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Find a club or bar, catch some local music, check out an indie art project — this is the focus of our Nightlife Guides. With community members in Buenos Aires, Bangkok, NYC, Berlin, Tokyo, and more of the biggest cities in the world, Matador has some killer recommendations for how to spend a night out.

We’ve got roundups of the best dive bars in different towns and cities, notes from the dance floor, and tips on how to rock a tapas bar in Spain.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, check in with the community for personalized recommendations.

A procession of bored-looking women disrobed onstage.
You're physically separated by a bar. That's an indication of how it's meant to be.
All this terminology might seem unnecessary and annoying.
A multimedia guide to nightlife in the Spanish capital.
It’s time to go home. You really need to get to bed. But holy shit you’re hungry.
The streets may be dark, but they’re full of people.
There are no set number of ‘ways’ that people in New York City party.
“Why don’t you have a beer in your hand?” a friend will ask. “Is something...
It’s like a fucked up real-life version of “The Warriors,” minus the depth of...
Christ, can you imagine trying to run this country sober?
This is not a “Mädcheninternat” (girls’ boarding school), nor a priests’...
What was I going to do with a hotel suite bigger than my first three apartments put...
A guide for good drinking the next time you find yourself in Chi-town.
Combining every great old-man and young-man game in one enormous man cave.
Everything from Canuck craft beer to aphrodisiac cocktails.
From Portland, OR to Portland, ME, we've tracked down the best 'roke in the nation.
Without a single female in sight to save them, they had only their sweaty mates to cling...
Soak up that last shot of whiskey you probably shouldn’t have taken.
Everyone’s dancing. The bachelorettes. The townies, in Lawrence their entire lives.
Part travel guide, part social commentary, and part drunken cultural anthropology, 101...
Brighton has more pubs per capita than any other UK city (or so we tell one another...
Here are 5 bars where I found locals drinking.
Here are 5 original choices for your next Toronto bar exam.
I was vaguely aware of the city’s reputation for debauchery before arriving.