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Matador’s narrative travel writing includes long form narrative essays, nonlinear narratives, micro narratives, and some of the most innovative writers working in nonfiction.

Narrative Articles

I’m a college graduate, but I’ve used my passport more than my degree

by Gloria Atanmo

How the concept of home changes as you travel

by Alexandra E. Petri

I’m pretty and I travel solo. Here’s why it’s a struggle.

by Alyssa Ramos

Traveling made me realize that I am privileged. Here’s how.

by Gloria Atanmo

What travel has taught me about beauty

by Elen Turner

I gave up on New York dating, went to sea, and had a fling with a 21-year-old sailor

by Claire Shefchik

I haven’t had a phone in years. People applaud this. But I’ve missed these 5 important things.

by Ailsa Ross

I lived with a Guna family in Panama. What happened when I left is one of my best stories.

by Rob Chursinoff

My fiancee and I ditched everything to go to Athens. Here’s what I didn’t expect.

by Wisdom Pills

I’m Chinese American. But it took moving to Hawai’i to embrace my identity.

by Louise Hung

Traveling, partying, living as an international model isn’t as glamorous as you think. Trust me, I was one.

by Erica McDonald

Maine, I love you

by Emma Thieme

A love letter to Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta

by Shannon Dell

A love letter to West Virginia

by Kaitlen Whitt

Lions, zebras, and African children: Voluntourism in the age of social media

by Pippa Biddle

I didn’t feel culture shock until I came home to the United States

by Amber Kapiloff

A love letter to Jamaica Plain, Boston

by Vanessa Van Doren

A love letter to the south side of Chicago

by Jill Kozak
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