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These sculptures range from fun to freaky and might just make you look twice.

  • Christina

    Fun list! I would love to add the no-face babies at Kampa Park and the TV tower in Prague.

  • Carlo Alcos

    Oh yeah, forgot about this popular one in Florence:

  • Michelle Schusterman

    Whoa…absolutely amazing shots, Eileen!

  • Kate

    I love Louise Bourgeois (#16: – this one is not her weirdest, but probably the most monumental. And #14 – wow!

  • Kate
  • EileenSmith

    I know Kate, I actually really love that spider, but I think if you have any kind of creepy crawly phobia, you just swallowed your tongue. This staute is beautiful to my eye, but I’m not afraid of spiders. Thanks for telling us who the artist is!

    • Kate Sedgwick

      She just died a couple months ago. She was so, so interesting and strange. A real inspiration to me as an artist – very gutsy and totally ahead of her time. These spiders are so uncharacteristic (IMO) of her work as a whole – it’s interesting that these are what she’s most famous for.

  • Ben

    troll under the bridge in seattle…..

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  • Sean

    How about anything by Niki de Saint Phalle, starting with the Sun God? I love anything she’s done.

  • Preston Orndorff

    pretty cool

  • Sarm Flarm Taghizadeh

    I like the Empty Suit one, has a really strange look to it but looks good.

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