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From years and miles of experience collected by Matadorians, we’ve come up with road trip travel guides that cover everything from the best routes to take to how to stay sane, entertained, and well-fed on the road.

Below, you’ll find road trip ideas for routes through the American West, all around Halifax, Nova Scotia, from Melbourne to Sydney along Australia’s Sapphire Coast, and info for traveling the Himalayas by motorcycle.

There are also road reports straight from editors and others on the Matador team.

Scotland is one of THE best countries in the world to take a road trip.
To experience South America, take the first turnoff and hit the countryside.
These images are the visual diary of my road trip.
They mean it when they say, “You have to be here to believe it.”
The Queensland Outback is so much more than a barren landscape.
It’s as if you’re in your own movie, the constant forward motion lending a cinematic...
Few places lend themselves as well to a surf road trip as the Queensland coast.
I had underestimated just how tropical “tropical Queensland” would be.
A nine-day road trip that follows in the Missouri River footsteps of Lewis & Clark.
Buckle up and hold on -- this GoPro is going for a ride around Florida.
It doesn't take long for a road trip to lose it's romance when goals aren't clear.
Something about a seemingly endless and open road makes me want to travel.
Pretty soon, we won't be able to call it "driving" anymore.
Griffin Post navigates the 2,200 miles of treacherous ice and blacktop.
John Bair road trips the American West with a camera and a handful of good friends.
On riding around on a motorbike to different villages in Thailand.
Two weeks wasn’t going to be long enough. I should have left last week.
Planning to drive a three-wheeled auto-rickshaw from Shillong, India, to Jaisalmer?
A driver's perspective heading into Nelson, BC.