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Volunteer Guides

As a community, Matadorians have thousands of hours of experience volunteering and working with nonprofits, NGOs, and other organizations working for a better world. Backed by this knowledge, we have put together the guides below on how to get involved as a volunteer and how to get your own nonprofit off the ground.

You’ll find profiles of organizations around the world, stories of inspiring projects, basic tips on what you need to know before you choose a program, and what you should expect once you arrive.

Through our Volunteer Guides, Matador is proud encourage its members to give back.

Volunteer Guides Articles

5 challenges of teaching English in South Africa (and 3 things that make it all worth it)

by Paige Smith

7 questions you should ask before volunteering abroad

by Stacia Sahi

A call for reform in the Peace Corps

by Emma Thieme

8 macro effects of microfinancing

by Lucy Di Santo

How do you give back as a traveler?

by Matt Hershberger

On the sticky ethics of voluntourism

by Richard Stupart

The problem with little white girls and boys

by Philippa Biddle

8 ways to avoid being a poser of a voluntourist

by Christine Williams

Lessons learned from 200 hours teaching English abroad

by Flora Baker

Why travelers should volunteer in their hometowns

by Jake Reed

Be the kind of volunteer an NGO wants

by Jade Keller

7 volunteer projects in South Africa

by Colleen Blaine

How to join the Peace Corps

by Kellen Eilerts

Why you shouldn’t run out to volunteer for disaster relief

by Richard Stupart

Why you shouldn’t participate in voluntourism

by Richard Stupart

Nonprofits in Ojai work together to change the town

by Abbie Mood

Volunteering in Guatemala

by eric warren

A-to-Z guide of the world’s “without Borders” Groups

by Julie Schwietert
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