Matador’s award-winning (2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas Award) travel writing is based on narrative told from ground level.

This evolved partly as our response to the decades-long tradition of newspapers and magazines running travel stories that are little more than advertising copy couched as “destination pieces,” and normative attitudes towards place as something to be “consumed” as opposed to experienced and appreciated.

We’ve always sought, supported, and showcased original writing at the intersection of travel, culture, and place, and in our own way are helping bring up the next generation of travel writers through our network resources on writing tips as well as our workshops and writing programs at our educational community, MatadorU.

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Writing Articles

The next time you eat a blueberry, remember this story

by Emma Thieme

The pilgrimage of the solo traveler

by Jordan Mounteer

What I know to be true in Israel and Palestine

by Rosa Lia June

A few thoughts on the overuse of ā€œIā€ in travel writing

by Aaron Hamburger

A sanctuary while grieving far from home

by Shari Shepard

Disappeared in Kathmandu

by Robert Hirschfield

Why I moved off the grid

by Emma Thieme

The moment this city became my home

by Carol Palmer

Traveling in the face of death

by Aaron Hamburger

What you learn about New York (and yourself) when you get hit by a car

by Erin Ward

When travel can’t cure grief

by Nikki Hodgson

What I miss about being deployed in Afghanistan

by Darren Jiron

How a traveler turns “place” into “home”

by Vanessa Van Doren

Is this the next generation of travel search engines?

by Alyssa James

“My people are scattered, but they will come home”

by Marie Lisa Jose

The one American “ism” you can’t escape

by Mary Sojourner

Telling it like it is: My time at a travel writing workshop for people of color

by Bani Amor

Leaving home in 5 steps: My journey from Spain into the wider world

by Marco Delgado
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