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Matador editor Eileen Smith finds beauty in the ruins of public architecture, as do the photographers whose work she’s curated here.

SOME ARE EYESORES, drawing vandalism and their share of vermin. Others are shut up tight, weathering years of neglect. Either way, I’m drawn in. I romanticize train travel the way people my parents’ age romanticize trolleys, or paying 5 cents to go to the movies.

And I’m not the only one who stops to look at abandoned train stations. Below are 21 examples from other photographers from around the world who also found them photo-worthy.

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About The Author

Eileen Smith

Eileen Smith is the editor of Matador Abroad. She's an ex-Brooklynite who's made a life in Santiago, Chile. She's a fluent Spanish speaker who can be found biking, hiking, writing, photographing and/or seeking good coffee and nibbles at most hours of the day. She blogs here.

  • Jenny Williams

    I love abandoned everythings. Thanks for this collection!

  • Jeffery Dernbach

    Amazing. What a great photo collection!

  • Dorian Wilde

    Try the Tanjong Pagar train station in Singapore. Previously owned by KTM, a Malaysian company, it is now abandoned in favour of the Woodlands Checkpoint. Go look it up, it’s a beautiful station.

    • Lewynd Nishel

      I wish I could buy one of those stations and restore it as my new house.

  • Jason Sanqui

    Great photo collection. I love taking pictures of abandoned buildings.

  • James Palmer

    If you happen to be on the Franco-Spanish border near Pau for whatever reason, have a look a Canfranc station. It’s a pretty impressive station for a village with a population of 77…

  • Tim Whitemore

    Some great photos and strong echoes of times gone by. There’s so much rotting infrastructure around and it’s a shame especially when impressive buildings are left to decay.

    I’ve blogged about an old train station in my town in need of some love and also about the fabulous HighLine in NYC which serves to show how infrastructure can be imaginatively re-purposed. There’s hope yet!

  • Javi Aristín

    Wait a minute. Maybe you are a fluent spanish speaker but at the same time I think you don-t know anything about Spain! Navarre, one of seven regions belonging to Spain’s Basque Country? Are you kidding?

  • Alma Cendali

    there’s an abbandoned train station in Montevideo, Uruguay that is beautiful

  • Absar Ahmad

    I always love abandoned places, in fact i am fascinated by these kind of places. Awesome article loved it :)

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