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We’ve turned to our expat editors and others in the Matador travel community to create guides on how to take the bus, the subway, the tram, the bike share, in cities all over the world. Because when it comes to transportation, the best way of getting around a place might not be immediately intuitive or accessible to travelers.

Check below to find out which London bus routes still use the old-style double-deckers, which tram lines are most useful for navigating Amsterdam, where to catch longtail boats in Bangkok, and how to take the bus in Buenos Aires like you know what’s going on.

Trust me on this one -- you will thank me the next time you fly.
When he handed me my boarding pass, I felt like I’d won the lottery.
Hitchhikers ask and answer one question: “How do we get a car to stop?”
Riding the Tube during rush hour is like being devoured by an angry beast.
Sooner or later, you’ll have to catch a taxi to town to replenish supplies.
Ben Langham, an engineer and a DJ, incorporated actual sounds from the Tube.
On the surface, all references to these stations were removed.
It's never glamorous, but almost always where you end up.
Forget major booking sites. Cheer for the little guy. Tell better stories.
If you have several extra hours at Taoyuan International...
A simple path to luxury train travel in Europe.
Ride the maglev train from Shanghai to the airport at 420 km per hour.
Find out how to tour the Portuguese capital via a single transit line.
The choose-your-own-adventure that is the Vietnam backpacker bus scene.
Adam Polonski shares what he learned during a month riding the Amtrak rails.
Some advice picked up renting rides last year in western Argentina.
Photos and first-person experiences from some of the best train rides in North America.
Whether on a boat, carriage, car, rickshaw, on foot or standing still, Myanmar will move...
Martin Franke takes us on the buses, boats, and tuk-tuks of Thailand.
Abbie Mood picks up some public transport skills during a recent trip to Amsterdam.
No matter how intrepid and seasoned we may be, all travelers have a thing or two they can...
Some rails to ride if you don't feel like driving, flying, sailing, biking, or hiking.