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Career Advice

Matador sits at the intersection of travel and career, with many on our staff and in our community working as location-independent professionals. Using their experiences, we’ve produced guides to help you select, initiate, and advance careers that support and even enable your travels.

Most of the articles below discuss strategies on how to break free of the 9-to-5 cubicle gig and use your writing, photography, filmmaking, and other skills to fund your travels.

You’ll also find practical advice, such as how to make travel look good on a resume and whether a career break is the right move for you.

Career Advice Articles

Stop teaching abroad, because Americans need teachers more than anyone

by Amanda Machado

What I’m learning as an American teacher in Finland

by Tim Walker

The 8 most important lessons I’ve learned about writing for a living

by Rory Moulton

Work-life balance in Finland: Americans are on a different planet

by Tim Walker

5 lies you tell yourself before going on a humanitarian mission

by Victoria Vidal

How to get freelancing permission from your boss

by Parul Sharma

Why changing jobs often can actually be a good thing

by Stacy Ullenes

11 things that go through your mind when you quit your job to freelance

by Alyssa James

Why New York City is no place for the young artist

by Alecia Lynn Eberhardt

LA vs. NYC: Which is better for interns?

by Amy Scheiner

How to settle down without losing the traveler’s ‘joie de vivre’

by Emily de Beer

15 reasons it sucks to work from home

by Michelle Detwiler

If you want to travel, get a job you hate

by Brooke Watson

Why you shouldn’t work 9-5

by Sean Kim

How to explain long-term travel in a job interview

by Ethan Walker

5 things ghostwriting taught me about people

by Bryce Emley

What to do as a freelancer when clients don’t pay

by Bryce Emley

6 mindsets you have to dominate to become a freelancer

by Koty Neelis
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