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Whether it’s Utah or Iceland, something about a seemingly endless and open road makes me want to travel.

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David Miller

David Miller is Senior Editor of Matador (winner of 2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas awards for travel journalism) and Director of Curricula at MatadorU. Follow him @dahveed_miller.

  • Emily Hanssen Arent

    Really breathtaking pictures, David. Don’t forget Glenwood Canyon in Colorado! :)

    • David Miller

      good call. might be the sweetest section of I 40. have had some sweet nights camping at dotsero also, just upstream of the canyon.

    • Zach Young

      Glenwood Canyon is I-70

  • Jeff Bartlett

    Gorgeous shots. Personally, I cnt imagine another road like the 40. It is a wildland in the south and north, with just enough Kim’s of paved road through wineries in the middle to encourage you to continue.

    • David Miller

      got a link to a shot?

    • Jeff Bartlett

      It took me a bit to get a link but I uploaded a photo to my website. Unbelievable that this is a “national highway”.

  • Marie Lisa Jose

    Also the road from Manali to Leh, India.

  • Michael Grube

    Indeed. inspiring! Thank you. Anyhow, you forgot the Flatruetvägen, sweden’s highest road:

    • Hal Amen

      sweet pic, michael. if you can get us a 900px copy without the right-side watermark, we’ll add it to the gallery.

    • Michael Grube

      Let me know how to contact you by email/PM and I’ll send it over…

    • Hal Amen


    • Hal Amen

      awesome mike — we’ve added your pic as #39. thanks!

      anyone else want to contribute?

  • Carlo Alcos

    Time to buy a campervan!

  • Aisha Mahmoud

    *Drools* So much beauty!

  • Christel Grube

    Great. I wish I have more holiday. Thank you.

    • Stefan Sobotta

      2,8,25 schon abgearbeitet ;-)

    • David Miller

      image link?

    • Michael Grube

      Bei uns sind es die meisten in den USA (minus Hawaii) und ein paar andere. Dafür hast Du wahrscheinlich in ZA reichlich… Und wir ergänzen dieses Jahr noch 21+32 :-)

  • Sherrie Perkovich

    You should take a trip (if you haven’t already) driving the CA-1 up/down the coast of California. Breathtaking! Also…just off the 1 and 101 is the Avenue of the Giants. Check it out.

    • David Miller

      yep, classic. my favorite stretch is camel rock near trinidad.

    • Greg Goodman

      Agreed! Highway 1 is a must-drive!

  • Lindsey Berlin

    #21 and #32 are the same – both Route 1 in Iceland. In fact, I believe both of those pictures are from the southeastern part of the country. A beautiful drive, although I recommend taking the roadtrip in the summer (not early March when we did – the weather got a little scary at times!)

    • Heather Hohnholz

      Yeah, and it’s not “moorland.” It’s ancient lava flows. The weather was much nicer in May, though we did have one teeny blizzard.

  • Mike Lu

    #38 may be San Luis Res in California per the info here:

  • Anonymous

    Stunning pictures. Just a correction to the caption on #3 Panamericana Sur – the Darien Gap is in Panama not Colombia.

  • Alicia Pierre

    Super inspiring pictures. What’s neat is that people all over the World are adding comments of roads that could be/should be added to the list. Proof again of just how beautiful this World is. There are too many roads to list and some may be relatively unknown. Love it!

  • Aaron Mayzes

    The mystery location #38 is near the San Luis Reservoir in California.

  • Abhimanyu

    This is a fantastic post. I would second the inclusion of Manali – Leh Highway to the list. Anyone who has been there would vouch for it.

    • Rohan Yeggina

      And I remember what happened the first time we tried :D I got a lot of brickbats in Leh for giving you the parting gift while leaving manali.

  • Renu Rawat

    lovely roads and yet more to explore. Yes, these endless roads inspire me to travel :)

  • Akhil Sakpal

    Hey.. another one for you.. if you end up venturing all the way up there, Leh Ladakh Highway in Northern India (Kashmir Region). Search for Gata Loops (part of the highway that leads to Leh Region) or Highest Motorable Road in the World (road from Leh to a place called Nubra Valley).

    • Karin-Marijke Vis

      Totally agree on that one. Make sure to drive a car that can handle the altitude of 5600 meters though.

  • Carla Biancotti

    Very very inspiring…

  • Karin-Marijke Vis

    An epic one is missing, I believe, which we will drive in a couple of weeks: The Transamazônica in Brazil (which was the first road to open the Amazon areas).

  • Samy Ibrahim

    What about the great ocean road in Victoria Australia????

    • Lisa Tyssen

      I love that drive Sami, it’s gorjus.

  • Mark Stevens

    Should have mentioned Big Bend National Park, the most remote point in the US outside of Alaska.

  • Tom-Inge Nilsen

    Trollstigen in Norway is truly recommended! Just take the drive in good weather, shame to drive up all the creepy turns just to miss the view in the fog…

  • Jerry Walsh

    How is the Leh-Manali highway not on here? Its the worlds highest naivagble road and goes right through the himalayas into deserts and over passes at 18000 feet!

    • Keenan Joseph McKnight

      they heard you might be on it Jerry, automatic disqualification. who wants to deal with motorcyclin’ hooligans at 18,000 ft?

    • Jerry Walsh

      hahah yes they didnt want biker hippies with dreads blasting slipknot on the list. lame

    • Keenan Joseph McKnight

      You could have been an extra in the Road Warrior haha

  • Patrick William Eckerson

    you forgot the Beartooth Highway, and Going to the Sun road in Montana.

  • John Viscardi

    You forgot the Teton mountain range.

  • Samantha Mae Womack

    Albania should definiely be on here. I went driving all around Albania earlier this year and have Never.Ever. seen more beautiful sights. Driving inland from Kukes to Korce and back to the coastal city of Sarande was 3 of the most spectacular days of my life. The roads usually aren’t in the best condition, and you can’t really get lost. The only road connecting these cities is the ‘highway’. And the experiences of encountering herds of sheep, cows and horse drawn carts cannot be beat.

  • Andy Everywhere

    Well, quite a few inspiring routes missing from this list (not least that little short cut coming off the Old Kent Road and then the Rotherhithe Tunnel – always felt inspired making it through East London in twenty minutes), but some awesome (wicked) pictures nevertheless… The Road to Lake Baikal:

  • Ann Roche

    Lovely photos! Why is it that when the shot is in the USA the county is not mentioned, as if the US is the default country and everywhere else is the “other” countries.

  • Matt Wright

    How did the Great Ocean Road in South-East Australia not make this list?

  • John

    been on route 13 in Laos, worth the drive. Luang Prabang – Ventianne = 340 Km – 210 miles = 11 hours

  • Reagan Barr

    Imagine running out of gas in a place like this.

  • Gin & Tonic

    38 looks like Wyoming.

  • Greg Goodman

    Great post… but where’s Route 66?

  • Annie

    Regarding pic 3 about panamericana ; the Darién Gap is in Panama not in colombia

  • Muru Cycles

    what about Highway 1 in Australia that goes around the whole continent- or how about the Gibb River road through the Kimberely in Northern Western Australia- or the roads through rainforest and desert on Cape York Peninsula, North Eastern Australia. Perhaps a close look at some of the amazing adventure filled roads in Australia could be your next project- it certainly beats some of the roads listed on this!

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