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1,300 miles, 5 months, and 1 camera in capable hands on the PCT.

THE SUDDEN LOSS of his mother triggered Brad Goldpaint to rethink his career and lifestyle choices. He quit his job as an architect in Los Angeles and hiked the 1300-mile Pacific Crest Trail from Campo, California, to Manning Park, British Columbia.

Along the trail, outdoor photography became part of his daily routine, and he started to produce fine art images that he now sells through his website.

Photo: Brad Goldpaint

He now claims his experience living and traveling through wilderness environments few people visit, let alone haul professional camera equipment to, sets his photography apart from the masses of other budding landscape photographers. I disagree. After watching his timelapse Within Two Worlds, I believe his ability to introduce a sense of motion or time to an already beautiful composition is his biggest asset.

When paused, each scene in Within Two Worlds is a photograph that placed my imagination in a specific location. In motion, the experience became a journey that led me from place to place. While I would happily hang a fine-art print of the former on my wall, it’s the latter that inspires me to go outside.

About The Author

Jeff Bartlett

Jeff is an adventure photographer and writer with a penchant for masochistic outdoor pursuits. He is now based in Jasper National Park. More of his work can be seen on his website and blog. You can also find him, periodically, on Twitter.

  • Chitra Sivasankar Arunagiri

    WOW! Insanely awesome video!

  • Lenka Silhanova

    Great video!

  • Mario Arana

    WOW! Our planet is amazing! Wishing Brad, the author of this work of art, the best..

    • Neels Melendez

      Triple WOW

  • Scott Hartman

    Just so damned good. Enviable… the trip… your video… so damned good. Thank you for sharing.

  • David Papp

    Absolutely stunning, breathtaking, and very inspiring!

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