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Modern gonzo Robin Esrock and partner Ana Alheiro lay out the argument in photographs.

MY FIRST VISIT TO Brazil was an accident. The next was a holiday. The most recent was a necessity.

With 192 million people, Brazil is one of the four nations (along with Russia, China, and India) anticipated to define this century. While China is revolutionizing the world of commerce, analysts expect Brazil’s natural attractions to transform the country into a global tourism powerhouse. It has the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and Rio will host the 2016 Summer Olympics — an unprecedented double-whammy of superstar events that will bring the world to its shores.

As a professional traveler, I am often asked what my favourite country is. The answer is Brazil, and with the photos below I hope to explain why. For my partner Ana, the reason is simple. She’s a born and bred carioca, growing up just steps away from the Copacabana. Whether you’re attracted to the beaches or Carnaval, wildlife or music, there’s too much going on here to ignore for much longer.

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Robin Esrock

Robin Esrock is currently writing his first major book release, The Great Canadian Bucket List. You can find him at

  • Benny the Irish polyglot

    I’m with you mate. Brazil is by far my most favourite country. However I’d list the people as pretty much the exclusive reason for that. :)

  • j.D

    fantastic, I also love BRAZIL, it is my favorite destination indeed :)

  • Tisha

    Brazil is the next country I plan to visit and this article has sealed the deal. Great photos.

  • Ricardo Campos

    Brazil is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Congratulations for the article. In Brazil visit Minas Gerais, a state that combines natural beauty and rich culture.

  • Chris

    I agree. It’s my favorite country too. I would live there if I could. The only thing that stops Brazil from being heaven on earth is 1) The crime, it’s pretty bad, 2) the corruption, and 3) the flagrant inequality of wealth. I’m sure these 3 things are interconnected. Once these problems are handled, Brazil may become the greatest country on earth.

    • Thaís Aragão

      As a brazilian, I can tell you are absolutely right! :(

  • Andi

    I agree with all 10!!! These pictures and reviews are so fabulous that they make me want to jump on a plane back to Brasil. I was just there last month for the 1st time and it was one of the best trips I have ever been on. If you’re interested in reading about my travels there check out my blog. :)

  • Anne

    Beautiful photos! Beautiful writing too.

  • Traveling Photographer, Amanda

    Well you’ve convinced me ! Nice work !

  • Visit Brazil GBR

    We’ve got lovely pictures from Brazil on our FlickR page, take a look at it and enjoy!

  • Visit Brazil

    This is a very cool blog, congratulations!

    It really summarize a lot of Brazil and Brazilians. We are very glad and proud you like it here so much, you are very welcome every time, and so is everybody else who wants to discover and enjoy Brazil.

    Here I post a link with lots of pictures from Brazil to complement yours, I hope you like it!

  • Guilherme

    Awesome post and great information! Great job

  • Ana

    I loved it! Those are the best reasons!

  • Danny Maia

    O Brasil eh o melhor!! Eh nóis!
    Ah Brazil, sometimes I love you so much.

  • fadi

    go brazil go

  • neftalie

    I love Brasil, it’s very interesting country……I was there a year ago doing official work but had an opportunity to enjoy 2 day in Ipanema and Copacaban beach!!!! I would like to go back there with my whole family!!!!

  • Carolina

    I am a very proud brazilian…and reading this article brought tears to my eyes…and made me love Brazil even more. Thanks!!!

  • Thaís

    When I finally finished reading this I’ve felt such a good feeling about my country, even more than before. Your descriptions are so intense and true that brought tears to my eyes. I’ve felt you really got the spirit of Brazil in it. I could say it was a native brazilian, who have written this.  I believe Brazil is your favorite country right now…

  • MUMZi

    because one part of my LIFE in brasil ,,,,, then can i ………………?

  • Katrina Neville

    two mo’ months baby!

  • Thaís Aragão

    Number 10 brought tears to my eyes.
    Congratulations for the text and thank you for your generosity with us.

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