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If nude sunbathing isn’t enough for you, try this on for size.

According to the Hotel Rosengarten website, this all-nude hotel in the Black Forest has postponed their opening indefinitely due to lack of investors. And though I haven’t been able to ascertain if the trial for nude flights booked with was successful or not, I can’t find anywhere to book a seat on one of their planes.

Despite the uncertainty of these two naked ventures, there is one thing for both Germans and naturists to look forward to: the opening next May of an 11-mile hiking trail through the Harz Mountains in northern Germany, catering to those who like to stomp around in the buff.

The nude hiking route will start in the village of Dankerode — at the campsite of Heinz Ludwig, the man responsible for organizing the route — and end at the Wippertal dam. Traditional clothed hikers are welcome on the trail, but there will be clear signage of what they may bump into.

Fair warning.


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Carlo Alcos

Carlo is the Dean of Education at MatadorU and a Managing Editor at Matador. Like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. He lives in Nelson, British Columbia.

  • christine

    Gotta love those crazy naked Germans.

  • Erik

    Watch out for those rocks!

  • Ryukyu Mike

    Can’t you just imagine them marching to the tune of :My Dingaling” ?

  • Two Metre Man

    If you have never tried being out in Nature au naturel – don’t knock it! It is a very experiential thing – give it a go and feeeeel the freedom!! Throw away all the misperceptions, open your mind and try it. Shed the facades and be the Real You for a while!!

    • Carlo

      I’m not much of a naturist myself, but I have donned the buff once or twice in nature and it’s a very liberating feeling.

  • Kathy

    But the nakedness can’t possibly extend to footwear? Can it? Ouch!

  • James

    To Kathy,

    The general theme to naturism is clothed when necessary, unclothed when possible. Good hiking shoes and comfortable socks would probably be encouraged. Even Tek makes special hiking “sandals” that are supposed to be tough and comfortable, though you are sure to get “tanlines” on your feet – the ban of most naturists! LOL. And they can be pricey as well. I’ve done walking along clothing optional shores and using similar type of sandals that can walk on stones, rocks, gravel, shells, and other stuff that my sensitive tootsies probably cannot handle. If hiking, you might have extra padding on backpacks, unless you have stopped somewhere and this is just a day-hike. There are straps and other packing instruments that can be worn, but the clothing above the ankle is not necessarily required. It would also depend on the environment – stones, dirt, scratchy bushes and such like that. If your skin is tough enough, go for it!

    My first experience encountering nudist hikers was when my conservative church group inadvertantly camped on the other side of a hill along a river. I was washing a pair of long jeans in the river by tying a rope on the legs and throwing them into the wash and retrieving them against the flow. Gives “stone washed” a new meaning! I was talking to one of my friends and another person came along and continued to throw my jeans in and retrieve. I mistakenly believed that she had the rope so I did not need to keep a hold of it. Sure enough, she threw the jeans out hard, I let go and she never had it. Off went my jeans down the river flow. I sprinted off after them, along the shore, running through a camp nearby and did not stop, trying to keep up with the jeans. My friend tried to come after me but I soon lost him. He stopped in the camp we ran through to ask to see if they had seen me, suddenly saw me in the distance and just kept running through. I never did find my jeans (maybe it helped someone else in the future, who knows.) As he and I walked back to our camp we passed again through the outer edges of the camp next to us. I mentioned that it would be funny if they were not full dressed for other campers like us – when we both paused, stopped and looked back and the lady of the couple was just calmly going into her tent with her back to us. Full moon in the daytime and not a tanline on her. We kept walking back to our camp. Our leader found out and did not want us to travel back to the other camp while we were there (we did not stay long as it was only a one night stop at that location and we had more miles to go.) My friend and I just happened to try and check the other camp several hours later, but the residents had already moved on. I always envied them their freedom and someday I hope to enjoy it the same way myself and my wife. but we would not want to offend those who do not wish to participate or force a view on them that they were not expecting. The textile hikers in this article would be expecting such sites from time to time and the only ones surprised would be those who don’t read or pay attention where they are hiking.

  • Carolyn

    I had no idea ! Might be a bit tough in the snowing and blowing weather we are having here today.
    Do they use sunscreen?
    I’ll admit it’s great to be out in Nature with nothing between you and the wind.
    I’d opt from something on my feet. Then again, I read “Mutant Down Under”
    There are those new things for feet that have toes – sort of like barefoot but you won’t break off a nail on a rock while crossing a river.
    I’ve heard wading in a lake can be interesting – Fishing anyone? Look out guys

  • Adam Roy

    I like the title of this article. I’m just a fan of the idea that there are multiple styles of nude hiking.

  • Suyin G. Sandoval

    Okay then……Let’s try to climb the Christoffel Berg this way!

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