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I, a tidy minimalist, was falling in love with a packrat.
Plan before you go if you want to have a kickass campsite.
Travel accessories for whatever kind of trip you're taking.
A book resolves all sorts of suboptimal situations.
Your backpack should ideally weigh 10% of your body weight.
Like everything else, packing is a progression. The more you practice the better you get.
When it comes to clothing for hiking, “cotton is rotten.”
The lack of hostels in India might surprise you.
Your chances of getting caught in a slide can be significantly reduced.
Matador U student Zak Erving takes a look at best car stashing practices.
Consider packing these items if you'd like to do the Rickshaw Run through India.
Space tourism is coming. So what can you expect as a traveler?
No reason you can’t pack this in a carry-on, but it might freak some TSA agents out.
Julie Schwietert Collazo suggests you pack these items when heading to the Pyrenees.
Take your old Scout leader’s advice and be prepared.
Travelers with pain start each day on the road with a limited number of spoons.
Thought all you needed was a hook and fishing pole?
Regardless of where I am, I like to be prepared.
Post pictures of Rose's children to her. Ostrich feathers to dancers in Cope village.
Part of the joy of the canyon is a removal from the outside world and the stuff that...
As a birdwatching guide and instructor, I recommend the following gear to equip your...
Experienced volunteer Megan Wood offers advice on what to pack for two years of Peace...
Your actual packing list will vary based on the time of year and terrain you will be...
Through art, one can learn about a culture's history and values...
Nick Vivion looks into his pack to find out what exactly one needs on a year-long trip...
Benny Lewis shows us how to effectively pack like a pro.