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Matador’s award-winning (2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas Award) travel writing is based on narrative told from ground level.

This evolved partly as our response to the decades-long tradition of newspapers and magazines running travel stories that are little more than advertising copy couched as “destination pieces,” and normative attitudes towards place as something to be “consumed” as opposed to experienced and appreciated.

We’ve always sought, supported, and showcased original writing at the intersection of travel, culture, and place, and in our own way are helping bring up the next generation of travel writers through our network resources on writing tips as well as our workshops and writing programs at our educational community, MatadorU.

Writing Articles

Why I can’t stop going to Burning Man

by Suzanne Roberts

How travel made me a strong woman

by Jacqueline Kehoe

How tourism completely changed this Vietnamese baker’s life

by Jarryd Salem

It’s messy falling for someone on the road

by Tyler Protano-Goodwin

The biggest lie you tell yourself when you live abroad

by Jen Legra

I donated my eggs so I could travel the world

by Randi Delano

Lost letters are magical. Here are 9 stories that bring serious feels

by Sarah Dougherty

A closer look at marriage equality in Alabama, without the conservative sunglasses

by Derek Fulford

Bridging the cultural and racial divide — one personal interaction at a time

by Sonjia Mackey

An exclusive interview with world photographer David DuChemin

by Kate Siobhan Mulligan

The best travelers know when NOT to travel

by Vanessa Van Doren

Defining the role of Afropeans in modern travel writing

by Bani Amor

For all of you who’ve been a third wheel on a trip

by Damien Cifelli

How travel made me a listener

by Shannon Dell

On running and street harassment

by Katie Prout

Why it’s so easy to fall in love on the road

by Katka Lapelosová

Tito’s yearly mota-run across Oaxaca

by Lisette Cheresson

Travel writing is more than just white male authors. Here are 10 travel memoirs by writers of color.

by Navdeep Singh Dhillon
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