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Career Advice

Matador sits at the intersection of travel and career, with many on our staff and in our community working as location-independent professionals. Using their experiences, we’ve produced guides to help you select, initiate, and advance careers that support and even enable your travels.

Most of the articles below discuss strategies on how to break free of the 9-to-5 cubicle gig and use your writing, photography, filmmaking, and other skills to fund your travels.

You’ll also find practical advice, such as how to make travel look good on a resume and whether a career break is the right move for you.

Career Advice Articles

How are digital nomads changing the world’s cities?

by Duncan Geere

9 mistakes people make when looking for a job overseas and what to do instead

by Elaina Giolando

6 things I stopped giving a sh*t about when I quit my corporate job

by Katy Nastro

My Snapchat has recently been blowing up. Here’s how I made it happen

by Alicia Drewnicki

This video sums up why millennials should take off and travel while they can

by Morgane Croissant

Interested in a career in global development? Here are 8 things Americans should do first from home

by Eric Hartman

How traveling made me unemployable

by Alyssa Ramos

Is ‘vacation shaming’ killing your life balance? You’re not alone

by Kae Lani Kennedy

8 practical ways I’ve built my life and career on travel

by Elaina Giolando

My year of saying yes to everything

by Amanda Machado

Millennials, here’s the validation you’ve been waiting for: a study finds we’re the lowest paid generation in years

by Amanda Machado

Here are the truths, illusions, and life lessons I’ve reconciled since turning 30

by Lucy Bryson

How to win a negotiation anywhere around the world

by Amanda Machado

How to travel without ruining your career

by Atlas & Boots

5 important tips to get started in podcasting

by Jason Moore

I’ve waitressed in the US and Australia, here’s why Australia is way better. Hands down.

by Rebecca Bellan

7 red flags when considering an international volunteer program

by Eric Hartman

After college: Why travel is right for your career

by Global Goulets
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