Matador’s award-winning (2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas Award) travel writing is based on narrative told from ground level.

This evolved partly as our response to the decades-long tradition of newspapers and magazines running travel stories that are little more than advertising copy couched as “destination pieces,” and normative attitudes towards place as something to be “consumed” as opposed to experienced and appreciated.

We’ve always sought, supported, and showcased original writing at the intersection of travel, culture, and place, and in our own way are helping bring up the next generation of travel writers through our network resources on writing tips as well as our workshops and writing programs at our educational community, MatadorU.

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Writing Articles

The one American “ism” you can’t escape

by Mary Sojourner

Telling it like it is: My time at a travel writing workshop for people of color

by Bani Amor

Leaving home in 5 steps: My journey from Spain into the wider world

by Marco Delgado

5 international storytelling festivals to check out this year and next

by Emma Thieme

The long slow pull to leave

by Reda Wigle

An interview with Mary Sojourner on her novel 29

by Jo Jackson

A look inside Jakarta’s king cobra restaurant

by Branden Eastwood

Travel is not a white boys’ club (and never has been)

by Bani Amor

Notes on surviving an attempted sexual assault abroad

by Emma Thieme

Unpacking the human narrative of Rwanda

by Meagan Hawes

How to be home

by Leslie Finlay

A Jewish man on the birth of a Palestinian boy

by Mauricio Kruchik

A year in photos: The extreme light changes of Antarctica

by Ben Adkison

My Gaza war numbers

by Jennifer Myers

Northern limits: A 4,000-mile human-powered journey through Alaska

by Caroline Van Hemert and Patrick Farrell

Stretching the thigh fat: The yoga lesson in Alleppey, India

by Suzanne Roberts

On the various insecurities of the perpetual traveler

by Reda Wigle

Congo River odyssey: 30 days + 1 dangerous brush with malaria

by Richard Stupart
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