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Matador interviews writers, authors, and activists from around the world.

From videos to quick Q & A’s to hybrid narrative / profiles, our contributors are always finding new ways to introduce the personalities and perspectives of people doing work that’s meaningful to our community.

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Homophobia is a giant bureaucracy of hate.
Sometimes we get too caught up in the glamour of the mission.
The Solar Impulse team is planning a round-the-world flight in 2015.
It's not just a car, but an instrumental part of a pretty damn cool travel project.
A week of high-intensity winter sports and high-end partying.
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But the fact is, it’s happening.
Interviewing Palestinian nonviolence activists can be dangerous to your health.
I love France, England, Norway, and just the whole vibe of European free sex culture.
In countries where being gay is taboo, the ones who cannot hide lead the way for the rest.
"I think the travel is sort of incidental to the writing."
Leave it to an obsessive antiques collector to get to addicted to a 19th-century drug.
Maybe the best things are the ones you never knew you wanted to see.
"You can stop a terrorist with a bullet, but you can’t stop terrorism with a bullet."
You encountered boundaries. There was the Wall. But there were also invisible boundaries.
Talking to Majmudar, I feel the ground of my mind moving with his.
850 classrooms followed us as we traveled to 53 countries on 6 continents.
Believing in Africa is a way of encouraging people to see the continent in a new light.
There has never been collaboration on this scale in New Zealand before.
“At 22 you aren’t very introspective,” Roberts told the audience.
Everything can rest on questions as small as your choice of music.
Plus interview with author and MatadorU alumna Angela Meyer-Blacksmith.
Looking back now, many of the questions were lucky strikes on what would become issues.
Filmmaker Robert Hyman profiles the imperiled indigenous community of Río Plátano.
When Israel entered the house, it entered as poetry’s guest.