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Cambodia’s beauty is in the little moments and details.


The people, the temples, the weather, the bustle, the food, and everything else; Cambodia’s beauty is in the effortless intermingling of all it’s powerful moments, captured nicely in this video. A two week experience of this Southeast Asian nation is on display here, highlighting the dripping bounty of the monsoons to the ancient complexes built by elephants. The majority of this footage is evidence that the most striking and compelling element of Cambodia is her people.



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Lindsay Clark

Lindsay Clark has spent the last four years circumnavigating the world three times, hoping to learn constantly by throwing herself into difficult and thrilling situations. Currently, she's the Media Specialist and newMedia Instructor at THINK Global School, the world's first global, mobile high school. Lindsay also runs

  • Geir

    This is just great, and very inspiring. I’m heading for Cambodia in Feb11, and this is just the kind of product I want to return home with.

  • Richard

    Oh man. That is gorgeous. I can’t help but feel restless now.

  • EvaSandoval

    I let a friend put me off traveling to Cambodia; she couldn’t handle the poverty, said she felt unsafe. This video makes me wish I hadn’t listened to her. Beautiful images.

  • rené

    Is it supposed to be that choppy?

  • Hal Amen

    Beautiful. Love these portraits of place.

  • properniceinnit

    Not sure how my video ended up here, but thank you for having it. Thank you both for your kind words.

  • Roz

    Absolutely enchanting. Now I’ve moved to live in Indonesia from New Zealand I plan to spend some time throughout Asia holidaying.

  • Dragan Tapšanov

    This video just kept me for generating the wanderlust!

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