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It would be really ironic if the in-flight movie happened to be Captain Phillips.
What did give way under those kicks and punches was my grip on my self-narrative.
Here's what every gringo should know before making the trip this summer.
At a comedy show later: "Ugandans could never be want to know why?"
Barcelona is a wonderful place to live, but it’s a den of thieves.
There are ways to assuage your uncertainties and those of your parents and friends.
“How can you expect me to use your service again?” I said between sobs.
If everyone had grenades on planes, there wouldn't be hijackings. And not many planes.
I chose to trust the employees who assured me cheetahs aren't dangerous.
He kept our minds from wandering to the cannibal scene in Alive.
There were two men with dark bandanas, and two ragged rifles pointing at us.
Female travelers, be safe. Male travelers, be safe. But more importantly, keep traveling.
One traveler's reflections on the occasion of Transgender Awareness Week.
People greeted me with a hearty “welcome to Egypt!” or “you are welcome!”
Arguing the TSA's "nude body scanners" are ineffective as well as invasive.
Your driver is doing 90 around blind corners.
You may think throwing a rock at a dog is unthinkable. I applaud your inexperience.
Matador's travel suggestions for those concerned about the ongoing violence in Mexico.
Be prepared to share your personal space. But know where to draw the line.
"Everywhere I turn, I see a blatant disregard for the taxpayer."
Often it’s the TSA worker rather than your fellow traveler who has the slippery...