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One of our longest-running and favorite series on Matador, By the Numbers pieces take a quantitative snapshot of place or experience that leaves room for the reader to use his or her imagination to fill in the backstory.

Take this example from Ecuador by the Number: “”Hours spent traveling on buses: 168.
Nighttime bus hijackings: 1.”

Have a place you want to cover by the numbers? Send us a draft.

Eva Sandoval breaks down a night out in Dublin by numbers.
Cows Narrowly Avoided While Maneuvering Van Through Roadless Desert To Avoid Roadblocks: 3
In February, Helen Lloyd and Lars Bengtsson took a break from cycling through Africa....
Cities/towns slept in: 16 |Nights spent in Cuba: 33 |Nights woken by a rooster at 4:30...
Recently returned from a volunteer medical trip to Honduras, Matador Contributing Editor...
If you run the numbers, you can see how the word "paradise" can be a bit misleading.
Eva Holland crunches the numbers on a cross-Canada drive from Eastern Ontario to the...
Days spent in Sweden: 10. Days someone mentioned threat of Swine Flu: 10
We look at scuba divers who helped push the sport to new extremes.
Matador's managing editor sends in a by the numbers while working on a guidebook...
Matador Trips editor Hal Amen takes a look back at a month spent in the tourist capital...
Kaitlin Mills offers a glimpse into her time in the City of Light, Paris.
Megan Hill breaks down the 200-mile, 2-day Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.
Matador Goods editor Lola Akinmade breaks down her recent trip home.
MC Lars breaks down his recent tour of Australia by the numbers.
"Hours spent traveling on buses: 168 Nighttime bus hijackings: 1"