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The original edition sparked so much debate among readers that we had to revisit the subject.

[Editor's note: This list is based almost entirely on reader comments from the original post, The World's Most Spectacular Roads. Plus a couple of my personal favorites.]

About The Author

Hal Amen

Hal Amen is a managing editor at Matador. His personal travel blog is WayWorded.

  • laura

    wow, this is insane! have you been to all these places! love it.

  • Carlo Alcos

    That ice highway looks crazy. And i love that Wales road shot, so moody.

  • Joel | Blog Of Impossible Things

    Great job. Love these photos.

    More of these please =)

  • Christine B.Osborne

    I have driven many of these roads, some alone, others with a driver, eg the mighty KKH and the Tichka Pass etc. and agree with the choice. May I also mention the road blasted out of the cliffs curling around the Gulf between Ras al Khaimah and Khasab, in the Musandam peninsula of Oman.

  • Nick

    These are crazy! I like the Australian one, the Italian one and the Pakistan one the best. Worth buying a car for?

  • Eurotrip Tips

    God I need a licence.
    I’ve been dreaming of the ultimate Cali roadtrip for awhile, I’m glad it made your list.

    An Australian, Irish and French roadtrip are all classics. Although the Italian one seems like something to be avoided by travel-sick people.

  • Jeff Titelius

    These photos are spectacular! What stunning photography and diversity of geographic terrains that these roads cross. I want to visit them all! Thanks for such a great photo essay!

  • Andrius

    Last year we have taken Stelvio Pass road in Italy (no. 2). That was amazing!!!

  • Travel4Awareness

    Plain Awesome!! Am goin to bookmark this link.. to make sure I visit and drive on each of these roads!

    Vasavi Kandula

  • Candice

    Had NO idea the Cabot Trail road was so amazing. Wow.

  • André

    Spectacular, just missed the Brazilian highways are also fantastic.

  • Leigh

    Amazing photos! Definitely inspires wanderlust. I’ve driven four of them. Now to see the rest.

  • Brian

    I have driven on 4 of these roads, would love to drive the rest before I die!!!!Fantastic

  • Adam Roy

    No way could I drive #2.

  • Hank Scorpio

    You realise that it’s not just the roads in the west of Ireland, any country road in Ireland is narrow. I live in Dublin and there’s fantastic roads here, nice and wide and lots of lanes. You drive for 20 minutes towards the mountains and all of a sudden you’re on a road wide enough for one car with large ditches each side.

  • Chelsea

    I’ve been on the Pacific Coast Highway and on the Going To The Sun Road, both are fantastic drives. I was excited to see places I’ve actually been to on this list!

  • Amanda

    I drive the Glenwood Canyon easily two times a week ( :

  • Ameya

    Wow! Interesting, and some of them are quite stunning.

  • Andy

    How about the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire?

    • Hal Amen

      Nice one, Andy. I love that road and can’t believe I neglected it. Vol 3.

    • Shannon R

      I tottally just suggested the same thing before i read through the comments…

  • CGP

    Thanks for using my photo of the going-to-the-sun road. You’ve made it look really great in this gallery and I’ve learned something new: that it was used in the shining. I’ll have to see if I can recognize it next time I see that movie.

    Just a small thing to ask: would you mind linking to my personal page rather than my flickr page? No problem if it’s a hassel to fix.

    • Hal Amen

      Hey, thanks for sharing the awesome photo. I’ve made the change in your linkage.

      - Hal

  • Martin

    No Trollstigen in Norway?? Disappointed…

  • GTC

    Top Gear’s say “greatest driving road in the world.” about Transfagarasan road in Romania.

  • Milan Boers

    Thanks for using my photo of the Seven Mile Bridge (Florida Keys).

  • Wallace Paige

    How about the Blue Ridge Parkway? It is quite beautiful…

  • fenio

    Just google for “transfagaras” and you’ll find beautiful photos of such road in Romania.
    I’v been there last year. It’s really amazing.


  • Chris Weiss

    Great list Hal! So often these type of lists disappoint–but this one more than delivers, some roads I knew of and others I had no idea existed–all spectacular!

  • Andi

    OMG, I want to get in the car NOW!!! The Great Ocean Road is absolutely AMAZING!

  • Ana

    The Pan-American going both north and south from Lima is amazing. Desert on one side the mighty pacific on the other

  • David

    The Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver to Whistler is the most beautiful stretch of road I’ve ever been on. Vol. 3?

    • Hal Amen

      Thanks for the rec, David. Sea to Sky was actually on my list to include here…no idea how it got left out! Vol. 3 for sure.

  • Orlando

    Thanks they are fantastic! Just wish that people would truly look at the beauty what the world has to offer along with mans ability to create. Once again. . .Muchas Gracias.

  • http://yahoo Peter

    That six mile bridge does not compare to the “causeway” over Lake Ponschatrain at Slidel just N of N o”s it is 26 miles , straight as an arrow, you cannot see land for several mins

  • Deborah

    Awesome photos…I used to regularly travel the Gottard Pass (from Zurich to Milan) a few times a month and there’s always something new to see along the way. Another beautiful road is Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona with its’ fiery red rocks that’s attention grabbing.

  • kris

    transfagarasan highway should be on there

  • Lucian

    Transfagarasan , Romania!

  • Sara

    I second Andy’s comment on the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire – I grew up in the area. Also would add, although not a true highway so not sure it qualifies, the Mt Washington Auto Road. In a 40 minute drive there is such a dramatic change in flora, fauna and views – pretty spectacular.

  • Shadows

    Few roads mentioned in USA doesn’t deserve it’s place. Obviously, the ploy is to creating tourism awareness based on vested interests.

    There are so many roads, so many that are better, more dangerous, scenic and spectacular than the ones mentioned here… For instance, how many in the world know about a South Indian hill station called ‘Kolli’ hills? You have to traverse 82 amazing hairpin bends before you reach the top, all in one vertical hill… No one out there to market it, unfortunately… Luring people to phoney places with fake marketing and photoshoped pictures is disgusting.

  • alex

    Well with regards to the Stelvio Pass as being the best road in the world, Jeremy Clarkson admitted he was wrong about it and that the Transfăgărăşan Road is the best in the world. I think it was in season 14 episode 1. I know for sure that the episode is on Youtube.

  • Donna

    Chill with the Photoshop already! Some of these roads are pretty insane and most of the photos are GREAT just need to tone down the post a little. Strong images of beautiful places don’t need much enhancement! It really takes away from the location – just kind of makes it all look fake.

  • Koonfuroow

    Oh my God this is mesmerizing. Such beauty can still be found in the world. Such beauty still exists some where in this world. I was wondering do you have any photos of African roads such the road that connects Dire Dawa and Harar. Both are cities in Ethiopia. Anyway this photo essay is amazing. Thanks for the great display of art.

  • Nate

    Why no highways from the island of Oahu, Hawaii? Should be in the top 10

  • Stephen

    You seem to have omitted the Transfăgărăşan in Romania. Top Gear did say that the Italian road at #2 was the best but revised that when they went to Romania and drove the Transfăgărăşan.

  • thudzone

    You failed to mention “Tail of the Dragon” in the NC mountains. Has ~139 turns.

  • bobarue

    What about, The (curvy) road to Hana on Maui? There are some 600 curves on the road to Hana.

    There is a 24 mile bridge across Lake Ponchatrain in Louisiana???????

    This is a cool article though and I have learned about some roads in the world I didn’t know about.

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Flora

    U need to drive on “Serpantine” Road in Sochi, Russia. It’s a crazy mountainous weave of a road with lovely sights and well crazy Russian drivers for company. I was just there 3 weeks ago and it’s unforgettable.

  • Bill

    # 16 Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys.
    At best this should be number 20 with its beautiful view of the overhanging power lines. Maybe you just got to see it in person or something.

    Bit nonetheless this is a great display, thanks for sharing!

  • Munir

    ohhhhhhhhh these all are awsome, i wish to visit all

  • alex

    will thats was so fantastic road that i ever say in italy, love to go there ha ha ha

  • Marco Gutierrez

    You should take a look at our Bolivian roads, specially the Yungas road fron La Paz to Coroico. It´s simply awesome and dangerous!!!

  • Nick DeJesu

    What happened to the Amalfi Drive in southern Italy? It is surely more spectacular than the Pacific Coast Highway!

  • brian

    I am in the Marines and I once was Stationed in Hawaii. There is a road on the Big Island that leads from the pier and crosses over to the other side by Hilo. It is very windy,narrow and dangerous maybe something to look at!

  • Vern

    Missed one. The road going north out of Mexican Hat Utah.

  • Iris

    Look for Transfagarasan, in Romania. This is the road that goes up to 1800 m altitude and it’s closed 8 months a year because of the snow.

  • Jason

    Beautiful pictures! Have you traveled the “Hana Highway” on Maui? When I lived there as a teen that was a beautiful, although deadly, road.

  • Amie

    I can’t get the first list to load, so I’m not sure if it was covered, but the Road to Hana on Maui is an experience! We did it last year on motorcycles and I think it was even better that way!

  • sandy

    I thought for sure I would see the road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii with a gazillion hair pin turns. But I love the pictures I did see.

  • shane

    Highway 666 north of Morenci, Arizona (renamed 181 due to some offended folks)

  • Iris

    TRANSFAGARASAN!! Altitude 1800 m and its closed 8 months a year.

  • david

    how about the Pyrenees mountain pass through the small country of Andoora (France to Spain or Spain to France) if not aready listed.
    i have driven that one and its a good one. but i drove it in the mid 70′s. do not know
    about it today. very nice people live there. i enjoyed my short time there.

  • Dennis J

    Beartooth Highway from Cooke City to Red Lodge Montana. Go slow.

  • Diego Rojas

    Amazing shots.
    Another spectacular road is the Chicamocha Canyon in Santander, Colombia. Check it out, it is incredible! If you need some pics let me know!


  • Pam Jarosz

    I have a road for ya! Highway 9 runs from Anchorage to Seward in Alaska. It is one of the most beautiful rides I have ever seen. Changes as the seasons do even way up here and has wildlife everyhere! Try it my friend!

  • joe shiff

    you should try us 129 in the smokeys. they call it the tail of the dragon, 321 turns in 11 miles, unbelieveable over looks. biked it several times.

  • freja

    i wish they wouldve put the atchafalaya basin bridge in louisiana on it! its amasing! i mean its 18.2 miles long people and its surrounded by swamy areas! i would know i live in louisiana

  • bob kline

    Great pictures one road missing that I can think of is Pikes Peak

  • Bruce K

    Fantastic pictures, and to think I’ve been on two of them. My fav is the American / Canadian highways that cross over the north side of Lake Superior. For rocks, water, and woods on a curvy road, only the PCH is better in North America.

  • Mercu

    Transfagrasan! Please Google it! You will be surprised. Cheers!

    PS. great great great photos!

  • Kyle

    What about the transfagarasan highway in romania?

  • http://none Cro

    There is another which I don’t know if you know of. It is called The Transfagarasan Highway and it is located in Romania look it up and you will see. It is in Fagaras part of the Carpathian Mountains

  • Allen

    If you are a road hunter Avenida Constitucion that runs the length of Monterrey mexico is a joy at night. 4 lanes in each direction constantly curving with a good dose up up and down thrown in. Best between 2-5am when far less vehicles are out. Would make one hell of a race track…best consumed in a fast car. And while you are in the area…Avenida Eugenio Garza Sada converts into the Carretera Nacional as you exit Monterrey heading towards the famous little town of Santiago. In the early morning 6am-9am that stretch of road is great. Be sure to grab some fresh orange juice sold along the way. The mexicans claim that the zone is home to the best oranges in Mexico.

  • Jeanette

    Amazing amazing amazing the only road I’ve ever been on is the Pacific Coast Highway Born in OaklandCA raised in Sacramento CA lived in PA for almost 9 years can’t wait to go to some of these places, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  • Penguins

    Wow! Getting car sick just looking at these roads LOL. Amazing shots!

  • Susan D

    You missed the Road to Hana on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. Spectacular views, waterfalls and rainbows!!

  • http://none cro

    There is another which I don’t know if you know of. It is called The Transfagarasan Highway and it is located in Romania look it up and you will see. It is in Fagaras part of the Carpathian Mountains. I looks liks the Italian Stelvio Pass

  • kevin

    how about deals gap north carolina also known as the dragons tail 318 curves in11 miles

  • George Jay

    How about California Route 29 between Calistoga and Middletown? This snake-backed two-lane road features short limited passing zones, wild drivers, and past winners of the National Truckers Roadeo zipping through Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. If you are the passenger, you can gawk at the redwoods and Douglas firs. If you are the driver, hang on and remain wide awake!

  • http://yahoo Carol

    You left out the fantastic Ouray to Durango, CO highway.

  • Crystal

    The roads on Big Island Hawaii are gorgeous. You should check that out next for beautiful roads. Coastal roads with lush greenery and tropical flowers!

  • Hollie

    I love how the picture for Ireland has rainbows in it ^_^

  • Mike

    What about the Road to Hana? Maui Hawaii

    Spectacular Road

  • ThePlayChannel Games

    Wow ! Every one of these calls for solid brakes …

    The road in Pakistan does not seem to be paved – despite what the caption claims.

