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Matador’s award-winning (2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas Award) travel writing is based on narrative told from ground level.

This evolved partly as our response to the decades-long tradition of newspapers and magazines running travel stories that are little more than advertising copy couched as “destination pieces,” and normative attitudes towards place as something to be “consumed” as opposed to experienced and appreciated.

We’ve always sought, supported, and showcased original writing at the intersection of travel, culture, and place, and in our own way are helping bring up the next generation of travel writers through our network resources on writing tips as well as our workshops and writing programs at our educational community, MatadorU.

It was gruesome, animals with no choice but to kick their competitors to death.
I’m too similar to be disconnected, but I'll never fully understand.
We had a great time interacting with our friends and followers on Twitter.
The countless hours of preparation, if only to touch heaven for a moment.
“Please don’t take the night train,” she said. I told her I might.
Homophobia is a giant bureaucracy of hate.
Sometimes we get too caught up in the glamour of the mission.
You'll learn some valuable things about people in this line of work.
Moments in the life of a writer in 21 gifs.
Each resident will be given a private sleeper car, equipped with a desk, a bed and a...
I blew him a kiss as I walked away. I don’t know why.
The Solar Impulse team is planning a round-the-world flight in 2015.
“How long have you known the Lord?” a young parishioner asks me.
Sure, I could have taken off the Ray-Bans and tried to blend in a little.
Like the hospital waiting room, the tension keeps building higher and higher here.
The experience was the most difficult I have ever embarked on in my life.
We trek from the special inspection counter to the special room for sex fiends.
Today, the new South Africa is all about the silver linings.
It seemed Ali was not the only one in town in need of a love-letter scribe.
It's not just a car, but an instrumental part of a pretty damn cool travel project.
From now on, there will always be something calling me back.
Our guides seemed ever-so-slightly uncomfortable with our discovery of their special...
A week of high-intensity winter sports and high-end partying.
Whenever “something” happens in Israel, a progression of actions always follows.