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Throughout the world, national parks and monuments, wilderness areas, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and wildlands of all kinds give travelers a point of entry into the natural history of a place and stories–whether geological, hydrological, or through the evolution of flora and fauna–that have been unfolding since the beginning of time.

I sometimes have to be reminded just how gorgeous my home country is.
This one minute video will get you all kinds of excited to visit.
The beautiful result of a 13,000 mile roadtrip in a Dodge Caravan.
The trip had a significance for me that was harder to quantify but impossible to ignore.
Leave the concrete jungle behind and visit a national park near you.
Some places have a way of making you feel really, really small.
This is a selection of photographs from what became one of my best trips so far.
Puyo's position in the Amazon keeps the wild around it eminently accessible.
I had underestimated just how tropical “tropical Queensland” would be.
Deep in eastern Cambodia, a herd of Asian elephants have retired to the jungle.
I asked what the Outback meant to Don. That conversation inspired this short.
Exploring the dwarf forests, clear lakes, and rolling tundra of Andean Ecuador.
Currently, African Americans make up 1% of people visiting our parks.
We spied a bear, far, far afield. Here, take my binoculars.
Everybody else strode around confidently. They had their own saddlebags.
I was all by myself. Freezing my ass off on a lake in Yellowknife, Canada.
"For a long time, no one has come to see the giraffes.”
This Costa Rican national park is only accessible by boat.
After a week following a scripted itinerary, I just wanted to be alone.
We went to the Badlands and Yellowstone, but it was Glacier that captured us.
I first saw the Canadian Rockies from the back seat of my parents' Dodge Caravan.