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Larissa Olenicoff puts on an iPhoneography clinic in Turkey’s biggest city.

ISTANBUL IS A CITY where you can score some pretty amazing photography. The problem is that its pace is sometimes so fast you can miss the best photo opportunities. That’s why I found myself clutching my iPhone during a 10-day visit rather than taking the time to reach for my digital camera. Aside from convenience, the various iPhone photo apps give me the ability to add more expression and detail to my shots, which makes the final product something so much more personal than a raw image.

Here is Istanbul through the lens of my iPhone.

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About The Author

Larissa Olenicoff

Larissa Olenicoff is a travel addict and iPhone photographer with a passion for Europe in particular. Her travel blog The Blonde Gypsy is a colorful whirlwind of eye-candy, travel tips, and unexpected adventures that seeks to inspire world travel while simultaneously providing insight into the culture and landscape of destinations. You can follow her travels and iPhoneography there or on Instagram @theblondegypsy.

  • david miller

    unreal how expressive these are.

    what apps did you use?

    • theblondegypsy

      Thank you, David! A whole bunch (I like to mix them) but at this time I was using PictureShow and PhotoStudio a lot. Don’t want to divulge too much information yet, I have another article currently in the works about this :)

      • david miller

        sweet. was hoping you’d say that.

  • Linda Poort

    Beautiful photos! In three days time I will check out how the reality differs from the apps :)

    • theblondegypsy

      Keep us posted! My guess is that the reality will blow your mind :) Enjoy Istanbul!

  • Adem Onur Miskbay

    lovely! but istanbul is not the capital of turkey! the capital is ankara

    • Hal Amen

      Apologies Adem — that was a stupid oversight on the editor’s (my) part. Corrected.

      Thanks for calling me out, and I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

  • Douglas B. Connell

    Great pics; I lived there for 5 years and was often struck by the beauty of sunrises in Istanbul.  We also had the privilege on living on the 12th floor of an apartment on the European side, with a view towards the Asian side.  Here are some links to photos I took with my iPhone 3GS.

    • theblondegypsy

      Wow, those are incredible. I’m sure it wasn’t easy parting with that view! Sunrises and sunsets, I couldn’t get enough of either in the 10 days I was there.

  • Joya

    Such a great idea to take these photos with your phone. It shows you Istanbul in a completely different way – beautiful!

  • AllAtSea

    Without a shot of Istiklal Street it is always incomplete IMHO. 

  • Kirsten Alana

    Several are quite over-edited imo but I love the idea. As a teacher of iPhoneography myself, I just love showing people how a dSLR can be overkill and an iPhone might be all one needs to capture great travel photos on the road! Istanbul is a city I am dying to visit for myself. Now, my appetite is a little sated from seeing these images.

    • theblondegypsy

      Yeah, iPhoneography is great, isn’t it? The editing process for me is very personal so while some may seem over-edited, to me they speak volumes to me in terms of how I was feeling at that exact moment. Glad you got a little taste of Istanbul from this :)  Hope you can make it over soon…I myself am dying to get back!

Larissa Olenicoff demonstrates how different iPhone apps can alter your photos.
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