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Talk about your epic RTW trip.

I don’t normally give props for this kind of stuff. I don’t like country collectors. I don’t like goals to “visit 100 countries before I’m 35.” To me, this isn’t what travel is about. But this guy, Kashi Samaddar, doesn’t pretend to be a traveler.

And besides, he had a real goal: to bust into the Guinness Book of World Records for shortest amount of time to visit every country in the world. And he did it. He traveled to 194 countries in six years, 10 months, and seven days. That’s just under two weeks per country.

While the article at the Daily Mail slags him for his photography skills — taking shots in bizarre locations instead of “top tourist sights” — this is actually what endears him to me.

We know what it looks like / Photo: g-hat

They berate him for not getting in Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, or the white sand beaches of the Cook Islands. But everyone’s seen all that stuff.

Show me the inside of a London office while standing beside some random guy, or a self-portrait in Greenland with a pram arbitrarily placed to your left, and I’m all over it.

Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

An ulterior motive

The idea to travel to every country on the planet occurred to Mr. Samaddar after getting stuck in Johannesburg due to visa issues. He wanted to highlight the difficulties of some nationalities obtaining visas — Indians, for one.

And even though he had opportunities to become a Canadian or Australian citizen — which would have made things much easier — he chose to keep his Indian citizenship. He wanted to prove that someone from India could travel anywhere in the world.

Even though he had major problems getting some visas — it took him almost three years to get one for Moldova — he got it done in the end.


What do you think of Mr. Samaddar’s record? Share your comments below!

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  • Nancy

    Every country in the world? That’s amazing. While I’m not into country collectors, I commend Kashi for setting a goal and going after it. Way to be.

  • Emma

    I am impressed with his perseverence. Three years to obtain a visa! Getting it done is right… Inspiring.

  • Armandino

    Kashi travelled all countries & all important territories of the world with great love to bridge cultural gaps and discrimination free world travel. He has visited almost every towns, not a country collector as his first record took 12+ yrs. Also, he has thousands of quality photos & videos outside. See details at, a free visa guidance site for everyone.

  • Atsawin Klinuthai

    i’ve problem in speaking English. I try to say “Mr. Samaddar” but always say “Salamander”.I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. for me travel is travel, I mean you can travel while you sitting or standing ,travel to your mind. greeting new people by your house that is travel. Mr. Samaddar wanted to say hi to everyone in the world.

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