  • Hollie

    I love how the photo in Ireland has rainbows in it ^_^

  • Cosmin

    Romania’s Transfagarasan road is the best in the world. check season 14 episode 1 from top gear :) it’s specially made for that road.

  • kimmie

    You all forgot the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii

  • JIM

    I haven’t been to Maui since my honeymoon 30 years ago but I thought the road to Hana was the most beautiful drive I had ever taken. We are returning in a few weeks and are going to make the drive again. We are anxious to see if it is still as beautiful 30 years later.

  • Brandon

    In my opinion one of the most spectacular anywhere is located in Romania, Arges County… I was quite supprised not to see it in these 2 volumes of the most spectacular… althought these really are some of the best on all planet earth!
    Here is a link to a picture of “Transfagarasean” highway.

    and its wikipedia as well :P


  • Serban Leoca

    Try the “Transalpina” road crossing the Carpathian Mountains in Romania: Sebes – Obarsia Lotrului – Ranca – Novaci. It will be completely asphalted by the end of 2010 (so better go in 2011). It’s opened only in summer, June – October perhaps.

  • Estuardo Marroquín

    Go to Guatemala, there you´ll find roads like those at the mountains.
    The Florida´s road you mention, it is beatiful!! To bad that the bridge near is breaking.

  • Jen

    What about the road to Hana on Maui in Hawaii? My husband drove that on our honeymoon and it was both challenging, as well as amazingly beautiful!

  • Kristy

    I’ve been there. Awesome

  • D. Thayer

    How bout the road to Hana, Maui?

  • Mehari

    You should look into “Alamata” and Lemalimo” in Ethiopia.

  • ola

    They look absolutely stunning!! you should try out the drive in Lebanon – Cedars, take the road leading to the highest point in the Lebanon called the Qurnat as Sawda’ and down the other side of the mountain to the beautiful isolated ponds know as Uyun Urghush!

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  • Jeremy

    Fantastic roads all!
    Two months ago I traveled by car all over Scotland and must say the terrain there is equally great.
    The road at the northern-most tip of the Isle of Skye was great enough to be on this list. Check it out
    if you ever go there. I took hundreds of pictures!

  • rey

    did i miss the Road to Hana/Hana Hwy on either of thse Volumes?

  • arash

    hi!,chalus road,IRAN is the best rod in the world
    chalus is very dreamy & visual road from capital of IRAN(tehran) to chalus

  • Henry Juhal

    The photographer clearly has not been on The Needles Highway in Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Otherwise it would be included here. It is one of the most spectacular and scenic highways ever constructed.

    Still these photos are spectacular. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • mariah

    these r gorgeous i love to take roads like this but i cant travel like that but i wish i could but there is one road i have loved going on since i was young its iron mountain road in the black hills south dakota i loved going there for vacas n just driving thru the mountains there is one part of the road the u have to drive thru a little cave n if u look thru it it frames mount rushmore perfectly n is so beautiful.

  • Daniel N

    I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find the Transfagarasan Road from Romania.
    That is a really beautiful road, you should consider noting it in your next volume.
    Apart from that, excellent work!

  • Conner

    I think you should go and check out Jebel Aulia, in Sudan. It’s magnificent! Breathtaking, wonderus, and just plain EPIC. Dont forget to see the trees while you’re there!

  • Luis Alvear

    Great photos but,it’s missing the Road to Hanna, in Maui.

  • Steve

    I’m surprised Pikes Peak Highway isn’t on the list. It climbs from Manitou Springs, around 6,400′, to the summit of Pikes Peak, at 14,115′.

    I’m driving it tomorrow!

  • Tecleep

    Great Pictures:

    Here is one for your next volume – Semanawi Bahri National Park in Eritrea (East Africa)

  • Radu

    I’ve came across your article by mistake….and I loved it! I have to add a road that also has been mentioned by the TopGear team : Nationa Road 7c – The “Transfagarasan” in Romania (passes 2000m), as they said better than Stelvio Pass ( I would say equal, but still a beautiful road).
    Also there is one road that is almost erased from the map, and it’s beauty it breath taking. It was called”Transalpina” or “The Kings Road” and was constructed in 1935. It was rebuilt by the germans in 1945 for war purpouse but since then remaind unused thus almost invisible. This road is the highest in Romania with an altitude of 2145m. Now it is in recontruction but for the people that know it before it was a dream…only accesible by 4×4 cars or all terain bikes.
    So include them too if find fit.

  • Kim

    I’ve traveled Ireland and Wales and live in Colorado. As beautiful as those roads are, the Road to Hana on Maui (Hawaii) really should be on this list. You must travel that road slowly and stop at each of the seven pools to cool off and enjoy the scenery. There’s also a beautiful black sand beach that shouldn’t be missed along the way.

  • Tom

    How about the Highway Through the Clouds on Maui? From sea level to the caldera of Haleakala.

  • malama55

    Why didn’t the road to Hana in Maui didn’t make the list?

  • Phil

    Hal -

    All I can say is WOW, you are such a lucky man to have driven most of these beautiful roads. As a native Californian, born & raised to love the beauty of the countryside via automobile road trip I am just purely envious. I am sure there are so many more little to unknown incredible roads to travel, write about & post on the internet. I am sure there are magnificent roads enough on every continent to make up to a Volume 12. There must be stellar views that I can think of in some places like the following:

    1. The Pyrenees between France & Spain.
    2. The Andes between Chile & Argentina or Bolivia, or between Peru & Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador or Colombia
    3. The Trans Alaskan Highway
    4. Certainly some Russian roads in southern Russia & thru Siberia

    The list is endless because the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Justin

    Love all these drives, another one in CA is up north near Fort Bragg, Patricks Pointe, etc…Amazing drive through the GIANT redwoods. PCH always gets the love down south but up north those redwoods are just amazing.

  • zonito torrevillas

    These are great photos! It gives a glimpse of the great wonders of God in seconds where I am just sitting!

  • Ron Claar

    These all look like some preety gnardly roads , but my favorite is missing and if youve been you know the ROAD TO HANA in Maui Hawaii should be in this mix!

  • JP

    How about the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii? It’s the most beautifull and difficult to drive road that I have ever ride in the US. Well! It was 15 years ago in our honeymoon. lol

  • Brian_Thorn

    The Ireland shot, all I can say is; “OMG DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!”

    Have fun ;)!

  • Tommy Boxx

    Sorry I missed Volume 1. Was the Raod to Hana on Maui on that list? I did the return trip at night it the rain! Yikes!

  • http://Yahoo Frank Abadie

    I love to get on the road. ‘m 82 but have traveled much of the US roads. IF i were younger I’d love to give some of these a try. Great Pics. Maybe my wife and I will do the Colorado Hwy again this Sept. Excape the heat and the God Arful Oil Spill in our great Gulf’

  • Mark Finn

    What about the following for volume 3:

    Newfound Gap Road in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina
    Needles Highway and/or Iron Mountain Road in the Black Hills of South Dakota
    Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park of Colorado
    Columbia River Highway in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington
    Generals Highway in Sequoia National Park of California

  • sunil

    I think “Road to Hana” in Maui should be in this list.

  • Dado

    I would add Adriatic road (Jadranska Magistrala) in Croatia. Stunning views from the mountains to the sea and islands.

  • Albanez

    Why isn’t the Road to Hana (Maui) on this list?! If anyone has ever been on that drive, you’d think it would be on this list, right?!

  • A Marie Cleek

    The pictures were awesome. Vol 3 should contain the breath taking views in the Great Smokey National Park

  • Meredith

    Beautiful places! You definitely missed The Road to Hana-Maui, Hawaii..

  • Paul Vary

    I was absolutely amazed at some of the photos of some of the mountain roads. The only one I can say that I have crossed
    is the Seven Mile stretch of of U.S. #1 going down to the Florida Keys. Spectacular view!

  • pusky

    You’ve left out the Transfagarasan in Romania. See the Top Gear episode in Romania. It’s one of the best.

  • Bob

    Neat! I drive through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado all the time! It’s an awesome drive…. Except when there’s rockslides that crush the highway below!

  • Eli

    Love all these photos! Have been on some crazy roads in the southwest, northeast and Europe. Will add these to the “to do” list! Thanks for putting them out there for all to enjoy. :)

  • Art Gittelman

    Nice, but I’m surpised that the Amalfi Road in Italy didn’t make the list.

  • allen

    you forgot about Million Dollar Highway. in the state of Colorado of the United States of America it is one of the most Dangerous hwy it is. 70 miles of hwy 550 1000 ft drop off no side rail:

  • John

    some of these roads looked like heaven on earth, as a avid motorcycle rider ( harley-davidson), I would love to ride them for all their worth.
    I would recommend a few more local ( U.S.) roads that are just as beautiful and challenging, the 1st is the devils tail in tennessee . the 2nd is redrock canyon in nevada. 3rd is mark twain nat. forrest in missouri. 3rd is any slice of road that was the old route66, this road will take you back in time to before our great interstate highways if you let it, I have personally experienced this more then once and find that a wonderful feeling. last but not least is any road you can ride in any rural part of virginia, the whole damn state is just beautiful!. I live in new orleans and we have some great roads here, but the ones I just told about I have found to be better for me.

    • John

      apologies for stating the #3 twice, the second #3 is actually #4, of course.

  • David Gr

    The road from Asmara, Eritrea to Misawa on the Red Sea is spectacular. I took it over 40 years ago. It goes from 2350 meters to sea level in a relatively short distance. It was rumored to be built by a female Italian civil engineer because no male engineer would take the project. It has a lot of switchbacks and steep grade. I still remember it today.

  • Susan

    Hwy 49 (Bagby Rec Area) is wild & beautiful! From Sonora to Mariposa (near Yosemite). Most heading south towards on the road, refuse to come back north.

    Also Iowa Hill Road runs from Colfax @ Hwy 80 to Foresthill, CA….incredible terrain & beauty. Most refuse to even drive on this road….steep grades & switchbacks.

    Both belong on Vol 3.

  • Beth

    What about the Road to Hanna on Maui?

  • Casey

    Sorry for being semantically nit-picky, but State Route 1 through Big Sur (and most of California’s Central Coast, for that matter) is not called the Pacific Coast Highway; it’s called the Cabrillo Highway. PCH is only south of Oxnard.

    The rest of the list is great, though! Might recommend the King’s Highway in Jordan for the next list.

  • Bob Ehresman

    These were obviously mostly chosen for their sheer beauty. Several are awesome twisties for driving enjoyment that would likely hold their place in the top 20 if challenging driving were the purpose. This is certainly true of The Stelvio.

    I believe Tail Of The Dragon, terminating in Deal’s Gap, North Carolina would earn a place on such a list of driving roads.

    Tail of the dragon has 318 curves in 11 miles and has become something of a mecca for sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts. It has a deep forest beauty of it’s own but no real vistas.

  • skydog

    highway 12 in southern utah stretches from st george to capitol reef national park and is replete with multihued rocks, stunning views, and the terrain that makes it my favorite american road. there is a book called 120 most scenic roads in america (?) and i have seen 119 of them, including the american ones listed in this essay. also the ice fields highway in alberta is phenomenal

  • Shakti Chandel

    Fabulous pictures. But to name them “World’s most Spectacular Roads” it is incomplete without visiting the roads in himalayan region in India and Nepal.

  • Ulla

    These are all great but you missed one: Turnagain Arm, Alaska.

  • chad

    i will drive pacific coast highway before i die

  • fred c

    What happened to the Cross Bronx Expressway?

  • Mark

    How about the Tail of the Dragon between NC and TN?
    Or the Cherohala skyway also in TN

  • John

    Great list. I live on PCH, if only in LA, but I’ve driven in many many times all the way to Canada. It is a beautiful road. I’ve also been on many others on your list, and it is a great list. The great ocean road is my holy grail.

  • Stacey

    Breathtaking and intriguing pictures! Beautiful work, thank you so much for sharing, I am very grateful!

  • kerry

    Great shots! I must add these to my list. There is a road not on your list that is rated by sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts as the number one road in the world. The “Tail of the Dragon”, 318 turns in 11 miles. Thanks Hal, great shots.

  • http://YAHOO J. BARBIERI

    Great,great job. Please bring us back more of these wonderful photo’s.

  • I like this place

    I like this place together with you

  • Richard

    Hal, Thank you for Vol 2. Just beautiful. I’ve been on just one but will try for some of the others. I love to drive the “Million Dollar Highway” in Colorado. If I remember correctly it goes from Ouray, Colorado and Durango, Colorado. I missed Volume # 1. Is it still viewable? Can you provide a link?

    Thank you,


  • tracanity1511

    What about the Blue Ridge Parkway, its one of the most visited places in America. And another one to think about, The Tail of the Dragon, 318 curves in 11 miles. The most visited biker road in America. Both in NC. They may not be good enough to make the cut but definitely two roads to think about driving if you haven’t done so already.

  • Joe S.

