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My Nomading Film Festival finalist video explores Argentina in an unconventional way, backwards.

By the time I was home from five weeks in Argentina I had hours upon hours of video that I had no plan for. It is so easy to shoot in the moment, trying to capture all the nuances that make the trip special is fun but the chore of scrubbing footage and editing together videos can seem overwhelming.

While looking at my footage I played a few clips backwards and discovered a new way to look at the video I had captured. The resulting video is nothing profound, but it did remind me as a storyteller to always look for new ways to approach the work, to find ways to keep it fresh.

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Joshywashington is a Travel Media Ninja from Seattle who enjoys writing, climbing trees and strong coffee.

  • Victoria

    Great video. I wish you could explore backwards.

  • Mary Morris

    This is an amazing way to view a wonderful country and trip. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

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