Best nude beaches in the world, volume 2

Photo: Lyndi&Jason

The original edition sparked so much debate among readers that we had to revisit the subject, adding 20 more of the best nude beaches anywhere.

[Editor's note: This list is based almost entirely on reader comments from the original post, Best Nude Beaches in the World.]

1. Leucate Plage, France

France is where it all started, and Leucate Plage is one of the classics. A kilometer’s worth of warm Mediterranean water and golden sand, with a view of the Pyrenees rising to the west.

Naturism is well established here, with two nudist resorts sharing the beach along with a campground.

2. Abricó Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 2003, a ban on nudity was lifted after ten years, bringing naturists back in force to Rio’s only official nude beach, Praia do Abricó.

These days, the beach has its own naturist association to help ensure that the right to strip skivvies is preserved, and that visitors behave in a way befitting a place dedicated to the free and loose.

3. Uretiti Beach, Northland, New Zealand

Just north of Waipu, this section of beach along Bream Bay is officially designated clothing optional. People seem to like it as much for its name as anything else.

Sites are available just inland at the beach campground for $8/adult. You’ll have to throw some clothes on before walking back to your tent, though. Don’t want the family campers to freak.

4. Formentera Island, Spain

Ibiza would be an obvious pick for some naked sun time. But those after something a bit mellower should hop a boat and head six miles south to the smaller Formentera Island.

A new ferry line from the mainland has increased visitorship, but Formentera is still chiller than its party sister to the north. And nearly all of its white-sand beaches are set aside for the bare.

Photo: linmtheu

5. Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Sandy Bay qualifies as an unofficial but widely recognized nudist hangout. Gawkers are somewhat limited, as it’s a 20-minute walk from the parking lot on wooden boardwalks over the vegetated dunes. The mountains backing it provide added seclusion.

Given the right conditions, there’s a decent beach break here as well. You’ll probably want to throw on a wetsuit, though — these Southern Hemisphere waters are chilly.

6. Lighthouse Beach, New York, USA

Reader Joel Ax recommended this one in the comments of the original piece, saying:

There are several nude beaches on Fire Island. In addition to the recognized nude beaches, discreet nudity is frequently practiced on isolated stretches of sand in between towns.

By car: State Pkwy to Robert Moses Causeway (Exit 40) south. Go to end, follow Robert Moses State Park signs. Bear left at traffic circle, park in Field 5. Walk 1/2 mile along beach, or go to east end of lot and start on boardwalk nature trail.

7. Bellevue Beach, Klampenborg, Denmark

Just across the sound from Sweden, and just 6 miles north of Copenhagen, this sandy beach is popular with young people from Denmark and elsewhere in northern Europe.

Expect bare-assed crowds in summer.

Photo: chudo.sveta

8. Arambol Beach, Goa, India

No shocker that folks are stripping down in a place like Goa. Arambol doesn’t see as many takers as it once did, but it’s still a popular spot.

North of Goa, there are actually two beaches here, the larger and more frequently visited being Harmal. The smaller can only be reached by foot — I’m guessing this is the choice spot.

9. Swanbourne Beach, Perth, Australia

Perth’s only nude beach is unofficial but still good to go. There are a few caveats, though, according to the folks at

The nude section of Swanbourne is a couple of hundred metres north of the family area. Mix these two up and you could be in big trouble!

There is one more small thing. There is a live rifle range behind the dunes, so you’ll need more than 30+ sunscreen to protect your privates on firing days.

10. Porto Ferro, Alghero, Italy

At the northwest tip of the Italian island of Sardinia, Porto Ferro is a popular stop on the Mediterranean nudist cruise circuit.

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  • Chelsey Buhler

    Nice post with good info about the lovely beaches. One should must go to enjoy the time there. Lovely beaches, beautiful scenes.

    I wish if i can go there on my honeymoon.

  • Andrea

    I’ve been to Swanbourne beach in Perth. Got really burnt that day, lol.

  • //Sub/Corpus

    A nude beach in india …
    Who’s have thunk !!! :P

  • David Piepgrass

    Whoa, you picked one of my flickr contacts as your first photo. I guess Paul & Laura are pretty popular. I’m planning to visit Haulover Beach next spring…not good enough for the top 20?

  • tbm

    I was suprised to see that there actually was one in the USA. Not all the neo-conservitives have done this country in. Way to go NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Fab

    What about Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC?

    • fake

      Wreck Beach should be on here.

      • Legs

        Wreck Beach should most definitely be on here!!

  • Hal Amen

    @David and Dr. Fab: Thanks for the comments, guys. Haulover and Wreck were both featured in the first edition, linked at the top.

  • kresimir

    In Croatia, there is few dozens of nudistic beaches, but we have one of the biggest resort for nudists in the Europe – “Koversada” for about 7000 tourists !

  • nowaypedro

    Lokrum (in Croatia) is the BEST!