    I was stunned when I hit 1-70 through the canyons in Colorado. I was driving cross-country and it was the most convenient route, and I had NO idea it was there. Beautiful. What a wonderful surprise!

  • p Kennedy

    The “Road to Hana” in Maui is equally tremendous.

  • Amir Sh

    Chalus road is very spectular. I recomnded see it

  • Sam

    Great list! But you forgot the greatest of them all..the Transfăgărăşan highway in Romania, picked by Top Gear as being better than the Stelvio Pass. I’ve been on the Transfăgărăşan and it is just amazing to drive there! Also love the Great Ocean Road in Australia and the Chapman’s Peak drive in South Africa..amazing drives both.

  • Kevin O.

    Wow, these are just some awsome shots… would love to travel like that and take pitchers. One can only dream….hehehe .
    Very good shots .. keep therm coming !

  • Patrick Bell

    You should have listed the James Dalton Highway in Alaska. This is where IceRoad Trucker has been filmed for the last 2 years. It runs from Fairbanks tp Prude Bay it is really a real tough highway in the winter. You showed the Ice road that they used in the 2nd year of Ice Road Truckers.

  • bluelagoon

    Oh mameya
    all shot amazing I`am going any how soon if somebody wana come with me plz give me call.

  • Felipe

    Amazing pictures,
    but you forgot “El camino de las Yungas” in Bolivia and “The túnel of Guoliang” in China. Here you can see why!

  • Ahmad

    many thanks for your fantastic photos.It was really beautiful.I think Millau Bridge in France, is the most beautiful road than others.It may be so dreamy , cycling in this road. :)

  • http://Matadornetwork edward justus

    Photograph the rarest waterfowl in the world. < and some of the nicest decoy art work also. I do collect waterfowl and make decorative style decoys.

  • Chumbawambda

    The Transfagarasan road in the Carpathian mountains (Romania) is also worth mentionning

  • Alexandra

    In Northern Portugal, between the cities of Vidago and Boticas there is a road, N311, it is twisty and windy. You should check it out.

  • Gary Zuber

    Thanks for the great photos. Some places, like Going to the Sun Road, and the Pacific Coast Highway, are phenomenal. Your photos and comments inspire us to get out and see more! Monument valley is another…

  • harshad

    those road build by men but,its like god gift.thanks for photos.

  • Dave Brendsel

    Great job! Beautiful roads I want to travel! But…while Glenwood Canyon in Colorado is quite the engineering feat for an interstate highway, a better road example for Colorado is Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the highest continuous roads in the US.

  • Karl

    TAIL OF THE DRAGON AT DEALS GAP, with 318 curves in 11 miles, is America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. The nearby CHEROHALA SKYWAY is quickly becoming number two with its remote 60 miles of scenic mountain highway. The area also has other incredible roads like the DEVILS TRIANGLE, THE SNAKE, BLOOD MOUNTAIN, MOONSHINER 28 and some GREAT DUAL SPORT RIDING. Smokey Mountains TN and N Carolina

  • Doc Brown

    Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

  • Mihai
  • Ernie

    How about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in eastern Virginia USA. It is 17 miles long with beautiful views.

  • KE Colorado

    How about Hwy 550 heading from Ouray to Silverton, CO? Really, the whole Alpine Loop is breathtaking. I’d say the best in the US for Most Spectacular!!

  • Brenda

    I just wanted to suggest the Amalfi Coast road in Southern Italy. An amazing road no matter which way you turn.

  • Mihai
  • Bosco Bearbank

    Karakoram Highway closed at Hunza Valley. It’s 1995 all over! We had no problems crossing the Hunza River, but got stopped by a slide on the east side of the Indus River, on our way south from the Chinese border. Waded through thigh-deep flowing mud on day two after our vehicle had made it safely across. None of the other roads that I’ve been on that made the current list (I-70 through Glenwood Canyon, the Pacific Coast Highway, Going to the Sun Road, Seven Mile Bridge, and the Great Ocean Road) can match the spectacularity of looking 19,000 ft (5800m) nearly straight up at Rakaposhi from the river.

    As for additions, may I suggest the road from Kodari, Nepal, up through Tibet the to Tibetan Plateau?

  • Ashiin

    you missed Maui’s County Rd 360 A.K.A. Hana Highway. Some 900+ sharp curves and hairpins on about 28 miles of road surrounded by rainforest and shear cliffs with a nice view of the Pacific

  • Steve

    I love the Glenwood Canyon…Used to drive it all the time and miss it!

  • jen asequia

    great list, hal, and all of them magnificent…you might add another fifteen or so, next time? thanks anyway

  • Will

    I thought for sure I’d see The Road to Hana in Hawaii before I reached the end of the list. I don’t see it in the top 10 but what a road… and you have to do it twice as it’s the only road in and out, unless of course you fly one of the directions.

  • Jean Hetherington

    WHAT? You don’t count the Arlberg Pass in Austria among the most impressive? Perhaps you missed travelling this amazing pass. One of the most beautiful and scenic passes in all of Europe. A lot of history too. A MUST SEE! And if you think you have the “stones” to try it…do the pass on a bicycle! Just be sure to take along your cold weather gear. The glacier keeps it pretty cool…even in Summer.

  • Alex

    Those are some amazing pics. I’m hoping I get to drive on at least a few of them. Most definitely the ones in the US

  • Bob T

    Dreams can sometimes slip through your fingers like sand on a beach. Grab the steering wheel and chase your dream if you wish to see these spectacular sights. Although the pictures are very beautiful nothing can replace actually being there. I have not been to all of these places of interests but, I have been a few of them. I was lucky…Iam a retired truckdriver who was blessed and drove from Maine to Washington State from there to San Diego to Miami back up to Maine and almost every where in between. Each state has it’s own beauty, I live in Arizona now, use to live in Iowa, Western Pa, Ohio, WV. The people you will meet and the sights you will see will just bring a tear to your eye and take your breath away. I love living in AZ but, I miss the trees and the rain…and the smell of cut grass in the afternoon. Reach for the brass ring and take a few weeks off for a road trip….you will be really happy you did.

  • ian

    Great selections and amazing photos, but I must admit I’m disappointed with the omission of the Road to Hana on Maui, HI and the Mountain Loop Highway in Northern Washington State, the PCH in Oregon, Washington, or Highway 12 through Whitepass and the road to Paradise in Mount Rainier (probably because it’s seasonal).

  • Bill
  • Bob B

    Vol 3 = Any road in Kruger Natl Park in SA. Where your frequent companions are elephants, giraffes, lions, etc. Have phot of lions on the road if you need it. Cheers

  • Abhinav

    The new best driving road in the world according to Top Gear, Transfagarasan Highway in Romania. The Stelvio pass is the old one.

  • Kate

    Well, I’ve been to 3. What an amazing spread… hope to, one day, make all 20.

  • Stevndemourney

    I want to drive really fast on all of ‘em!!

  • Andrew Williams

    Black Bear Pass between Silverton and Telluride in Colorado is a fun one to drive.


  • patti

    WOW! Breathtaking, beautiful and a few I have not yet traversed – how wonderfully blessed are those who travel with passion. Thank you for sharing.

  • Aaron

    It would be nice if they actually visited and showed places in AMERICA besides the western coast that I could actually GO VISIT!

  • Bob Jacobs

    Great list. I’ve been on 4of them but you forgot the road to Hana, Hawaii

  • clau

    Transfagarasan twisty road, Romania would be a great choice !

  • http://publiclibraryinMilesCity,Montana Mary Catherine

    These are spectacular highways. Another great one not listed is the Beartooth Highway (with lots of switchbacks) from Red Lodge, Montana to Cooke City which leads to one of the entrances of Yellowstone Park. Charles Kuralt (formerly of the CBS Sunday Morning Show) listed it as one of the most scenic and spectacular drives in the U.S. I highly recommend it. It’s only open from June until September because snow storms make it impassable. Definitely worth the trip.

  • Gary

    WOW!!! I was blown away with these pictures. First time to this site. Keep up the excellent work, amazing.

  • Bret

    Being from Colorado it’s cool that Glenwood Canyon made the list. It is kind of a site to see but I think Hwy 550, aka the Million Dollar Highway, between Ouray and Silverton over Red Mountain Pass beats Glenwood Canyon by a longshot. Portions of it are a narrow 2 lane road with no shoulder and no guard rail. There’s nothing to stop you but the bottom of the canyon hundreds of feet below. And, the scenery is spectacular too.

  • Chris Hanssen

    Humans and nature can design and create amazing roads. I wish I had a car to drive them. My wife will be car sick on most of these roads, especially the winding ones.

  • Coleman

    My wife and I just drove the Milford Road in New Zealand. It was one of the coolest places I have ever been. We then spent 3 day on the Milford Track. Pure Awesome! If you ever get chance check it out. It’s worth it.

    • Ryan

      Milford was great. The black sand beaches, winding roads. I also saw a few cows on the mountainside as we drove along. I was wondering how they were able to climb such a steep mountain. The tunnels were fun as well.

  • Sandro

    Don’t forget the road to Hanna. (Maui)

  • AUB

    looking at these all pictures…it drives me crazy. i am sad. very sad to think that some day i will be dead without seeing these all beauty of the natures.

  • Wonderboy

    No road to Hana?

  • Williaqm

    “Mr Matador thank you for sharing ur wonderfull pictures,amazing “

  • William Dunwoody

    These are some great shots. Good job. Vol. 3 is a must because you can’t leave out Taroko Gorge, Taiwan.

  • Andrew R.

    Amazing!!!! I would love to drive down the 2nd one in Italy!!!

  • Rakesh Chadha

    Why nobody mention Rohtang Pass Himalaya mountains, Highest and very scary road in the world. I drove twice in a small car. Very interested and memorable jounney.

  • SqUeAkY

    take a look at the Transfagarasan Road in Romania. Top Gear acknowledge that it`s the best road in the world. just a suggestion ;))



  • Gary

    that one in newzealand was awesome (i wanna go there when im rich)

  • Pasedu

    OMG its mind blowing to see these spectacular scenes and to actually have a connection to the roads is even more worth mentioning. I drove a tour bus through Chapman’s Peak in South Africa and the view was one of the scariest events of my life. With high winds at that time, it was hard not to have the thought of “What would happen if a accident was to occur at such high altittudes. We made our destination safely. Great pics….now i would love to drive on these other roads…..starting with the Millau Bridge in France….WOW

  • Shannon R

    The Kancamangus Highway, New Hampshire, USA is pretttttyyyy good.
    Consider it for next time :]

  • Tim

    what about the Pikes Peak Highway!!??

  • Galilaios

    Great photos, but you obviously have never been to Rocky National Park or the Bear Tooth Highway coming out of N.E. Yellowstone National Park!

  • Luke

    Excellent list… and truly breathtaking pictures…

    Two others that will forever be engrained in my mind,and may be worth looking at for future lists are:

    The Road to Hana in Hawaii, which is truly a breathtaking mix of dense forest, cliffs and fantastic ocean views.

    The other is the complete terror of a road from the port of Athinaos to Thira in San Torini Greece… it takes you over 1,000 vertical feet and can’t be more than 100 feet horizontally… it is truly amazing.


  • mesh

    add, sera da leba in angola. It forms part of them. Thanks

  • Stetco

    there’s no Trans-Fagarasian Road???!!! this list is nothin’…

  • Bond, James Bond

    El Camino Los Muertes in Bolivia was left out……The Death Road.

  • crystal

    I have been on two of those roads, the california one and the colorado one

  • Vince

    Have taken my old (’71) Norton 750 Commando on only two of these (Pacific Hwy and Going to the Sun) but now that I’ve seen the Stelvio and Gotthard Passes, I have got to take a trip to Italy and Switzerland to ride those before I die; looks like a spectacular ride. Beautiful, inspiring photos of exceptional riding roads. Thanks very much.

  • Ryan

    Milford highway in New Zealand is what I would drive to get to the different cities in the south island. Wellington, Hawkes Bay, Christchurch and Otago at the very bottom of the south island. It winds and turns and is an amazing view of the pacific ocean with its black sand beaches. Its the only one I have had the pleasure of experiencing on this list. Its # 1, lucky me!

  • pmam2008

    Thanks for including the Pacific Coast Highway a second time. In California there are many great roads to choose from. A personal favorite is Highway 20 from Willits to Fort Bragg, a 32-mile long, winding two-lane road through northern California ag country, evergreen forests, and finally the coastal range leading to the Pacific.

  • piper

    wow!!!!!!!! want to travel on each road… ! ^_^

  • yoko nian

    Nice…but Kennon Road in Benguet, and Mangima Canyon Highway in Bukidnon—both in the Philippines and built by Americans during the commonwealth years are more awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping than some of your featured pics…

  • Jim Evans

    Great pics! I would love to hit all of those roads on a motorcycle especially the ones with all the twists and turns! Well, maybe not the ice highway. Although with spiked tires it may be fun. Though I have not been there yet, the Dragon’s Tail in Deals Gap, NC with 318 curves in 11 miles often receives high praise from motorcyclists. Here is a link to a site devoted to it Someday, when I am able to retire, I plan to crisscross America on a motorcycle. It would be nice to have a list of suggested U.S. roads like these to include in the trip.

