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HONG KONG was my gate to Asia. In the time I spent there, I got to know the city and its surroundings as a place where different worlds coexist, and where space is scarce.

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Aiste Stancikaite

Aiste Stancikaite works with images and texts to tell stories about places and people. She has finished her degree in Fine Arts and since then is travelling and doing different creative projects around the world. At the moment Aiste is exploring Asia with a photo camera in hand. You can follow her journey and see some more works at Tea Shot.

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  • Sarah Shaw

    Aiste, I love the bold shapes and patterns you capture within these modern skyscrapers; they’re so poetic. I remember seeing your photos from Singapore earlier on Matador, and I’m looking forward to seeing more on your website.

The evening light was soft and almost dreamlike throughout the city.
Urban free climbing is a horrifying extreme sport where daredevils climb skyscrapers.
There's simply no better place to be when it snows.
There is a mad and incredibly photogenic atmosphere in the old town of Varanasi.
Being rock climbers, we travel the world seeking the best climbing.
For each kilogram of hardened yellow sulfur, a miner receives 900 rupiah.
Midwives must continue to deliver babies and pass their skills to future generations.
They cannot return home, just as they cannot leave Syria.
Taking pictures in a prison is a very sad experience.
It’s all one big story and it’s fascinating to explore the different ways of telling...
It's a beautiful life on the far southern edge of the world.