  • marcus


    I could also recommend a stunning natural and preserved naturist beach in Florianópolis, south of Brazil. The beach’s name is Galleta, and is located next to Praia Mole, a famous surf beach. The nudism is optional.

  • ed jahn

    How can you leave out Blacks Beach, San Diego. THE classic West Coast clothing optional.

  • Marco Bell

    Notice how most are not in this country (USA), it is sad that the puritan attitude in the states is so regressive. Keep the faith folks! Sitting in sunny Sarasota FL and not a single nude beach within miles. :(

  • bijan

    paradise just pleasure!

  • Vlatka

    I’m Croatian nad can tell you here are al least 40 nudist beaches + hundreds more which doesn’t count because they are settled at the end of a regular beach or a man just can drop clothes off on one of many unpopulated islands . As you go more north naturism is more popular.
    And I’m supprised not to see Caribbean Orient beach on French side of Saint Maarten?!

  • annonymus

    maybe not one of the best, but cerntainly worh mentioning:

    Ada Bojana (Island Bojana) , Ulcinj , Montenegro >>>look for nr.24

  • rich

    I’d love to go to a nudist beach just for the element of freedom. Although i think i may get over excited, and i wouldn’t want that to show that.

  • Paulo

    Baker Beach, near the Golden Gate bridge with views of cliffs and across the channel. A bit nippy, but a stunning setting.

  • brittany

    Re: Denmark, it’s spelled Klampenborg :)

    • Hal Amen

      Thanks, Brittany. Not sure how I picked up that error.

  • Shirley Gauthier

    Living on the West Coast of the United States I visit Rooster Rock State Park and Sauvie Island legal nude beaches in Oregon. It was nice to see Lighthouse Beach listed as Lighthouse beach is at the top of my “I want to visit list.” I have heard so many wonderful comments from friends who are fortunate to live close enough to recreate nude at Lighthouse Beach.

    Gunnison Beach in New Jersey is a fantastic legal nude beach. A nude beach with lifeguards and a place to buy food and drink….PERFECT!

    Shirley Gauthier (Oregon)

  • Dr. Raygraph

    I have one more ‘Playa’ that I feel should be added to this list – ‘The Playa’ of Black Rock CIty, more commonly known as Burning Man! While it is a seasonal playa, it is one of the best places on earth to let it all hang out, in more ways than one!

  • ms.diaspora

    Golden Beach in Northern Cyprus is another great beach. White sand dunes and the occasional donkey sighting make for a unique experience.

  • albert sneij

    I wish that humans can be viewed -nude- as in all the creatures on earth;
    Further, that in a “civilized society” nudity is not a criminal offense.
    we need some legal action for this matter; to legalize nudity, and to stop eradication nude people in the Amazon and Africa and in any spot on Earth

  • Kevin

    I would like to know the names of “the several top-end resorts that cater to an au naturel clientele” in Negril. I’ve been to Hedonism II many times, but I haven’t come across another there.

    • Hal Amen

      Hi Kevin,
      I read that other resorts, such as the Grand Lido, allow/encourage nudity on their beaches. Have you seen otherwise?


    Interesting information. While I don’t have the guts to go nude at the beaches… I have conquered my fear of sharing hot spring pool with other naked females in Japan.

  • Alex Cowan

    I’ll never forget how one summer night when I was in my teens living in Denmark my friends and me, after attending a party in Klampenborg, decided to wait for the first train to take us home by going to the beach and laying down to get some rest. Lo and behold, later that morning we awakened on the sand fully dressed in formal attire to the sounds of the crashing waves and the voices of nude bathers. It was quite an awakening as we opened our eyes realizing that we had fallen asleep in the heart of Bellevue Beach.

    Bellevue Beach (#7 on the list) is known for attracting a good looking crowd, unlike some other nudist beaches where you never know what might cross your field of vision.

  • Sheetalp7777

    Arambol Beach located at north Goa.  Paragliding, dolphin spotting boat trips are the main attraction at Arambol beach. It is one of the best nude beach in Goa.

    Arambol Beach

  • Kabir

    @ r u sure , because i dont think so

  • Thatshamori

    Vancouver has a sad little nude beach, but the people there are fabulous! Can not wait for it to be legal to go topless at a European beach! yay for freedom!

  • Octavio Ba Fo

    “Well, technically it’s illegal since all beaches are government-owned and Tio Samuel doesn’t condone nudity.” Tio  Samuel is Tio Sam? Excuse me, but the goverment of México is not under control of the Uncle Sam.  Really, do you think mexicans still wearing big hats and take la siesta? Maybe another note about México it´s not Tijuana will be necesary.

  • Nazie

    i wanna try it!



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      may i come?

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    i want to go……….

  • sky

    I love nude beaches and go when ever i can…always looking for new ones…any suggstions…

  • sky

    it’s the best…i hope u get to do it soon

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      hii aditya
      good comments. I am in Perth..come and see it here


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    nice beach, I want to go there.

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