow Fight Day is your new favorite holiday

by Matt Hershberger

I’m 10 and have traveled to 64 countries. Here’s my story.

by Exploramum & Explorason

Family travel bloggers talk about their best travel experiences for 2016

by Patricia Monahan

Quick guide for taking your family to New York City

by Katka Lapelosová
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