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WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is an international organization that matches volunteers with farms all over the world who are looking for extra hands. The volunteer (typically) receives room and board for a set number of works hours per week, with stays ranging in length from a week to a season or more.

Basically, the articles below approach the topic from two angles: 1. advice for finding and setting up a wwoofing experience and making sure it’s a positive one, and 2. roundups of wwoofing opportunities in different parts of the world.

Now more than ever, traveling in Brazil can be expensive. WWOOFing can help balance that.
Having our accommodation and food taken care of was just the icing on the cake.
Using my fingernail, I pierce the hull of the garlic and divide each sliver before...
Three farms and two B&Bs are Lindsay Kalama-Smith's picks for WWOOFers in France.
Rebecca Kinsella rounds up 10 WWOOFing opportunities across Australia.
Dona Francis recommends the best organic farms for WWOOFers in Thailand.
"Exposure to organic farming techniques, harvesting potatoes, fixing farm fences, milking...
Don't wait until after you've signed up to WWOOF to ask these questions.
Want to gain a better appreciation for the land and local economy? WWOOF-ing takes you to...