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Reason #1: It’s not what you think.

A LOT OF PEOPLE JOKE about the prairies. How boring it is. How flat it is. Most people who drive cross country speed right through the middle of Canada. After living there for several years, I was grateful to learn it’s much more than what it seems. It’s a unique and interesting landscape that contains just as much beauty and history as anywhere else on the planet. You just have to approach it with some perspective.

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About The Author

Carrie Clark

Carrie is an outdoor enthusiast and lover of nature. She tries to incorporate art, music, colour, and movement into her daily life and believes in keeping things simple and being in the moment.

  • Kuochang Han

    So beautiful the landscape!

  • Scott Hartman

    What gorgeous photography; though I do give equal credit to both the observer and the observed. Nicely done.

  • Candice Walsh

    Those prairie skies. They get me every time.

  • Jerry D. Bakken

    Way to go, Carrie Clark! There is so much beauty unknown to so many who travel through the prairies……Thanks for sharing!

    • Jl Haslip

      Lovely pictures.

  • Gloria Lipski

    mmmmhmm *prairie hug*.

  • PhotoJBartlett is The Adventure Freelancer

    Wow – Photo 11 does it for me. I think it is a gorgeous and shows off the prairies and the forever west migration that has developed Canada. I love the way the Rockies are hiding in the background.

  • La Viajera

    “The winters in these provinces can mean living at least half a year without seeing a temperature above 0° C.” — Yes, that’s been my reality for 23 years.

    What a beautiful post. Having been traveling abroad for almost eight months, I sometimes forget the beauty of my home province, Alberta. Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

  • Angie Heisler

    love this, great site!

  • Sue

    Wide open skies, wide open prairies. Can’t imagine living anywhere else. Don’t forget the countless lakes though……a Canadian farmer once remarked “the mountains block the view” . I understand.

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