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THERE WAS ONE THING I couldn’t get over while on my road trip around Fjord Norway: the feeling I got every time I was about to exit a highway tunnel. I’d be weaving through these modern-day engineering marvels, tunnels that drop below the ocean and cut through massive mountains, sometimes spanning miles, but once I saw the faint light at the end, the excitement would start to grow. It was the mystery of what I’d see next — a fairy-tale village sitting at the base of a mountain? A glacier clinging to the edge of a cliff? A thread of turquoise water leading into a fjord?

Each time it was different, which made for one hell of a scenic road trip. These images are the visual diary of my time driving though the one-of-a-kind countryside of Fjord Norway. Hope you enjoy.

Scott’s road trip was sponsored by Fjord Norway.

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Scott Sporleder

Since graduating from San Diego State University, Scott has dedicated 3 months a year to travel and photographing the world's unique cultures. While not on the road, you can visit Scott every summer at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. You can also view his travel photography at

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