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Matador’s narrative travel writing includes long form narrative essays, nonlinear narratives, micro narratives, and some of the most innovative writers working in nonfiction.

I’m too similar to be disconnected, but I'll never fully understand.
The countless hours of preparation, if only to touch heaven for a moment.
“Please don’t take the night train,” she said. I told her I might.
I blew him a kiss as I walked away. I don’t know why.
“How long have you known the Lord?” a young parishioner asks me.
Sure, I could have taken off the Ray-Bans and tried to blend in a little.
Like the hospital waiting room, the tension keeps building higher and higher here.
The experience was the most difficult I have ever embarked on in my life.
We trek from the special inspection counter to the special room for sex fiends.
Today, the new South Africa is all about the silver linings.
It seemed Ali was not the only one in town in need of a love-letter scribe.
From now on, there will always be something calling me back.
Our guides seemed ever-so-slightly uncomfortable with our discovery of their special...
Whenever “something” happens in Israel, a progression of actions always follows.
All that’s going through my head is “Did I go too far this time? Why the hell am I...
“Oh my Gawd,” she said. “Where are you from, sweet home Alabama?”
Guards said the only exit was through the chimney.
Every person you encounter in your life is a reflection of yourself.
I’d worried over the Russian winter beating me into submission.
To travel is to experience just as much a change of characters as a change in scenery.
I feel the word weigh on my shoulders, but I’m powerless and silent.
There is a tall redheaded man named Nic with me. We are heading north.
Someone's timed it perfectly enough to give me a headful of post-explosion tinnitus.
Aloha is real. You can live it.
We built a mythology around David because his life was so much larger than our own.
“You ever worked in a mine?” I’m caught off guard at his sudden question.