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With the help of our international travel community, we’ve produced restaurant guides covering a variety of places, cuisines, and price ranges.

Below, you’ll find info on the best taco in Madrid, how to eat around the world in Montreal, a modern take on classic Irish tea in Dublin, and the strangest theme restaurants in Tokyo.

You can also check out the favorite worldwide restaurants of all of us on the Matador team.

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“Sustainability,” though, has moved from an admirable ideal to a bit of a marketing...
10 truck designs that're far more than just billboards advertising the tasty eats.
If you’re just stopping over, here’s where to eat.
This is not a schmear campaign against the other cities famed for their boiled bread.
London-based YO! Sushi is testing a hovering tray powered by a multi-rotor'd drone.
Chapinero Alto has food and drink options devoid of drunken tourists stumbling about.
Everything was fried separately before assembly; be prepared to feel incapacitated.
Brunch places suitable for taking your at-least-somewhat-unique mom to this Mother's Day.
Getting late-night poutine is a bit of a tradition in Montreal.
Soak up that last shot of whiskey you probably shouldn’t have taken.
It was like a five-star version of every Sunday dinner I’ve ever had.
Middle ground between the roadside chop bars and upscale cop-outs
When I take someone out on a date, I wine and dine them good.
Breakfast and brunch options near the Olympic games.
You can be pretty broke in Philadelphia and still eat well.
In a battle between a diet and Portland's food trucks, the trucks win.
Happiness can be found in greasy foods.
How lovely to have fatty food arrive in an athletic stance!