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Matador’s narrative travel writing includes long form narrative essays, nonlinear narratives, micro narratives, and some of the most innovative writers working in nonfiction.

Narrative Articles

Don’t tell me travel isn’t ‘the real world.’ Here’s why I’m my truest self as a traveler

by Dayana Aleksandrova

Why the quest for beauty is ruining travel

by Hannah Logan

Traveling made me realize that I am privileged. Here’s how

by Gloria Atanmo

We were all first-time travelers once: Stories of blunder and awe from the road

by Jacqueline Kehoe

It’s been one year since the devastating Nepal earthquakes. Here’s what it’s like to travel here now.

by Elen Turner

How travel taught me the meaning of equalism

by Sandra Guedes

The worst moments of my travels have been the most important. Here’s why

by Matt Hershberger

After the quake: A ‘spoiled European’ finds Japan at its best in a crisis

by Sean Michael Wilson

What it’s really like to travel to Tibet

by Mark Hay

Think twice before you slam people’s shows of solidarity with terrorism victims

by Jeremy Ullmann

Why my cultural identity crisis was a good thing

by Dayana Aleksandrova

How to travel more profoundly through anthropology

by Mary Ellen Dingley

To West Virginia, I’m sorry

by Jordan McCutcheon

I’m Asian-American, and I’m wondering why politicians don’t believe I exist.

by Juliana Chang

What I’ve given up to live abroad

by Louise Hung

I spent 10 days in silent meditation in India. Here’s what I learned.

by Elaina Giolando

How returning to my birth country for Carnival taught me to love my Black womanhood

by Tiffanie Drayton

I’m 10 and have traveled to 64 countries. Here’s my story.

by Exploramum & Explorason
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