  • Sohil

    What a wonderful work of art, you for taking these absulotly great photos and the contractors for builing these roads. Nice job!

  • Jim

    Transfagarasan Highway aka. Ceausescu’s folly

    Rated as best road in the world in most recent season of Top Gear.

  • Dave Shanks

    I would like to nominate,
    Oregon State Highway 140, from Medford to the Nevada State line.,
    U.S. Highway 129 from Jct. of U.S. 19, north to Deals Gap, Tn. (The Tail of the Dragon).
    U.S. Highway 160 from Jct of I-25 west to Cortez, Co. and
    U.S. Highway 65 noth from Conway Ar. to the Mo. State line.
    You don’t have to go very far to enjoy the spectacular views……Travel safe.

  • Ruli

    No question Hal, the closest place to heaven is a tight-hugging car seat, a good set of precise steering, gearbox and brakes and all that gorgeous beauty around you…. Just added these 20 to my list…. and counting on vol. 3….

  • emmitt

    The entire coast highway of US 101 (or highway’ 1 as its called by those who live and love it)is grand,from washington to the bottom of calif,thu the redwoods of north CALIF,up thru astoria OR’ and beyond,the way the coast line is carved out is some thing to behold,ive drivin many many roads and highwys of america and canada,but this road is always the one i relate to,as i do the keys, very nice photos,very well done,thanks for your hard work,

  • yoko nian

    what about the Bilar-Carmen-Sagbayan Road traversing the midst of the ‘Chocolate Hills’ of Bohol—beautiful sight to see from a good vantage point or a very low-flying Cessna / glider..

  • Ruli

    No question Hal, the closest place to heaven is a tight-hugging car seat, a good set of precise steering, gearbox and brakes, and all that gorgeous beauty around you…. Just added these 20 to my list…. and counting on vol. 3….

  • Carl Cronk

    “Tail of the Dragon” – Deals Gap, Tenn: Near the GA border.
    318 turns in 11 miles. Blind switchbacks and Hairpins;
    Share the road with Fully-loaded Semis; Race bikes; Campers and motor homes; Ma & Pa Kettle; Cruisers and Sports cars.
    No Shoulder – often with 20 – 30″ drop-off.
    Descending, Decreasing Radius Turns.
    I’ve seen a semi hang 1 of his ‘duelies’ in thin air (right side), while his Left Front (steering) wheel was 3′ into the oncoming-traffic lane! That could be a real surprise for anyone pushing their envelope.

    Best road I’ve ever ridden.

  • David Payne

    Awe Inspiring,, I want to live foever so I can enjoy visiting them all

  • Abay

    Wow good job:never mind I ll visit them before getting rich anyways how can I send you some of my country’s amazing roads (Ethiopia).

  • Kari

    How about some of those amazing roads in Norway. Lots of switchbacks, some only one-way roads because two cars don’t fit on them at the same time. Sharp mountains and beautiful fjords… ah, a beautiful country with numerous road nominations.

  • Melissa

    You have snapped some of the greatest shots of these roads from all around the world. It’s absolutely breath-taking!! I’ve lived in California and I’ve never seen the Pacific Coast Highway in such a beautiful aspect. Thank you! I sure hope to visit some of these places in the near future.

    • ben

      others roads from other places are amazing like halsema Highway in the philippines. They look pretty like those found in Montana, Switzerland, Monaco and Peru…

  • steve

    valley of fire just outside of vegas ———

  • Turtle 52

    Those are all wonderful scenic highways but you forgot a couple in the U.S.
    The Blue Ridge Parkway through the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great River Road
    following the Mississippi River in the Midwest.

  • karen

    Wonderful…such a great selection, but how about the road from Agadir, Morocco, to Marrakech, Morocco? The Atlas Mountains make this a fantastic, if tiring, drive. Breathtaking scenery and very high altitudes!

  • gary

    i have drove on many roads thourgh the us us60 in arizona going through the salt river canyon is a very nice drive

  • Skye

    I recommend the Road to Hana on Maui, HI. It is 52 miles long with 620 curves and 59 bridges, 46 of which are one-lane bridges. It is a beautiful drive with ocean views and many waterfalls.

  • 4

    wow! the ice one seems scary. what happens if it breaks? i will never go on that one. although the others are beautiful!

  • http://none lee

    Man, my 86 wants to tap that sweet piece of Swedish and Italian asphalt ass. oh, and why isnt the dragons tail in Tennessee on here.

  • Sofia

    Someone must have a good photo of The Trollspieg in Norway. It probably has more than the 48 hairpins (the Italian road featured) and is probably higher than the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland. Some really amazing engineering on these roads, even aside from the views!

  • Phil

    I’d vote for I-94 through North Dakota or, as a possible second, I-70 through Kansas.

    • Mark Finn

      Maybe if we were suggesting the most BORING roads…

  • gregory april

    wonderful pics but there are so many more: Tioga road from hwy 395 to Yosemite, Redwood highway 101 in northern California,
    Frasier River canyon in British Columbia Canada, Keystone Canyon Richardson Hwy, Alaska.

  • http://ATT.Net C.D.Hamilton

    Road the Gotthard pass in the 80′s. What a ride. Had to stop several times and just look. On they didn’t show that is fun in the Carolina’s is Deal’s Gap 300+ turns in 11 miles.

  • Lisa

    I have to agree that the Bear Tooth Highway and Rocky Mountain National Park Road are spectacular as is the Chief Joseph Highway leading out of Cody Wyoming up to Montana.

  • bimbo montero guevarra

    “WOWWOWWEEEEEEEEEE……….. those roads are just sooooooooooo nice… i wanna go there.. somebody please take me there…… nyahahahahah…”

  • John

    WOW wish I was rich to be able to drive all those roads man who cares about mansions and crap when you can get to see the world and all the awesome roads!

  • Adnan

    The “highest paved international road in the world” in Pakistan is awesome. Most beautiful among all.

  • Layla :)

    How about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Kiptopeke/Norfolk VA, USA (Route 13)? It is a near twenty mile bridge across the bay with two deep tunnels that dip far below the surface, enabling Aircraft Carriers to navigate through- it goes not only over the bay but through Fisherman’s island (a cool wetland area) and downtown Norfolk. That’s a great road.

  • Jay Mansfield

    any one of these are in the running… Shulls Mill Road 19 miles of WOW!!!! near Blowing Rock NC…..or……Route 321 or 221 …anything along Grandfathers Mountain or Black Mountain ..the entire area is a white knuckle beautiful and terrifying trip.

  • Bill C

    The road from Lake Elsinore to San Juan Capistrano in California is a great sports car drive. Be careful — I came around a corner once in my MGB and almost ran into an almost exact duplicate of my car being towed up from the canyon floor below! Scary, and a real slow down! PCH going South is best.

  • Layla :)

    Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Kiptopeke/Norfolk VA. A near twenty mile bridge across the Chesapeake Bay, wetlands, and downtown Norfolk, VA, USA with two tunnels that plunge deep below the surface of the water enabling Aircraft Carriers and barges to navigate through- that’s a cool road. (part of Route 13)

  • bleh

    How about La Rumorosa in Baja California Mexico it has many hairpin curves
    and also Plan de Barrancas in Jalisco/Nayarit Mexico Hwy 15 it also has many curves

  • Anton

    try Transfagarasan road from Romania…amazing…

  • chicagorado

    I agree, pikes peak is beautiful and it is such a great drive to the summit. Nicer than I-70 in my opinion…

  • solar water heater

    beautiful,But In China there are many more breathtaking and more beautiful highways.

  • Howard Ino
  • http://yahoo Joann Siebert

    You really need to check out the Bearthooth Highway in Montana and Chief Joseph Highway in Wyoming. They both lead into the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park. BEAUTIFUL drives!

  • Erich

    Absolutely breathtaking pics, I really enjoyed looking at this list!!! Only driven on the Florida Key’s 7 mile bridge, but I would like to see more.

  • Jodi

    Would love to do a couple of those hairpin roads on my road bike. They would be a lot of fun going down as well as climbing up.

  • Alyssa

    You left off an amazing Italian one…Amalfi Coast between Vietri and Positano (SS163). Winding road hugging the cliffs, breathtaking views of the Gulf of Salerno and cut little villages built into the hillsides.

  • Jodi

    Would love to ride my road bike on a couple of those hairpin roads. They would be a lot of fun going down as well as climbing up.

  • John

    The road to Hana on Maui Hawaii is pretty spectacular

  • LK

    Natchez Trace parkway..some really beautiful scenery with some really long stretches, but also plenty of slow winding curves. we came down from canada last year and did the entire length.

  • jeff

    its awesome..a great photography in every place in the world, i wish to do that also in high altitude area.

  • whiley

    Bear Tooth Pass, Montana

    • MS

      I say yes to that

  • Heather

    All of these views are so awesome! I have actually been across the one in the Keys and it’s crazy!

  • Rebecca

    What about the Hana Highway in Maui? It’s breathtaking! should have made the list….just saying. Great photos…thanks.

  • peter

    PCH looks like something out of Europe. Ive driven parts of RTE 66 but nothing compares to PCH i always wanted to drive it.

  • joey

    freebord heaven in many cases!!!

  • oma

    “awesome roads and very nice… well engineered and planed… my country’s road should be like this if only those corrupt pigs are not in their positions.”

  • joey

    wow!!! what a great view

  • Kristina

    There are two roads that just have to be added to this… one is of course the Tail of the Dragon just outside the Smoky Mountain National Park. The other is in Hawaii on Kaua’i, state HWY 550 which goes through Waimea Canyon. It winds along such beautiful scenery, and parts of the road almost feel like a roller coaster with dips, tight turns steep climbs and drops. It’s totally breathtaking!

  • David

    I’m surprised Red Mountain Pass in southwest Colorado didn’t make the list. Highly recommended especially during Sept, Oct.

  • Kathleen Purcell

    1st visit to this site…. wow! I’ve been on a few of them in the states. Have you checked Moki Dugway in S.E. Utah? When I was on it several years ago it was dirt and a lot of switchbacks. Independence Pass, near Aspen, Colorado? Colorado National Monument road from Grand Junction to Fruita? Loveland Pass, Colorado (go around I-70)?

  • http://yahoo charlie

    Some Awsome photo’s and some Awsome Rides I have done some listed here in the USA and have not the privledge to travel roads on other lands but so many more here to see and so little time its all good keep shareing the pictures and the story’swe only live once and as we are able lets live as long as I wake and walk on this side of the dirt I will always let my bike pick the turn to witch way we go ruber side down putten from behind ant the smoth souind of my S&S Sucking air on its way to pick up and atimize fuel GOTTA LOVE LIFE

  • Nicole

    Might I suggest the road to Hana? On the island of Maui in Hawaii. These are all spectacular roads though. Thanks.

  • Nicole

    Ooooh. Or the road to Mt. Haleakala. Now that’s a cool twisty turning one too. Amazing views. It’s also on Maui in Hawaii. it’s part of our National park.

  • Brad Davey

    The Beartooth Highway in southern Montana beats them all!!!!

  • Joe

    I know this is international, but I don’t know how they left the Pike’s Peak Road off of here. Much better scenery than the UAE desert highway.

  • Tracy

    Pikes Peak one of the best highways, no one truly know how good it is.

  • Nicole

    The road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii is pretty intense. I think it’s about 40 hairpin turns, several miles on the side of a mountain with beautiful ocean views.

  • Julia

    Pass of the Cattle (Road to Applecross peninsula) Scotland

  • Frank V

    What about the famous road up Polomar Mountain where the 200″ , 40 ton telescope mirror was transported in 1949? Still is a very nice drive especially if you like turns.

  • Beth

    The seven mile bridge is my favorite, only because I live in FL and have traveled down it many times! I have survived the Duval crawl!!!

  • Melissa E.

    Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii!!!

    P.S. LOVED these photos! Made me want to run out to my truck right now, with nothing but a credit card for gas and a stack of CDs for the road! (and probably a sleeping bag…) Thanks for sharing!

  • cali gurl

    pacific coast highway is the best!!!!

  • Kathy Kourian

    Agree with you Shannon R on Kankamagus Highway in NH – also Franconia Notch (site of the “late” Man on the Mountain profile) and Crawford Notch.

  • Brian

    All of those road are awesome.. I’m an avid sports bike rider from california’s central valley. Have you ever heard of hwy 49 in california? For the most part it’s a pretty imfamous hwy that challenges even the most advanced riders. The Bagby Pass (a.k.a The Little Dragon) of hwy 49 is a hot spot for rider almost every weekend of the year. It’s a ten mile ride consisting of twist, turns and a killer hair pin overlooking cliffs and steep canyons.. Halfway through the ride there’s a 1/4 mile long green bride with a breath taking view of the Merced River… Hwy is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains..

  • Rick Wilson

    Looking at the roads is making me drull. I Streetluge if I had one dream that would be to invite as many people as know who luge to bomb down a beautiful road or roads like thoses…

  • Cheryl

    Wow, give me a motorcycle and time to travel down all these beautiful highways and I would be a very Happy Woman!

