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WHOA, this week you have the least money in your bank account that you’ve ever had. You can literally only afford three things at the 99¢ Store. That trip you’d been thinking about is so far down the horizon, you can barely make it out. To top that off, your passport expired three months ago, you have a whopping credit card bill, and you need to pay a parking ticket. You are eternally trapped here, but through the power of The Internet you can make a fake escape.

Google Street View is like a momentary free vacation (if you go full screen). You can even explore regions that’d be inaccessible even if you did have some money (but aren’t a member of the 1%.) Street View recently added hard-to-reach destinations you can use to simulate hiking Everest, exploring Arctic territory, and adventuring through the radiation-laced streets of Fukushima.

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Josh Heller

Josh is a writer from Los Angeles. He has lived in Mexico City, New York, and Berlin with extensive jaunts to Latin America and Europe.

  • The Drifters Blog

    Prettry impressive, the kinds of shots you can find on Google Street View. I guess it makes it worth downloading the app…

  • Joshua Heller

    I traveled the world in Google Street View.

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