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Matador Community member Aiste Stancikaite photographs the trippy cityscape of Singapore.
[Note: Matador editors selected this Community blog post for publication at the Network.]

I GOT HELD UP at Singapore customs and missed my bus, but then was saved by a Singaporean guy who helped me to get to the city.

On the way, my new friend saw my wide open eyes jumping from one skyscraper to another and asked if the country I was from was flat.

First I thought he was talking about hills and mountains, but then I realized he was actually asking about the height of the buildings – that’s what forms Singapore’s landscape.

Massive blocks of flats or office buildings create a very specific and almost surreal atmosphere, giving a lot of character to the city. It’s not a universal kind of beauty like the old towns of Europe, but it’s interesting. Sometimes you need to lift your head very high to see the sky, but if you are on the 40th floor (or higher), you can take it all in.

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About The Author

Aiste Stancikaite

Aiste Stancikaite works with images and texts to tell stories about places and people. She has finished her degree in Fine Arts and since then is travelling and doing different creative projects around the world. At the moment Aiste is exploring Asia with a photo camera in hand. You can follow her journey and see some more works at Tea Shot.

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  • Charlene Poon

    This is amazing! Coming from Singapore, I have to say your photography has given our blocky buildings some actual poetry.

    • Yu Hang Ng

      ^what she said!

  • Breakaway Backpacker

    Oh wow this is awesome. I will be in Singapore very soon and will probably never look at it the same after looking at these photos. I’m sure I will LEGOS everywhere.

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