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Heading to Canada’s Atlantic provinces? Don’t skip over St. John’s, Newfoundland. Our Destination Expert, Candice Walsh, has the skinny on this colourful Canadian city.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that St. John’s is the oldest English-founded city in North America, dating all the way back to the 1500s. It’s possible Candice didn’t know that either. After all, I just looked it up in Wikipedia.

But what you can be assured of is that she knows the city today and can give you hints and tips if you’re planning a visit.

Candice, a.k.a. candicew86, is a technical writer for deep sea technology and says she “drinks a lot and curses like a sailor.” Her always-entertaining blog posts seem to back those claims up.

More on Matador’s resident Newfie:

I’m fired up on: nightlife, writing, good literature, music, my friends, summer, humourists

Sports I do: Beer-lifting

I love summer THIS much!

I want to make a difference by: Bringing smiles to faces as I elaborate on my misadventures, unfortunate accidents and strange injuries

Why I travel: to learn, to explore, to meet new people, to find what the hell I’m looking for

Before I die I’d like to: be an accomplished travel writer

If you want to learn more about Candice and/or hit her up for some good ol’ honest advice, you can find her at her Matador profile. And she’d love it if you dropped by her website That’s Tangly.


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About The Author

Carlo Alcos

Carlo is the Dean of Education at MatadorU and a Managing Editor at Matador. Like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. He lives in Nelson, British Columbia.

  • Travellohr

    All right, Candice! It’s official – you are THE expert!

  • Candice

    *sob* I’m so honoured, thanks Carlo!

    • Carlo Alcos

      My pleasure! You deserve it.

  • Tim Patterson

    I love Candice’s blogs – very entertaining, check ‘em out.

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