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This is from 2010 new year, but what difference does it make? Ripping deep powder in British Columbia is a great way to start ANY new year!

As the new year approaches, taking stock of the past year preoccupies many of us. Did we do everything we wanted to? Did we have all of the experiences we could have had? Some people even get the unenviable task of wondering if they are even doing what they are passionate about in life. It is possible to change that–to fit it all in or change your life entirely. Just like heli-skiing, however, it’s a lot more work than you expect, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Video created by: Jordan Manley



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eric warren

Eric is a travel writer, photographer and filmaker with an unhealthy love for all things transportation.

  • Tim

    Thanks for reposting !Yeah, there’s heaps of powder in the video, but guess what? That wasn’t even close to being our deepest days last year!!Last winter La Nina puked snow on us. We’re super stoked because it looks like the next winter will also be a La Nina winter! Check out what some top meteorologist said in this article I posted on our Facebook page:

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