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THE ONE SUMMER I’M AWAY from Newfoundland, and temperatures are record-breaking. It’s all anyone talks about. “You missed the most perfect summer!”

When I came home from Montreal in August, I knew I’d missed out. St. John’s is the kind of city that slumbers all winter, until the first glorious rays of spring sunshine hit the town and everyone snaps awake. George Street Fest, Folk Fest, Salmon Fest, every kind of fest. Everyone is outside, on the patios, on the street, on the beach.

I had to make up for lost time. Throughout August, I caught up with old friends while exploring the city and beyond, especially the Avalon Peninsula and Central Newfoundland. Here’s some of what we found.

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Candice Walsh is a Professional Experience Collector and full-time writer, blogger, and inventor of job titles that don't make much sense. She's based out of St. John's, Newfoundland. Follow her website for more shenanigans.

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