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Matador’s community members are among the most knowledgeable people to ask about volunteer opportunities and travel jobs.

We’re Peace Corps volunteers, Alaskan fishermen, wild-land forest fire fighters, cargo ship deckhands, boat captains, wildlife biologists. We’ve spent time Wwoofing around the world. We’ve worked in wildlife and wilderness conservation, literacy, animal rehabilitation, trail maintenance.

We’re always on the lookout for great NGOs to profile and individuals pioneering ways of working both in local communities and location independent. Tell us your story.

It’s killing you to take an entire day off.
Get a job you hate, and you'll feel nothing but freedom when you leave.
How long we work per day isn’t what's important.
Convey your experiences in a way that makes you a viable product.
Sometimes we get too caught up in the glamour of the mission.
You'll learn some valuable things about people in this line of work.
I wasn't the godsend I was coached by nonprofits to believe I would be.
Paying people to do stuff has never been easier or more precarious.
And how to find a genuine program for low-cost volunteering abroad.
Their mission is to navigate Kenya’s notoriously challenging roads entirely on...
I've learned a few things about what it's really like to be a freelance writer.
Employers don’t like the idea of bringing in somebody they know isn’t sticking...
Now more than ever, traveling in Brazil can be expensive. WWOOFing can help balance that.
We set unachievable goals, cling to unrealistic expectations, and make unhealthy choices.
I love France, England, Norway, and just the whole vibe of European free sex culture.
Helping these sites continue to make money means helping them help us.
When I’m running a Kickstarter project, it’s pretty much all I can think about.
Traveling as a member of the sex industry can be both lucrative and exciting.
If you're looking for a job surely you'll recognize at least a few of these feelings...
Now paychecks are as regular as we want if we’re willing to put in the work.
“Can you tell me the soil pH in Parc Edouard André?”
You’ll see everything from the godsend to the creep to the asshole.
People who hire us usually do so because they can’t afford in-house workers.