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This post is part of Matador’s partnership with Canada, where journalists show how to explore Canada like a local.

MATADOR AMBASSADORS Ben Ditto and Katie Lambert tour the obscure in the Yukon Territory.

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About The Author

Ben Ditto

Known for his serious rock climbing skills, climbing photographer Ben Ditto’s work is regularly seen in the Patagonia catalog and major climbing publications. In 2011 he won the Piolet d’Or award for a climbing expedition that lasted three months and established nine first ascents, and was based from a sailboat that crossed the North Atlantic to access previously unclimbed areas of Greenland. He’s one of several climbers who contribute to the Climbing Collective, a social network for climbers and mountaineers.

  • José Adolfo Segura

    Stunnig visit to Yukon with your splendid pictures and narrative! Thanks so much Ben!

  • Jacqueline Russell

    Wish I had the words…Wow! and Thank you!

  • Jacqueline Russell

    Wish I had the words…Wow! and Thank you!

  • Veronica Segura La Barra

    Remind me of Chiloe…, high resolution.

  • Sharon Hathaway

    wonderful pictures , I cant wait to do my trip there, thank you for sharing.

  • Lourika Reinders

    Very nice :) Inspired me to take pictures of the little detailed things on a trip!

  • Jerry Johnston

    great pictures, shows how beautiful canada realy is.

  • Lisette Benoit


  • Miranda and Dylan

    Beautiful photos, I’ve always wanted to go to the Yukon

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