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Sarah Park brings us some of the most dangerous, beautiful, and downright weird wonders of the natural world.

About The Author

Sarah Park

Sarah Park is currently spending her quarter-life crisis in the beautiful Eastern Sierra. She spends her days snowboarding, hiking and not at all slipping into a soul-devouring existential dilemma. Don't worry, she's kidding... kinda.

  • David

    I can’t decide what looks tastier; the giant potato-looking Moeraki Boulders or the striped icebergs. The Asperatus Clouds are cool, and although they don’t look very appetizing – definitely a pretty good malapropism for “Asparagus Clouds”. Mmmmm……….

    • Sarah

      Nothing I love more than some good malapropism.

      And what are you talking about? Asparagus clouds look DELICIOUS. You could totally dip a strawberry into that whip.

      • Turner

        And they were spotted in Texas!

        • Tyler

          Definitely saw Asperatus Clouds near Melfort Saskatchewan. It was wild. Got some pretty good pictures too.

  • joshua johnson

    Wow, I had such a fun time looking through all of these! The x-files loving, geeky kid in me does tend to refuse solid scientific evidence and chalks up strange phenomenon to other worldly influence… yeah, it’s stupid.

  • Julie

    I love every single one of these and want to put seeing them all on my bucket list. Man, this was cool!

  • Joel

    Great article, but I won’t lie, I hate the “paged” thing. Anyway to show it all on one page?

    • Hal Amen

      Sorry man, just something new we’re trying for now.

  • Hal Amen

    The foxfire and gravity wave are just WILD. Great job putting this together, Sarah.

  • Kate

    Fan-fu*%ing-tastic. Love it.

  • Nick

    What a brilliant piece! I love all of these, especially the striped iceberg and the nacreous clouds.

    The foxfire looks like something off Pandora, and the Asperatus clouds like something out of Ghostbusters!

  • Krista

    In addition to double rainbows, triple rainbows can occur too! During a trip to the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i this summer, I witnessed a triple rainbow on two separate occasions! The locals said they get vibrant, pronounced raindows- single, double, and triple- fairly often.

  • G.B.S.N.P.Varma


    Gravity wave — wild and weird. Surreal. Love it.

  • Eric

    Simply Amazing!

  • Jared Krauss

    I read somewhere (maybe here) about a type of rain storm that occurs most often in the Northwest of the States (still not often though) that is called like a microburst or something. It like can take down trees…… Yeah, I’m not too sure.

    Any ideas or links anyone?

    This got me thinking about that. This makes me want to write about weather in a whole new way.


    Jared Krauss

  • monika

    Awesome, pleasure reading and watching.

  • Karyn

    Growing up in Winnipeg (Canadian prairie) we often had a winter phenomena that we dubbed “star holes”. On a night with a thick cloud layer there would be a perfectly round opening through which the starlight would shine. I think some people called them “angel holes”. Anyone else familiar with them?

  • Alivia

    Those clouds are hauntingly beautiful.

  • haitravel

    I wonder how they could take those perfect pictures?


  • Michael 0010


  • Michael Ong


  • Dyell Bustamante

    I loved the Double rainbow!
    come in the Philippines becaus thair is a lot of beautiful place you can see in the Philippines! 1

  • Dyell Bustamante

    I love the gravity wave!

  • Jodie X Nguyen

    amazing photos, awesome awesome.. hate that I can only read part of each page, how the hell can I read the whole please, I love it, great job.

  • Yonatan Weiss

    My list of things to do and places to see just got longer by 15 more places…. starting with the Bioluminescent bay.

  • Meghla Mon


  • Cristóbal Severino


  • Debbie Zimpritsch

    My favorite is the iceberg….so beautiful…..Mother Nature is awsome!

  • Ben d’Abo

    changed my life after seeing these , mind blown, sooo amazed that this came on my news feed , wow the shift is working! let’s keep it up.

  • Victoria Betterlatethannever Goforth

    OMG! I spectacular I love thisxx.

  • Victoria Betterlatethannever Goforth

    OMG! I spectacular I love thisxx.

  • Shannon Raver Dickerson

    Hey Sarah, here’s a couple things you might not know: double rainbows are fairly common in Wyoming, the second rainbow always has its color pattern reversed, and one of the best examples of lava columns would be Devils Tower ( also in Wyoming). Loved you pictures !

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