Bourdain’s new travel show ‘The Layover’ is greenlit

Anthony Bourdain brings his hosting style to a new show about approaching quick layovers with insider tips.

The official go-ahead came yesterday to Anthony Bourdain and his production company, Zero Point Zero, to develop their second original series for the Travel Channel. After years of producing the Emmy-winning “No Reservations,” Bourdain and his fellow creators decided to apply their own style to an old travel TV concept – the quick city visit.

“You can say that we are deliberately tackling a tired and well worn format for the sheer challenge of seeing if we can make it interesting and possibly even useful,” Bourdain writes on his blog almost four weeks prior to the announcement. He goes on to explain the show was conceived over drinks with the crew, “Hey, let’s make Samantha Brown’s show! Only….different…and good!”

Packaged, glitzy travel programs give me the willies – one of the many reason why I enjoy Bourdain’s approach. “No Reservations” isn’t solely a billboard for sponsorships and product placement (ahem, except for blatant use of his Chase Sapphire card), but it does often feature experiences only possible with enviable connections and a savvy fixer.

I hope he’s successful at merging old television practice with a new angle to revive that dead horse. The Travel Channel needs more interesting, original programming, and if “The Layover” can achieve this while highlighting accessible activities across Europe, Asia and the U.S., we all win.

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  • Guest

    I love Bourdain (somehow, considering I’m vegetarian… his declared enemy) but his show is in no way useful for me. I wish Travel Channel would greenlight some female (other than Sam Brown, who i also love immensely) or- GASP! even family travel shows (I volunteer!). It’s nothing but the exotic food (or food challenge) network now, and some of us would actually like to see museums and group-stuff and not just eat the whole time.

  • Andi Perullo

    Very exciting!  I will support anything he does!!!

  • Mark L

    Why does he have to put down Samantha Brown. Classless. I do like the way Anthony pushes the liberal agenda, though. Supporting the liberals has really cripled many families’ ability to travel. Financially, they just can’t afford it, but at least they can watch the liberal elites go on fabulous safaris and vacations. You know, like Moochelle Obama! Yay!