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Matador’s narrative travel writing includes long form narrative essays, nonlinear narratives, micro narratives, and some of the most innovative writers working in nonfiction.

Narrative Articles

7 epic travel moments…as remembered by my favorite sandals

by Kyle Rosemont

Open letter to the EU: I am a Brit and I am sorry

by Lauren Williams

This is what it’s like to be a traveler with an eating disorder

by No - Yolo

I spent a season trimming weed in Humbolt County. This is what it was like.

by Sorcha O'Higgins

What I learned about indigenous tourism in Namibia

by Shannon Dell

A brother and sister torched their careers to lead people across the Camino de Santiago

by Matthew Abrams

To those who think I’m an unambitious bum for choosing travel over college

by Stella Brown

Catching the last days of the Tokyo fish market

by Marriott Traveler

The letter I wish I’d read when I was 20 years old

by Reda Wigle

Dear Havana

by Joanna Franco

A hitchhiking guide to Central Europe

by Brian Gillikin

Here’s why, as a black woman, it’s been so important for me to travel alone

by Tiffanie Drayton

On going to Italy to spread mom’s ashes

by Laura Veariel

What it’s really like to travel to Tibet

by Mark Hay

Traveling made me realize that I am privileged. Here’s how

by Gloria Atanmo

It’s been one year since the devastating Nepal earthquakes. Here’s what it’s like to travel here now.

by Elen Turner

After the quake: A ‘spoiled European’ finds Japan at its best in a crisis

by Sean Michael Wilson

How travel taught me the meaning of equalism

by Sandra Guedes
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