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Matador’s award-winning (2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas Award) travel writing is based on narrative told from ground level.

This evolved partly as our response to the decades-long tradition of newspapers and magazines running travel stories that are little more than advertising copy couched as “destination pieces,” and normative attitudes towards place as something to be “consumed” as opposed to experienced and appreciated.

We’ve always sought, supported, and showcased original writing at the intersection of travel, culture, and place, and in our own way are helping bring up the next generation of travel writers through our network resources on writing tips as well as our workshops and writing programs at our educational community, MatadorU.

Writing Articles

I went on a Grindr date to a Muslim wedding in Malaysia and this is what happened

by Andrew Headspeath

On guns, fear, and the people you meet in Northern Kenya

by Rachel Reed

What I learned from being a fat traveler

by Monica Santos

I’m Cuban-American. Here’s how I feel about Castro, Trump, and what history tells us.

by Monica Santos

Walking the Camino de Santiago: what one man taught me

by Jessica Sjouerman

Why we need travel more than ever

by Steffani Cameron

On travel writing, social media, and anxiety

by Tim Wenger

This millennial and elder’s poignant discussion over Trump shows how far we have to go

by Mary Sojourner

Listen to real people talk about what it’s like flying while fat

by Carlo Alcos

Why don’t more Black Americans want to visit Africa?

by Ashlee Tuck

My husband is Muslim American. Here’s what I’ve learned about his culture

by Julia Kitlinski-Hong

Why I won’t live in trump’s america, and why you won’t either

by Matt Koller

Hey, Millennial sisters, empowerment is not spelled C R A Z Y B U S Y

by Mary Sojourner

Fear is the catalyst for everything solo travel brings me

by Sahaj Kohli

Fat women are the most invisible people in the world. Here’s why

by Feminista Jones

A love letter to California

by Paige Smith

I lived in the US legally for 15 years before I was forced out of line — and out of the country

by William Han

That time I was just another tourist where they filmed Game of Thrones

by Rebecca Bellan
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