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In the fall of 2012, after hearing countless stories of friends traveling to Iceland, I decided I had to visit the island. Nine days later, I was there. The plan was simple: Bring a camera and some film, buy a map, rent a car, and get lost.

After viewing a map of Iceland, driving the ring road seemed like the right thing to do, especially in fall when all the “F Roads” that traverse the island are closed because of snow. The itinerary seemed good, but I felt there would be no way to get lost sticking to the main road. So I took a closer look at the map and found many secondary roads to adventure on. This is a selection of photographs from what became one of my best trips so far.

Parks + Wilderness Photo Essay


About The Author

Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl is a 23-year-old Vancouver based French photographer. Alex was born in Madrid and spent his first 15 years under the spanish sun. He then moved with his family to the south of France before settling in Quebec, Canada, for three years. That is where he took his photography career to the next level. The quiet wildness and immensity of Canada were a revelation to him. Ever since his first visit to a foreign country (the U.S.) when he was 11, Alex has loved to travel. He has traversed and photographed – mostly by himself – just a small part of the Earth, and he intends to keep going as long as there are places he hasn’t seen.

  • Jesse

    Looking good Alex!

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