  • me

    how about Old La Honda road in California?
    Fun to drive!

  • ben

    the photographer should have been to the Philippines to know more, where cars passing cut through wide rivers. Some roads the same with Switzerland, Montana and Peru. Really amazing…!!!

  • ann

    U missed the OBUDU CATTLE RANCH RESORT ROAD, in calabar Cross River State, Nigeria.

  • Chris Grueninger

    How about the Blue Ridge Parkway? It’s previously been rated as the most scenic in the US.

  • Seal

    That was an awesome presentation, I would love to have the opportunity to drive all those roads.

  • E Hunter

    You missed: Highway 89A over Mingus Mountain & Oak Creek Canyon–both in Arizona

  • Richard

    The road to Hana on Maui, that is what you missed. 617 turns 54 one lane bridges and then the “bad road” of kipahulu and kaupo before reaching the winery.

  • E Hunter

    Forgot to add fabulous pics–wish I could drive all of them

  • Joe

    The Causeway bridge is 27 miles across Lake Pontchartrain, and you put a 7 mile Florida bridge in there?? C’mon man, get real.

  • Vince

    Mulholland Drive, California is also spectacular. Coming down to the Pacific from the mountains is breathtaking. No wonder it’s mentioned in Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”

  • Joey Montalvo

    Now this is soooooooooo, sooooooo much more spectacular than the first set. Congratulations!

  • S Sloan

    I-70? The Beartooth pass deserves an honorable mention at best. Charles Kuralt rated it the number one most scenic drive in America. It’s the most beautiful entrance to Yellowstone!

  • Lynn Sperry

    These are spectacular photos. I appreciate the camera men/women and crews who took to time to capture true beauty of our natural creations melded together with mankind’s engineering excellence. I would love to have photos like this to download on my computer and be able to email to my family, friends and clients. Is that possible?Thank you, these are breath taking, Lynn

  • hank


  • Mike Cartwright

    You should check out the “Tail of the Dragon”. 318 curves in 11 miles on Hwy. 129 from just south of Maryville, TN. to Robbinsville, NC. It is a motorcyclist’s dream!

  • Jen

    Road to Hana, Maui

  • Mad Dog CIAO baby

    Vol. 2 definitely more visually stimulating than your 1st Vol. However, you should check out scenery in Big Bend Ranch State Park along the Rio Grande River on Hwy FM 170 (River Rd.) between Presidio (actually Redford) and Lajitas, TX along with the
    gorgeous views around the Chisos Basin (Extinct Caldera type Volcanic) and Sierra del Carmen Mountains in and around the Big Bend National Park in Southwest TX and Mexico border region between El Paso and Del Rio !

  • Don Denson

    Come on how about Bear Tooth pass at 11,000 ft. between Wyoming and Montana? It has a four lane hiway at the very top?

  • Larry U

    Rattlesnake Pass Oregon.Check it out.

  • noel gamao

    its very awesome, i like it, hope to visit those spectacular places in the future.

  • Grayson Sheridan

    As a resident of Maui, I have the privilege of Driving the Road to HANA on Mauis North and East side… Views abound of Jungle, Ocean, Falls and streams with breath-taking scenery in between….

  • T

    I am impressed with the roads but I think they need to add the The Historic Columbia River Highway in the next volune. It was the first scenic highway in America.

  • noel c. gamao

    what an awesome places,. i loved it, hope i can be there some day.

  • hannah

    id love to take my bmw on these roads

  • joe

    The Tail Of The Dragon in North Carolina and Tennesee i have not riden it but i am planning the trip as i post. 318 turns in 11 miles. wow

  • KB

    I recently went through whats known as The Gorge. It connects Tennesee to North Carolina. Its beautiful.

  • Larry McAfee

    Some others for consideration:
    Blue Ridge Parkway – NC/VA
    Cherohala Skyway – Tail of the Dragon – NC/TN
    Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park – VA
    Beartooth Highway coming into Yellowstone National Park – MT/WY
    Icefields Parkway through the Canadian Rockies – Alberta/British Columbia
    Trail Ridge Road – Rocky Mountain National Park – CO
    Badlands Loop Road – Badlands National Park – SD
    Mountain to Sea Highway – British Columbia

  • Jeff

    This list is definitely more world-wide than the first. Great choices. I know Yosemite was represented in the first list with Glacier Point Road – a great choice. Another great choice it Tioga Pass Rd (part of Hwy 120) through Yosemite, past Ohlmsted point with views of Half Dome, through Tuolumne Meadows, over the 10,000 foot Tioga Pass, and down to Lee Vining and Mono Lake.

    Also the Bear Tooth Highway into the North East entrance of YellowStone National Park was called “the most beautiful drive in America,” by the late Charles Kuralt. It rises to over 10,900 feet at the Beartooth pass. Not only do you see the snowcapped peaks of the Beartooth mountains, but also high country meadows and beautiful vistas.

  • ed

    you left out driving down the baja. one of the most spectacular in the world!!! mountains, desert scapes, different shades of tropical water contrasting with the desert landscapes… white knuckle driving too

  • Sarah

    OMG! Some twists and turns that will make you shout pass your voice! I wonder who had the idea
    to make those roads that way.

  • david aines

    You really should take a look at u.s. highway 129 in Tenn, and N.C. they call it the dragons tail for it has 318 curves in an 11 mile stretch.

  • D-Man

    I have been on about 4 of the roads mentioned and they are beautiful. Bear Tooth is the one missing I would say, That is one beautiful road. Milford in NZ is beautiful.

  • alex

    The Kancamangus Hwy in New Hampshire is a great road as well. I am here for a summer internship and it is a great mountain road! There are also many places to stop and hike to see the natural wonders of the White Mountain region.

  • Althea

    A few friends and I rode PCH from South Cali to San Fran a few months ago. Absolute motorcycle paradise!

  • http://yahoo Nils

    you should have seen the winding roads in Norway like Ornewaysen and Trollstigen wayout. and the tunnels under the fjords on the west coast. AAlesund the gateway to Geiranger was in National Geographic

  • pvilla

    Gotta add Beartooth. Crazy, beautiful drive. Scary sometimes.

  • mario

    U id^iots , u forgot the Transfagarasean Road, Romania

  • Willis Morrison Sr

    NICE…but you haven’t seen nothing til you drive on the road from Accra to Aburi Gardens in Ghana

    or the road from Accra to the Akosombo Dam(it’s only the largest man-made Lake in the world) in Ghana

    or the road from Accra to Cape Coast….Get in-touch with me, I’ll get you to these places..

    Guess I would’ve preferred SOME OF THE WORLD’s MOST SPECTACULAR ROADS vol 2.

    Thank you tho, Hal for your good work

  • Mona Yu

    Taroko Gorge, Taiwan. Also the highway along the east coast that takes you from Taipei to Hualien where the gorge is.
    You can also enjoy some of the scenery by train. Taiwan is mainly mountains so people live mostly around the coastline.
    Some road conditions are not good because of frequent landslides, wet weather and the construction of Taiwan’s recycling water sewage system. But there is a lot of scenery. Wish I could afford to travel more. How about doing some railway routes?

    Part of the east coast highway is curvy with rocky mountains on one side and a steep drop to the sea on the other. The gorge
    road winds along cliffs through partial tunnels open on the side to the view of the gorge. Come and see it for yourself. Beware of oily salty food.

  • Hungrybear9562


  • Mark

    Tioga Road traverses Yosemite, it is a nonstop spectacular view. For sports car enthusiasts it a no go due to the low speed limits and many speed traps( driving fast kills bears, booo), but it has it all , different alpine zones, alpine meadows, lakes, glaciers, giant trees, and a 10,000 ft Tioga pass.

  • John

    Voted Number one sports car destination in the world. The “tail of the dragon”. 318 turns in 11 miles cut thru the middle of the smokey mountains

  • MS

    What about Bear Tooth Pass Montana/ Wyoming.

  • angel

    You need to see Transfagaras “highway” – Carpati in Romania :)

  • Susan Schwartz

    Beautiful pictures! I’ve been on a few of these raods. These pitures make me want to travel the other ones.



  • Arthur

    The Blue Ridge Parkway in the North Carolina mountains is certainly deserving of a spot on this list.

  • Martin

    How about the switchbacks above Sheridan, Wyoming going into the Big Horn Mountains.

  • Michael

    The road East of Bagram Air Force Base to the Pakistani Border.

  • Richf

    If you’re including the Route 1 bridge over the Florida Keys, then you must give some consideration to the marvel in Virginia – the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, connecting the Eastern Shore of the Delmarva Penninsula with Hampton Roads.

  • Michelle

    When my dad was in the Air Force we were stationed in Pakistan (1974-1976, I was 11-13) we drove thru the Khyber Pass to Afghanistan…..what an amazing and dangerous(as in narrow, cliffs, other crazy drivers in big trucks et al) road that was. I wish I could take that trip again but now the dangers are militants, Taliban et al. So I look at the wonderful pics we took instead.

  • Roger

    The Old Spiral Highway leading into Lewiston Idaho (replaced by highways 95) is fun in good weather!

    The Old Columbia River Highway (30) is beautiful because it was designed to compliment the land. Italian stone masons were brought in to build it. The waterfalls are spectacular too. It was replaced by I84, but sections are still maintained.

    Zion Park Blvd. (highway 9) in Zion National Park is one of my favorites.

  • Arlen McInerney

    definitely check out the hairpin road taking buses from Aguas Calientes, Peru up to Macchu Pichu… its gorgeous (and terrifying!!)

  • Jim

    Very Nice photos. What about The Dragon (US 129) in TN /NC?

  • Summer Williams

    The “River Road”, FM 170 from Terlingua to Presidio in Far South West Texas. Simply amazing!

  • Yugan

    Nice roads. I would like to add 1 more from my hometown in Malaysia. The road connects my hometown Cameron Highlands and a twon called Simpang Pulai.

  • June Bug

    Absolutely beautiful, Thank you!

  • Tim Seidler

    I just got done driving the Pacific Coast Highway (#19) for the first time and man was it fun. The twists and turns were outrageous and the views even more amazing. What really shocked me was the extreme changes in climate. One second it was overcast with 50 mph winds and the next it was bright sunshine while seemingly driving on top of the clouds. Definitely would recommend it to anyone.

  • Todd

    Just rode the Cherahala skyway in North Carolina last weekend. fun ride on a bike with great scenery.

  • Eric

    “The Crow” in southern BC to Alberta, passes in the Coastal range, the Monashees, the Selkirks, the Purcells (Bugaboos), and the Rockies. 900 miles across mountains beat that.

  • derf

    the Transfagarasan Highway (Romania) was voted Top gears best pick. Not f-in italy

  • Charity

    Hana Hwy! Have you seen it? It’s gorgeous!

  • chuck

    Have you ever rode the dragon’s tail Hwy. 321 out of Maryville,Tn. to N.C.? It’s a great ride on a motorcycle or roadster!!

  • one industries red bull racing hat

    it is interesting and informative article.

  • Jeff

    What about The Transfăgărăşan In Romania??

  • Jhakendra


  • Tony

    D’oh! The Million Dollar Highway in Southwestern Colorado is the scariest/most thrilling road to drive upon in this country and I have driven them all, folks. Try Red Mountain Pass sometime with poor brakes:(

  • resty

    all pictures are spectacular

  • yuukira


    awesome roads!!!
    it is breath taking!!
    i love it!!

  • Sam

    WOOOOOOW they dont have THE WORLDS BEST ROAD on here Transfagarasan in romainia

  • katrina

    i luv the pic of that mantana road



  • Julius

    You should check the Transfagarasan Road in Romania. I believe that it would easily earn a spot on this top…

  • derek

    that was my very first thought

  • Youtuber

    omg the very last picture *double rainbow all the way!!*

  • Scott

    I couldn’t agree more. I grew up hiking and climbing in the Beartooth Mtns. That Pass is gorgeous. I’ve taken many trips thru Sunlight Basin Highway. Spectacular every time.

  • Steven V

    you are so right about that Joann and thanks for adding those to this list for me =)…

    —-Joann Siebert replied on July 9, 2010
    You really need to check out the Bearthooth Highway in Montana and Chief Joseph Highway in Wyoming. They both lead into the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park. BEAUTIFUL drives!—-

  • cbgb

    you forgot La Paz-to-Coroico worlds most dangerous road

  • Kristen

    Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

  • lesmiserables87

    I think the road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii is another beautiful road to explore

  • Alicia C

    beautiful pictures! nice to sit down and relax and take the time to dream that i’ll drive on everyone of them :) sent the link to a bunch of friends (you’re welcome!).

  • Trigg


    Wonderful pictures and you covered a lot of ground. I expected some Norwegian roads on the West Coast to make the list.
    Trollstigen; cerpentiner is the one that comes up first. Then there is the Aardals road. Both are descending fom the highmountains and will end you up in the fiords. The last one I want to mention is the Oslo Bergen rd that get through through the southern Monutains in Norway, past biridges and ferry stretches. The last time I drove thsin road was back in 1983 and I recorded 57 tunnels on the way. The most spectacular road trip I made was up through Telemark, where you enter a mountain trough a tunnel–on one side you saw all the greenery; on the other side of the mountain it was a total white inferno of snow and Ice-surprisingly amazing,(no greens whatsoever –this was mid- June 97)

  • Nikki

    Highway 441 through Smoky Mountain National Park is beautiful! It doesn’t matter the season!

