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Matador runs book review series around our community member’s favorite reads along with special articles on photography, travel story collections, and classics of travel writing.

We occasionally run literary criticism as well, analyzing writers’ techniques and styles. Have a book you’d like reviewed? Please contact us.

I wanted to live a life worth writing about.
These visuals provide a gonzo approach to the internal lives of artists.
To traverse the terrain, the crew traveled by military troop carrier and helicopter.
Wouldn’t it be lovely to go back to a simpler time?
A next-level novel, something akin to space-age journalism.
You can use the sound an engine makes to discuss what it means to live a good life.
You're holding a quantity of text greater than everything written since the invention of...
This is not for armchair travelers who seek romance and escape from the cold, hard truth.
As of this writing it’s -33C in Novosibirsk, and it’s rather cold in Nunavut.
I once biked a hundred miles from Montréal to New Hampshire in the middle of the night.
Al Smith claims he is more an entrepreneur than a photographer.
You will not find Eat, Pray, Love here.
Plus interview with author and MatadorU alumna Angela Meyer-Blacksmith.
I was vaguely aware of the city’s reputation for debauchery before arriving.
Utilize your TETRIS and Jenga skills to pack for the road.
We all had an idea of what happened at hostess clubs.
Everything from digital detoxing to breaking the ice with a chili cheese omelet.
Megan Boyle's debut book of poetry evokes the way life is a series of moments.
Expect Virgin Galactic's promise of sub-orbital flight to re-ignite imaginations. What...
"It is easy to travel with the wrong writer, or the wrong book. Years ago, I traveled...
When my husband is annoyed with me, or pretending to be so, he calls me "hija de tu...
Matador Nights Editor Kristin Conard reviews "The 9-to-5 Cure: Work on Your Own Terms and...
Jason Wire checks out the tips on budget traveling on a "weak dollar" in Nomadic Matt's...