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I’VE HAD THE GOOD FORTUNE to visit Antarctica a dozen times. I find this part of the world wildly inviting, and I must not be alone. Traveling here has become more accessible than ever. For my most recent trip, I signed on as a guide for a three-week journey that took us to the Falklands, South Georgia Island, and ultimately the Antarctic Peninsula, all aboard the Ocean Nova, run by Polar Latitudes.

About The Author

Thomas Kokta

Thomas Kokta switched gears from a wild life of mountain climbing and various outdoor activities in search of new landscapes and wildlife all over the world. Whether trying to stay warm in -40° F temperatures to photograph polar bears, braving rough seas to seek out great white sharks, or sweating it out on the African savanna, Thomas always appreciates how fortunate he is to travel, and observe the wonders of the world. Wanting to share his experiences with others, Thomas began conducting tours to those regions via his travel business, A Life of Travel.

  • Marie Lisa Jose

    Thomas this is amazing..

  • Neeraj Narayanan

    The meaning of the word ‘envy’ has just dawned on me, and how so.

  • Katherine Chiu

    Stunning pictures! Thanks for sharing. I wanted to get to Antarctica at some point, now I really, really want to go!

  • A Life of Travel/Thomas Kokta

    Thank you for all your comments! Heading back next Oct/Nov if anyone wants to join me!

  • The Drifters Blog

    Wow! Picture #2 just blew my mind! I can’t even imagine being able to witness that in person. I love those little dudes in Picture #11, too. Look like they’re full of character and fun antics. Thanks for putting this together and sharing it with us.

  • Nata Udovenko

    Amazing amazing amazing!!! Thanks, very inspiring. Especially sitting in Dubai, I’d love to breathe in some fresh air

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