  • Scott Henry

    Interstate 10 from Lafayette to Baton Rouge, Louisiana is 22 miles of two, two lane highways, side by side, and elevated ; that goes through the Atchafalaya Basin and crosses the Atchafalaya River, with one turn around. When it is foggy it is as if you are in the clouds. right through the most beautiful swamp land in the world.

  • Vic

    What about Tail of the Dragon? U.S. Hwy 129 in N.C. and TN. has 318 curves in 11 miles!!

  • cbgb

    don’t forget the the Guoliang Tunnel in Taihang mountains (China). Dug by hand

  • lucas

    I am surprised that the highway in maui did not make the cut….that hairpin turning single laned (at times) is pretty scary….

  • Paul

    the tail of the dragon us129 from tennessee to north carolina

  • Tommaso

    Amazing roads and very, very nice pictures but… you forgot the most amazing road of them all! The “Costiera Amalfitana” 163 SS road, near Naples, about 250Km south of Rome, Italy. It leads from Sorrento to Positano through some of the most scenic and breath taking views of the world. Besides, it’s simply the most awesome road to race on (bike or car) but beware of the local police as here they are not as linient as in the rest of the south of Italy. And, as an added bonus, the local villages of Amalfi, Positano, Maiori, Minori, Ravello, etc are stupendous! The most romantic holiday you can think of! Just google it and you’ll see what I mean!

  • Chris

    Route 1 in Northern California going from Leggitt to Point Arena. Fun and beautiful drive. Not to the car-sick prone or people scared of heights.

  • Andrew Offenbacher

    You included the Karakoram, but forgot the 700km+ awe-inspiring Pamir Highway in Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan. It’s the second-highest altitude international highway in the world. I toured it by bicycle a number of years ago and still see it in my dreams. Some extremely lonely places there, but also incredibly beautiful.

  • Paul Defeo

    check the san juanico bridge here in the Philippines. It connects two province leyte and samar.
    it was very beautiful.

  • Jose

    Its called “El Espinazo del Diablo”, the devils backbone, and its in Mexico. It goes from the states of Durango to Sinaloa. Nice, but it might not be the same anymore since they are building a highway through the mountains. :(

  • Christian

    Wait till you see the highway in Bukidnon, Philippines.

  • KillaKill

    the Canada one, do cars actually drive thru the ice?
    no Fukkinnn waaaaaaaaaay!
    THAT’S Mother nature!

  • Mark

    Brilliant. Just need a Ferrari to drive them all now.

  • ralphie

    some of the roads in arizona are BEAUTIFUL!! like some of the ones going to canyon lake… i cant even explain how cool that view is… as long as your not driving… SCARY!!! i think everyone should see it!!

  • http://none Bogdan

    TRANSFAGARASEAN – ROMANIA just google it :)

  • Mike

    Additional venue to consider …Tioga Pass east of Yosemite National Park connecting to Mono Lake, CA

  • GT

    Million $ Highway in Colorado near Silverton!! Look it up.

  • Heather

    Great Ocean Road was amazing. But like everyone else I want to see them all now! Check out the Amalfi Coast in Italy too! Wow…


  • SEO Guru

    its amazing !!!

  • Annie C.

    All the pictures are breathtaking. Once you’re done looking at each of the pictures and you reached at the bottom, you just can’t help scrolling back up and look at the pictures over and over again.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Richard Sarmiento

    Why halsema highway, Philippines is not on the list.

  • Murphy

    Maybe the pictures just aren’t justly representing the drive, but, numbers 13 and 15 don’t look that great. I have driven on four continents and honestly some of the most fun driving and beautifully scenic roads are in Mexico. The drive on their toll road from Cancun to Topolobampo is amazingly scenic and a real fun drive since there are no cops to speak of on the open road. If anyone ever has the opportunity to drive down the Baja from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, it’s truly the most interesting 1,057 mile stretch I have ever driven. Especially, the twenty or so miles from Tijuana south to Ensenada. Breath taking…and a hell of a lot safer than half of the roads mentioned on the above list! I mean really…Iran, Pakistan, U.A.E….?!? No thanks.

  • Nelu

    Liwa road is not the best in UAE, Transfgarasan in Romania would be a better choice for a spectacular road as it looks like Stelvio pass.

    Otherwise a nice selection.

  • Jason

    I can’t forget Mt Evans Road in Colorado. Supposedly the highest paved road in the US at over 14,000 feet. Just pray it doesn’t rain and you don’t have oncoming traffic (or mountain goats).

  • john

    Probably just a typo, but Glenwood Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, and the Colorado River have not been around for “billions of years”.

  • elvin

    i like to drive there…. especially at Mountain Road Peru, but maybe you forgot also the road going to Baguio via Kennon and Marcos Hiway in Philippines.. also going to Rice Terraces also in Benguet, Philippines… you will like it too!!!!!

  • Noah

    The road that goes from Leh (India) and northwest-ish through Ladakh up to Alchi and past definitely deserves a space on the list. Amazing views of the Himalayan foothills and buddhist villages the whole drive.

  • Richard Sarmiento
  • sirisha gadam

    what abt the route to yosemite,california ,USA?

  • bol

    for a change you see Iran’s name beside nuclear bomb and other stuff

  • shahrad

    the roads is beautiful and hard tobuild

  • imran

    some of the roads in arizona are BEAUTIFUL!! like some of the ones going to canyon lake… i cant even explain how cool that view is… as long as your not driving… SCARY!!! i think everyone should see it!!

  • http://Yahoo! Josh

    One great road that should be included would be the Interstate H-3 in Hawaii, USA. Trust me, you really should check it out.

  • Carlos S. Apostol

    Spectacular picture of roads and professional photography indeed. Now let us see The Worst Roads in the World! We have plenty here in the Philippines!

  • Ziqbal

    Karakoram Highway, Pakistan The “highest paved international road in the world” connects Pakistan with Xinjiang, China………..

    Luv Pakistan

  • james

    you forget the kennon road in baguio philippines. because of its breathtaking views of cordillerra mountains. i believe it will earn a spot i your list. than you!

  • Vermit

    you cannot pass the road of divisoria-juan luna & ylaya in 5 minutes..owesome

  • adrian o. villamater

    Millau Bridge France, most look-a-like here in the Philippines, somewhere in Cebu? But we have also bridge here you can include in Most Spectacular, The San Juanico bridge, that combined 2 island the Samar Province and Leyte! You can search that and i like this amazing roads and bridges….thanks and i hope you can include our very own, San Juanico bridge in the Philippines! More power……..!

  • RICK


  • Joyce

    so beautiful it was created by GOD thanks for all the photographer that they spend to take photo that all peoples knows had a road like that…i like it all…GOD IS SO GOOD

  • Ryan

    I think this list is much better than the other one. The other list had some roads which I’ve driven and thought quite boring indeed…

  • scott

    well instead of the 7 mile bridge i think us129 would have been a better choice. its 11 mile long with 318 curves of fun.

  • renato reyes

    Maybe you have not seen other places other than P.I.

  • Denz

    Wow! nice & challenging roads to travel. Please do visit the Philippines and might like the “BITUKANG MANOK” of Quezon Province.

  • David Klein

    Tail of the Dragon, Deals Gap @ the Tenn./NC State line. 318 curves in 11 miles on US 129. Also the Cherohala Skyway, TN SR 165 and NC SR 143 between Tellico Plains TN and Robbinsville NC. YOU WON’T BE DISAPOINTED !

  • Chad Wolters

    Hwy 129 Knoxville TN to the NC boarder. 318 Curves in 11 miles of road…….. Need I say more…..

  • c

    The road to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado is interesting.
    The Camino del Rio between Lajitas and Presidio.

  • Joe

    Garlock Road, off of hwy 14, north of Mojave, CA.

  • abgar

    you forgot to add old highway 90 in san antonio texas. well known for its breathtaking views and beautiful landscape.

  • scott c

    rd to hana, maui????
    must be in the mix somewhere, but very nice list

  • Jay Dee

    Motorcycle riders come from all over the US, Canada, and Europe to ride the Tail of the Dragon, U.S. Hwy 129 in N.C. and TN. It won’t take much research to verify this. Google Tail of The Dragon, US 129, The Dragons Tail, and especially Deals Gap, the home of The Dragon. But no amount of searching or talking can come close to the thrill of experiencing it first hand. It’s a bikers dream ride, but many test thier skill in cars, trucks, and SUV’s of all kinds. Many car clubs hold rallys at Deals Gap. Miatas, Mini Coopers, Corvettes, Hondas, Mustangs, and many more can be found on the list of clubs that make the pilgrimage to the Gap. A portion of the road had been closed this summer from a rock slide, but reopened this very day. Once the word gets out, just take a look for yourself. I know thousands will agree that The Tail of The Dragon is the motorcyclist Mecca of the world.

  • Mike

    For interstate highways, the scariest, most twisty one would have to be Interstate 40 in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee! It twists it’s divided 4 lane freeway self for I beleive 23 miles thru parts of the Great Smokey Mountains! (Yes, the same interstate freeway that was closed off last year due to a massive rockslide that didn’t reopen until April 2010!

    Also, US 129 in that same part of America deserves definite notice, too!

    Other roads that deserve notice:
    -Colorado 43 east of Aspen, Colorado. (USA)
    -Mt. Scott overlook access road. Wichita Mtns Wildlife Refuge Park, Lawton, Oklahoma. (USA)
    -Texas Loop 375 Woodrow Bean Transmountain Road. El Paso, Texas. (USA)
    -Interstae 70 west from Green River, Utah to Salinas, Utah. (USA) (A very scenic dirve thru country that looks like something seen in those RoadRunner cartoons! (Beep-beep!) plus no fuel or service for 110 miles!)
    -Interstate 24 in the Monteagle, Tennessee area! (USA) (Everyone should know that stretch of interstate!)
    -A number of paved highways along the Virginia-West Virginia border! (USA) (Very scary drives, indeed!)
    -US 34? Rocky Mountains Nat’l Park, Colorado. (USA)
    -US 50 east of Carson City, Nevada all the way east to the Utah state line. (USA) Not a single vehicle in site for hours when driving this scenic road!

  • DMA

    The Chesapeake bay bridge in Virginia ( USA)
    should also be included.
    Its a pretty awesome ride.

  • John D.

    Unfortunately, I did not see the original list (Vol. 1), so I do not know if I am repeating previously listed drives, but I would recommend numerous other blacktops–all of which I have driven–through U.S. national parks, especially: Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain NP (the highest continuous highway in North America); the West and East Rim drives in Crater Lake NP (the circuit around a uniquely beautiful caldera); Skyline Drive through Shenandoah NP (views of the Shenandoah Valley to the west and stunning fall color); the Heart O’ The Hills road to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic NP (with its end view resembling a panorama from the Alps); the General’s Highway linking Kings Canyon NP and Sequoia NP (wherein one can see the most massive trees on Earth); the loop road through Paradise around Mt. Rainier (the most heavily glaciated peak–and active volcano–in the lower 48 states); the Park Loop Road on Mount Desert Isle through Acadia NP (from the craggy coastal “holes” to the spare peak of Cadillac Mountain); and the Tioga Road up through the Sierra Nevada high country of Yosemite (climaxing at the transect of the Pacific Coast Trail in lovely Tuolumne Meadows).

  • Lucian

    Where is the Transfagarasan, from Romania ??! The guys from Top Gear says that he’s the best road in the world, beter then Stelvio Pass

  • LilyW

    Wow,…nice list and great pictures indeed. I would suggest to include “Nile (Abay) desert” and “Limalimo” roads in Ethiopia.These are the two most scariest roads in the northern mountainous parts of the country.


    I have to believe you haven’t seen the Beartooth Hwy, between Montana and Canada. In addition to being spectacular, it’s historic; it’s the route the Nez Perce took on foot and horseback when they were fleeing from the US Army to try and get to Canada. I call it the hyperventilation highway, because every few seconds, as you look from one vista to another, there’s a gasp at the sights. It’s also one of those better ridden than driven, so as to have the leisure to look.

  • Lucian

    Where is the Transfagarasan from Romania ? The guys from Top Gear say that is the best road in the world, beter then Stelvio Pass

  • http://none Deborah

    Highway 129 from Maryville,Tn. into N.C. “Tail of The Dragon” 318 curves in 11 miles, many kiss your own hiney curves! Runs alongside Lake Chilhowee, goes past two large dams. I lived just a half mile off 129 about mid way of the tail for a good part of my life. There are many breathtaking views along the way. If you are just on a road trip, on your way back down take the oppourtunity to turn right onto “Top of the World” road, it cuts across the mountain from 129 over to Hgwy. 73 or Walland Highway between Walland and Townsend and contains pull-offs with some of the most spectacular views in the Smokey Mountains. If your still in the mood to ride, when you get to the end take a right and this takes you into Townsend, where there are several good restaurants and motels and the entrance to “The Smokey Mountains State Park” and into Cades Cove where you can drive the “11 mile loop road” which was home to many of the original non Indian settlers in this area of the Smokeys. Most of the old homeplaces with log cabins, churhes and the mill which is still operational are maintained by the Park Service. There is an abundance of wildlife, which seem to know they are protected, all through the cove.”Great one day roadtrip” with so much to see and enjoy!! Don’t forget the cameras! Please respect the animals and the land so it will be beautiful for many generations to come!

