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Some Matadorians have jobs that directly involve travel and adventure, whether they work as a wildlife biologist, a bush pilot, the deckhand on a cargo ship, or a dishwasher at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

We profile these individuals across the Network to find out what they do, why the do it, and how their professions influence and affect their travel lives (and vice versa).

Also, in a series at the Matador Life channel called “How’d you get that gig?”, we examine what it takes to land your own travel adventure job.

I love France, England, Norway, and just the whole vibe of European free sex culture.
Traveling as a member of the sex industry can be both lucrative and exciting.
“Can you tell me the soil pH in Parc Edouard André?”
I saved about $3,000 in two months of waitressing at Canyon.
Staring at the chips, I think what I'll do with my winnings in Ketchikan, the final port.
"Turning my passion into a show was just an extension of how I’ve always cooked."
This is the perk of our work: a tradition known as the familiarization trip.
Thinking of joining the Peace Corps? Think harder.
The C-section is just beginning when I enter the OR in my scrubs and mask.
Become a tour guide in your own city with Vayable's new platform.
Buy a truck, throw in a stove, and start frying.
Abbey Hesser explains how she found her dream job as a horseback riding guide in...
Fancy trucking equipment around the world for the gods and goddesses of Rock?
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Changes happen from hour to hour, minute to minute as positions get filled, new ones open...
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We've been brainstorming jobs and careers that work well with travel writing.
A practical guide to work camping as a way to travel for free or save up for a trip.
Here’s how you can score a job that’s more like camping with friends than actual work.
Upload your videos, scour the job board and get paid on
As an au pair in Amsterdam, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.
Everyone at Matador has been so amped on community member Pat the Digital Vagabond's...
There are countless job opportunities for people who love to travel. Here are 10 you...