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THE MEDIA IMAGES of the 2004 tsunami that affected millions in Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere are still vivid. More than 230,000 people died in 14 countries when ocean waves of up to 30 meters (almost 100 feet) crashed onto coastal communities. While I’d like to think I could just continue living a “normal life” if I were one of those affected, a big part of me doubts that very much. If my family had been decimated, could I find it in myself to forgive, to not fear?

For many, the sea is life. Their livelihoods depend on it. Like the Sri Lankan family depicted in the short film above, their love for the ocean and all it provides goes undiminished, despite its indifference toward them.

We live because of the sea, and we will continue to live because of it…we love the sea.

Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine — aka The Perennial Plate — have a way of telling intimate stories through film and food. I had the good luck to interview them and ask about their work, travel, and cuisine. Check out their answers.

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