  • John D.

    A name correction to my previous comment: The Pacific *Crest* Trail passes through Yosemite’s Tuolumne Meadows.

  • Lucia

    What a los not to mention TRANSFAGARASAN ROAD in ROMANIA. IT`s breathtaking indeed. Nobody who loves true nature must miss it ! The British famous programme about driving fastes cars expressed greatest admiration towards this ROAD. Come to ROMANIA and see for yourselves! A trip never to forget !

  • http://none CRO

    Transfagarasan Highway in Romania is closed during the middle of autumn to middle of spring. You should see it.

  • Aleks

    Wow! One of the best articles I have ever seen! Gorgeous roads, I just wish I could be there to see it with my own eyes!

  • yamroka

    The roads shown here are beautiful and no doubt some of the best in the world but you should have also included the roads in Nepal especially the Pokhara Baglung Highway along the Kali Gandaki River Gorge which is also one of the most scenic roads to remember….

  • jack

    you haven’t been anywhere if you haven’t driven between Huelo and Hana on the island of Maui, Hawaii

  • Queso

    I think the double rainbow guy would like the last picture

  • Kavita

    Great roads but only one in the Himalayas! Where are roads to and from Ladakh where while driving one also has to encounter low oxygen. Do check it out.

  • ali

    I think we have another road that to be the wonderfoul in the another place of iran. i putin that every one come to see this miracle of god .

  • Urwaind

    Beautyfull Pics! but you should check famous Khyber Pass in Pakistan.

  • frank adams

    I can’t remember the name of the road that was shown on a “Top Gear Xtra”episode filmed in Romania,but it was simply staggering,welll worthy to be included in the above list.

  • bong

    nice bro. well said!

  • Uma

    We have so many beautiful roads in India. I can not name it with any specific one, most of them are so nice and scenic as well, Please visit India.

  • Hamid

    Haven’t seen Chalus that beautiful, nice shot buddy. Thanks,

  • mike

    i am surprised that the road from france to spain was not on there .. you have to drive from france to notice the down hill scenery ..

  • barry & marianne

    wow and double wow.

  • JamesK

    Some really excellent roads in the pictures, but there are plenty more that could be added, like the Iwaki Skyline in Japan:

  • Ferdinand Pineda

    Carlos S. Apostol comments about the Philippines is not acceptable. If you can not say something good about your country, just keep your big mouth SHUT, you are a DISGRACE to your motherland!!! Did’nt you know that the Philippines is beautiful?

  • rental software

    wow great images. We have 30 hair pin bend road

  • Nancy

    I can proudly say I’ve been on one of these roads! Just one! LOL :P

  • Bead

    Corkscrew Hill, the road that connects Lisdoonvarna and Ballyvaughan in Co. Clare Ireland, and leads through the unique and spectacular Burren is a possbility – though I definitely agree with the inclusion of Slea Head here ;-) Nice list!

  • MLan

    Can’t wait for Vol 3!!!

  • Geo P.

    These roads are amazing! I hope to one day be able to drive on all of them!

    But hey…no love for the Amalfi Coast Road in Italy?

  • Amrinder

    These roads are the best roads of the planet

  • anda

    actually, the crew from Top Gear said this year that the greatest road in the world is Transfagarasan from Romania. The video can be found here and I absolutely think it should be on your list

  • anda

    and an image of Transfagarasan

  • bb

    Come to Macedonia and try the mountain road to Galicnik – that’s an experience !

  • http://MYACTATBLOG Earl Trotter


  • Nate

    You should also check out the road from Asmara, Eritrea to Massawa, Eritrea. Its a beautiful ride from the suburbs of Asmara through the mountains in between then the flat lands near Massawa. Along the ride you can see many different animals and the old train that goes along the road.

  • P. T. Smith

    You forgot the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado!

  • Betty

    These are so beautiful—Can’t wait to see more.
    Thanks so much

  • Carol

    What about the road that descends into Sedona. One of the most extraordinary roads I’ve traveled.

  • Angela


  • ABC

    You missed the Indian routes – Ladakh or Spiti!!

    or even the monsoon beauty of Munnar. trumps many of the above hands down!!

  • Dave

    What, no Deal’s Gap? 318 turns in 11 miles of road…motorcycle heaven.

  • Jack

    Have to agree with P.T. Smith, can’t miss the Million Dollar Highway, it’s spectacular!

  • Carolina


    Trollstigen in Norway definitely qualifies, don’t you think?

    More info here:

  • Alexandre Strube
  • JAY


  • robi

    I was pleased to see that I had driven on two of the highways..I-70 at Glenwood Pass and the seven mile bridge through the Florida Keys…. Both quite spectacular.

  • Grant

    Another spectacular road you might want to look into is C104 between Matmata and Medenine, Tunisia. I drove it in a rental VW Polo and it was twisty, empty, and incredibly scenic. See this link for a sample picture (not mine):


  • Mike Stimpson

    The Million Dollar Highway (Durango to Ouray) in Colorado.

    Escalante to Boulder in Utah.

  • Sam

    I’m driving through Glenwood Canyon next week during my cross country trip from Boston to LA! Hopefully there’s no rockslides.

  • Erica

    These pictures are absolutely phenomenal. This makes me stoked for my roadtrip to Burning Man this year. Thank you for sharing the inspirational photos. :)

  • puluke

    aloha—h-3 (o’ahu) or the road to hana( maui) or the south side of haleakala(maui)

  • Steve

    Very amazing photos! Wonderful share.

  • Alex Andrei

    I’ve driven on the Romania one too. It is amazing. Top Gear’s segment about it was pretty hilarious (despite being pretty condescending… “…Romania, known for its oxes and people throwing stones at Gypsies…”) Ahh… the Brits… and their racist humor :)

  • Deathgleaner

    So cool!

  • Jo Oren

    You omitted OAK CREEK CANYON ,Arizona

  • Lenor Ericson

    The road that circles Flathead Lake in NE Montana (close to Glacier Park) is awesome!! We’ve seen 3 of the roads in this Volume II; Going-to-the-Sun road in Montana. We lived in Bozeman for over 7 years. Also the 7 Mile Bridge going to the Keys (we used to live in Florida for 6 years & have traveled that one several times). The Pacific Coast Highway. When we lived in Montana, we took a trip over to Oregon & traveled from Astoria & on down into California. Just gorgeous!

  • Jerome

    Magnificent! I love the Ice Highway, Chapman’s Peak Drive, and Seven Mile Bridge! :D

  • Joan Parkinson

    Wow.. great photos, great roads. My husband and I have had the great fortune of having ridden on 7 of these great roads, either by car or by fully loaded Harley Ultra.. Also, the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado and the Amalfi coast road. We just got back from Alaska/Yukon and BC and one of the hidden gems was Hwy 99 (Duffey Lake Road) riding south west into Whistler, BC.
    Unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice.

  • Nellie

    Wow the photos blew my mind away!

  • Joe

    What roads, remind me of Deals Gap, NC Perfect motorcycle roads!

  • Paul

    I cant wait to Longboard on all these road!

  • GG Heyman

    Wonderful photos!! I’ve been on 4 and can’t imagine where you perched to get such shots. As a Coloradan I must add another road in my State — Rocky Mountain National Park’s Trail Ridge Road — I think it’s the highest in the US – ?

  • Matt

    How about the Catalina Highway in Tucson, a road that goes from desert saguaros to alpine pine and aspen trees. About 1 mile elevation change in less that 30 miles.

  • darcy

    Why isn’t the Confederation Bridge part of this. It is the bridge to PEI Canada

  • Lee C.

    You forgot the Bear Tooth Pass in Montana. Rated by ABC news as the most spectacular road in North America.

  • kushan


  • Clayton

    These roads all look amazing. Hopefully I will be able to travel on one or two. In volume 3, you might consider some roads in the Appalachian Mountain range. The Blue Ridge Parkway is stunning and easily accessible. In addition there are some great engineering marvels along the way. Cherohala Skyway running between Tennessee and North Carolina offers equally stunning views without the heavy traffic of the BRP. The Tail of the Dragon (US 129) is known for its 318 curves in 11 miles and has become extremely popular with motorcyclists.

  • jdn212

    funny enough i stumbled upon this page and, having driven through the dingle peninsula last weekend on my trip around ireland and being completely wowed, i wondered if it would show up on this list. sure enough #20 is the dingle peninsula. wonderful place glad to see someone else feels the same way.

  • trista

    fucking spectacular.

  • http://http.// Jens

    nice collection :-)

  • ram

    [ndeed there are > 36 or so spectacular visions in this world.

  • Johnnie

    Awesome Collection, I’ve been on a few of these roads, but by far the best is the stupendously epic and surreal road which is that from Dong Van to Meo Vac in N. Vietnam.
    And these pictures don’t even do it justice!

  • Annie

    Lovely selection. I’ve driven both the Cabot Trail and the Dingle Peninsula, and was especially happy to see Dingle on here, it’s still the prettiest drive I’ve ever been on. The others look lovely too, hopefully someday I’ll get to check some of them out.

    I think some of the Scottish Highland roads should have been worth a mention, especially the one through Glencoe.

  • maRufmaRufmaRuf

    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pic.

  • ashkan

    chalous in IRAN is the best of road of world

  • Gary Chiro

    I have driven no. 11 Chapmans Peak in Cape Town. It is amazing but I would love to drive these other ones now. Gives me the travel bug again.

  • norma

    Have driven the CA length of PCH… its stops, its cafes and its fun!

  • travelar

    You should add the Hana Road in Maui, Hawaii that, after a very long ride up, it passes through Hana Town and leads to the Seven Pools. The road is so narrow, crazy, and scary at times (like when there are vehicles coming from the opposite direction, especially a school bus that knows the road way to well to worry about the slow tourists, haha) … but very beautiful.

  • Saravanan Rajendran

    karakoram pass belongs to Indian controlled region of Jammu and kashmir. It is incorrectly mentioned as part of Pakistan in your article.

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  • SureRentals

    These photos are beautiful. Something to add to the “bucket list”, travel along all of these roads. Has anyone traveled on these roads?

  • V. V. Williams

    Mr. Rajendran, you are dead wrong. The Karakoram Highway most certainly is in Pakistan. I have traveled this highway all the way from Bisham, which is some 180kms north and a bit west of Islamabad, to the Chinese border through Gilgit and Karimabad (Hunza). As an Indian, I realize it is your patriotic duty is to claim all of Kashimir as India’s. Reality is otherwise. Don’t try to deceive users of this website who may not be as familiar with the Subcontinent as I am.

  • Jon R Horton

    Hands down, the absolute winner is in Yemen, from the coastal city of Makullah to the valley of the Hadramaut. It’s an unpaved road with one-way, single lane traffic. Vehicles have to back up on every other switchback, and it has about twenty switchbacks that go up a 45-degree slope.

  • Stephen Chapman

    Some stunning photos. Certainly agree with the Milford Sound road – an incredible drive.

  • Maggie

    Highway 12 in Southern Utah is great.

  • Troy

    Can’t wait to hit these with my longboard :)

  • Manan

    Its not karakoram pass, its karakoram highway which is definitely in pakistan.

  • Craig Miller

    Without a doubt Stelvio Pass and Gotthard Pass are incredible. Almost like a racetrack for indycars. Although it’d be incredibly hard to drive them going that fast I think the hairpin turns would make it exciting.

  • Graham

    Can I also recommend Trollstigen: – the “Troll’s Staircase”. Apparently it’s been upgraded recently – it was so much fun when I drove it in 1986 that when I got to the top I went back down again to have another go…..

  • bycan

    I just drove over the stelvio pass… and the gavia pass… stunning roads und easily worth a visit. Live is too short NOT to drive on all the streets listet here ^^

  • Thorm

    Woah.. that’s a full rainbow.. DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • newlywed driver

    I’m another vote for the Road to Hana, Highway 36 in Maui, Hawaii. My husband and I recently drove it, including those parts less paved, around the back of Haleakala, and it’s spectacular. You pass through several different climates on the way around. If it’s not on a list, it definitely should be.

  • Megan

    Looking at all these roads made me think of the Road to Hana in Maui.
    I was glad the first comment I saw was about it! It really is an amazing whining road, an trip truly beautiful!
    The volcanic landscape and black beaches as well as the bamboo rainforest’s and the painted bark eucalyptus trees make it one of the most unbelievably beautiful roads in the world :) Highly recommended you take a tour :)

  • kao

    you should add that windey steep road in san fran cali

  • Sean

    The Pacific Coast HWY (HWY 101) also extends through Oregon and Washington state, and is just as beautiful.

