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18 images from 14 days in one of the West’s biggest protected landscapes.

THIS PAST SUMMER, my husband Jorge and I undertook an epic Western road trip. We went to the Badlands and Yellowstone, both of which were phenomenal and delivered on the Western promise of sublime wilderness, but it was Glacier that captured us.

We spent two full weeks of our month on the road in its campgrounds, on its trails, in perpetual fear of its grizzlies. By 2020, park brochures warned us, all of the park’s glaciers will have melted. We felt we’d gotten there in the nick of time, although the pleasure of having seen these landscapes before they’re destroyed is a vain one indeed. We were reminded in Glacier’s mountains of how small and fleeting we are, and also how terribly significant.

Text by Sarah Menkedick, photos by Jorge Santiago.

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Jorge Santiago

Jorge Santiago is a photojournalist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His portfolio can be found at

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  • Rachel Miller

    These photos are incredible!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful. So incredibly sad about the glaciers.

  • Jenny Williams

    Just fabulous. Amazing photos, perfectly accompanied by Sarah’s reflections. (Gotta love that Gus.)

  • Darrell Goodwin

    Very nice photos.. but at least 2 pictures have incorrect location info.. #8 is Wild Goose Island.. #10 is Fishercap Lake… stopped checking for errors.. someone should do complete fact check.

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