  • Sean

    Seward Hwy in Alaska is stunning too check it out:

  • Abrar

    Agree with you Manan it’s in Pakistan

  • Veronica

    Transfagarasanul. Romania. Here’s a picture of it:
    Definitely a must.

  • jessica

    you should add the causeway bridge in louisiana. its a 24 mile bridge across water, that brings you to new orleans. longest bridge in the usa over water and second longest in the world.

  • jessica

    also , hwy 23 in arkansas. it drives through the ozarks and is very scary. sometimes part of it falls off….

  • Pepe

    I recently drove to Mt Etna in Sicily. It was my first personal experience with a road that could be in this list. Here is a picture. What you see in the horizon is the ocean! And if I remember correctly, Etna is the highest volcano in Europe!

  • Joe

    Should check out the Ice Field Parkway between Jasper and Banff National Park Canada. National Geographic rates it real high. Lots of glaciers on the trip…

  • Mike

    Hana was nice, but Western Maui, highway 360 is just as crazy if not crazier, and the view is almost exclusively cliffs and ocean. Coolest drive I’ve ever taken.

  • Ray

    Hana, Western Maui, I also love the trip around the northern coast with the hairpin turns. Maui is awesome. Drive the entire island, even the southern coast where it is dirt for about 5 miles. Car rentals say you’re not allowed there but use your head and take it slow. Will be one of the most memorable drives in your life. Drive the island in a convertible and take in all it’s beauty.
    No I’m not from there, just a very pleased tourist. Can’t wait to return.

  • David G Duncan

    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures with me and the rest of the world. I am not a world traveler, and sure do appreciate those of you who are that take the time to photograph their experiences and share. I live in Colorado, and so I have been on the Glenwood Canyon Highway, but the other roads in other far away countries I will not travel to, are very beautiful. The one that is sticking out in my mind is the road in France,,,, it doesn’t even look real!

    Thanks Again,
    David G. Duncan

  • Jon R Horton

    There is a road between Huancayo and Satipo, Peru that seems to hang out over a very, very deep river valley. It is single lane with absolutely no berm and bus traffic runs on it somehow. Don’t know how they do it.

  • Mo

    I drive Chapmans Peak #11, on a regular basis. Beautiful piece of road. The photo doesn’t do it much justice.

  • Sue

    Wow, I just counted that i have been on 6 of these roads: Milford Road, NZ; Going to the Sun Road, MT USA: Great Ocean Road, Australia; Pacific Coast Hwy, USA; Snowdonia in Wales and the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. One of the scariest though is the road from Eyries to Allihies on the Beara Peninsula in West Cork, Ireland. As you rise and fall on the road with sharp drops on either side, you just have to have faith that you’re not driving off a cliff!

    Lovely photos.

  • Nara

    Amazing roads… Gr8 Job guys… now I really wanna travel!

  • William K Wallace

    Some amazing roads…Maybe for you should head over to the Highlands of Scotland see what spectacular really means!

  • Pete McKelvey

    Arizona 89A between Flagstaff and Sedona. The road drops into Oak Creek canyon and the view in every direction is just fantastic. I’ve googled it but just cannot find a photo that conveys the awesomeness of the descent into the canyon.
    The above pic at least gives you an idea of the winding road.
    The video does it a little more justice. The quality is poor, just realize that every time a corner is turned there is an incredible landscape view that the camera doesn’t pick up on.

  • rtn
  • F. Barnett

    I agree with the last comment regarding the Highlands of Scotland, though there are also wonderful sights in the lowlands as well.

  • Xammer


  • Tom

    The last one has a DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Jeff

    I would add Tamarind Blvd in West Palm Beach Florida. At dusk it is breathtaking.

  • Alan

    Erm, the Grand Canyon was carved only a mere 5m years old, not ‘billions’ of years ago…
    My vote is for pretty much any road you choose in the highlands of Scotland.

  • uzwa

    Dear Saravanan Rajendran
    Karakoram highway was built by Pakistan in Collaboration with china. It has nothing to do with India.

  • uzwa

    and we are talking about the highway, not the pass, you referenced.

  • Emily

    I agree! i was about to comment about the road to Hana as well. Beautiful.

  • Makenna M

    The river road leading from I-70 in Utah to Moab, UT is one of my favorites. Many famous films have been made in the area…also, how could you miss Monument Valley!

  • allison

    I live on the Cabot Trail….it’s even more beautiful in the Fall or the Winter after an ice storm! It’s an amazing drive.

  • Nate

    Cades Cove, Tennessee, USA

  • Sherrie

    Blue Ridge Parkway, anyone?

  • jake

    Interstate-95 between exits 9 and 18 in North Jersey. The refineries and infrastructure on the middle of an August day are just magic…..the sights, the sounds, the smells.

  • Miriam Dunn

    I have travelled the Cabot Trail thousands of times as I live on Capre Breton Island. This picture does not do it justice, actually (although it is a lovely photo). If you google Cabot Trail you get a better idea of the winding cliff sides. It is a world-reknowned bicycle challenge.

  • Roger
  • asdasdf
  • Karen

    Highway 2 in Nebraska between Broken Bow and Alliance. The Sandhills are very beautiful at any time of year, miles and miles of rolling grasslands with nary another driver on the road with you. And once you get to Alliance you can visit Carhenge (the model of Stonehenge made out of junk cars – cool!)

  • george

    the antrim coast road in northern ireland

    • Joe

      studied abroad in NI for a semester, spent several weeks in the triangle….most breathtakingly beautiful scenery, can’t wait to return

  • j

    The road to Hana. Maui, HI.

    • yocari

      Yep – the Road to Hana, indeed.
      Also for the urban version – NYC’s West Side Highway

  • jm

    The Great River Road going along the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. It is extremely pretty in the Fall with all the colors of the trees on the Bluffs

  • chris

    US highway 50, aka the loneliest road in America, from Western Utah all the way to Reno, Nevada.

  • Bill

    The “Felber Tauern Strasse” in Austria connecting Eastern Tyrol with Salzburg including its tunnel (

  • tam

    Phenomenal images. Glad to see the Milford Road there. I did this in a rented car (+ snowchains) in the middle of winter: my pics are a snowy version. It’s a drive I will never forget.

    • Dave Palmer

      The pic of the Milford road barely does it justice. Count in the Eglinton and Hollyford valleys, the Homer Tunnel and the grand view from the Milford end, the spectacular Chasm, and the kilometres of cascading waterfall after a decent Fiordland shower … absolute stunner.

  • caleb allen

    No Blue Ridge Parkway?

  • Geoff McMahen

    What a spectacular collection. Thanks!

  • Derek

    7 Mile bridge US-1 to Key West 360〫of water

    • Tracy

      You are so right. Suspended over top 360 degrees of blue water. I lived in Miami Beach for 8 years and never got tired of this view on my Key West trips.

  • Mojo Fist

    The Million Dollar Highway (Hwy. 550) between Durango, CO and Ouray, CO

  • amir

    Just Chaloos road . love it :x

  • ioana

    actually, according to jeremy, the greatest driving road in the world, better than stelvio pass, is: 

  • Monsieur66

    The D 81 in Corsica is the most beautiful drive I have ever done.

  • Todd

    I know it’s a bit cliche, but I gotta say, Big Sur in central California is an amazing, scenic drive. Also a drive through northern central New England as the leaves are changing is pretty amazing as well. 

  • Austin Whittall

    Don’t forget to include Argentina’s National Highway “Ruta 40″, it spans the country from its southernmost tip on the Strait of Magellan in Patagonia and runs along the foothills of the Andes Mountains reaching heights of over 4,900 m (16,000 ft.) it is over 5,140 km long (3,200 mi). It goes through 11 provinces, gives access to a dozen National Parks and three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It climbs from sea level to the mighty Puna Plateau right by the frontier between Argentina and Bolivia. From the deserts of the Patagonian steppe to the Southern Andean Forests and the Yunga jungle in Bolivia and the lava fields in Mendoza province. Ruta 40 highway is amazingly awesome.

  • haitravel
  • Alext

    Amazing drives I’ve been on include:

    Inland; THE SWARTBERG PASS (incredible rock contortions, and brightly coloured, in Western Cape of South Africa), MAFIKI LISIU PASS (LESOTHO), SOUTHERN UTAH (Bryce / Red Canyon / Zion), BERNINA PASS (Switzerland), NAUKLUFT AND SOSSUSVLEI (Namibia), GOLDEN GATE HIGHLAND ROAD (South Africa) and the road leading into the GRAND TETONS.

    Coastal; CLARENS DRIVE, CAPE PENINSULA, featuring CHAPMAN’S PEAK (which is mentioned here, Clarens drive *possibly* even more amazing, to the East of Cape Town) and (3rd place) AMALFI COAST DRIVE

  • VCR

    I could not agree more with the last poster! SO many of the most beautiful roads I have been on have been in Africa, and South Africa especially.

    Drives along the coast first. Cape Town’s coast is more beautiful than the Amalfi Coast (believe it or not), more beautiful than Big Sur and any others I have been on. Absolutely stunning. Chapman’s Peak Drive and the R44 from Gordon’s Bay to Betty’s Bay are the most magnificent coastal drives I have ever been on. The three most beautiful beach views I have ever seen are all near or part of Cape Town, and these are Bloubergstrand, Kommetjie and Kogel Bay. Heartstopping. The N2 Garden Route in South Africa is also spectacular, much of it coastal beauty though a mix of forest and mountain views too. 

    Inland ones. Seweweekspoort, Meiringspoort and The Swartberg pass are not far from the N2, and all incredible. The latter especially reminds me of Zion canyon in Utah, but even more visually arresting and mind blowing. The bands of sedimentary rock, meters thick and brightly colored, are twisted like the folds of a human brain! Sometimes they almost spiral around themselves. ‘The Wall of Fire’ is a cliff face two thousand three hundred feet high made up of bright orange bands of rock completely vertical, and driving there is amazing. The N7 is astonishing during the spring floral display of Namaqualand. The first few hundred miles of the N1, from Cape Town to Beaufort West, is incredible too. Du Toitskloof, The Hex River Valley and the Karoo make for an amazing series of contrasts. 

  • Tajendra Rajora

    Likes this Road very nice pic…thanks.

  • Shelley Antony


  • Sharad Panwar

    Beautiful roads surrounded by nature. My favorite is road at Dingle Peninsula, Ireland.

  • Neena Gupta


  • Zivka Ilic


  • Sue Knisely

    If you go to the Going to the Sun Rd. in Glacier make sure it’s not until at least July. We were there the end of June and it was still snow covered and impassable. :( I’d always wanted to go there. We’re about 3,000 miles away.

    • Sheila Jennings

      I remember this road well….wish that it had more guardrails…

  • Zeeshan Ali Shah

    never knew these facts, especially about korakaram highway. will surely drive there!

  • Zeeshan Ali Shah

    never knew these facts, especially about korakaram highway. will surely drive there!

  • Zeeshan Ali Shah

    never knew these facts, especially about korakaram highway. will surely drive there!

  • Zeeshan Ali Shah

    never knew these facts, especially about korakaram highway. will surely drive there!

  • Scott Hartman

    I was holding my breath until HIghway 1/along the Big Sur Coast appeared. I might add: Highway 12 in south-central Utah, between Boulder and Escalante. Highway 20(?) from Lima eastward – sea level to 16,000 feet in a day… nice work Hal :)

  • Scott Hartman

    I was holding my breath until HIghway 1/along the Big Sur Coast appeared. I might add: Highway 12 in south-central Utah, between Boulder and Escalante. Highway 20(?) from Lima eastward – sea level to 16,000 feet in a day… nice work Hal :)

  • Scott Hartman

    I was holding my breath until HIghway 1/along the Big Sur Coast appeared. I might add: Highway 12 in south-central Utah, between Boulder and Escalante. Highway 20(?) from Lima eastward – sea level to 16,000 feet in a day… nice work Hal :)

  • Scott Hartman

    I was holding my breath until HIghway 1/along the Big Sur Coast appeared. I might add: Highway 12 in south-central Utah, between Boulder and Escalante. Highway 20(?) from Lima eastward – sea level to 16,000 feet in a day… nice work Hal :)

  • Scott Hartman

    I was holding my breath until HIghway 1/along the Big Sur Coast appeared. I might add: Highway 12 in south-central Utah, between Boulder and Escalante. Highway 20(?) from Lima eastward – sea level to 16,000 feet in a day… nice work Hal :)

  • Scott Hartman

    I was holding my breath until HIghway 1/along the Big Sur Coast appeared. I might add: Highway 12 in south-central Utah, between Boulder and Escalante. Highway 20(?) from Lima eastward – sea level to 16,000 feet in a day… nice work Hal :)

  • Scott Hartman

    I was holding my breath until HIghway 1/along the Big Sur Coast appeared. I might add: Highway 12 in south-central Utah, between Boulder and Escalante. Highway 20(?) from Lima eastward – sea level to 16,000 feet in a day… nice work Hal :)

  • Mohammad

    I like iran and every road there specify chaloos road.Its amazing.

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