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The human eye can’t even process the intense tonal range that HDR photographs reach. Drew makes this photography skill understandable…and timelapsed!

Don’t think this sort of photo skill is beyond your reach. Drew Geraci is passionate about helping others develop and expand on their own skills in multimedia. HDR images are high-dynamic-range photographs that utilize bracketing to get the most detail out of every scene’s nook and cranny. In Part 1 of this two-part tutorial, Drew walks through the shooting details for creating these works of digital art. Stay tuned to MatTV for Part 2.

Video created by: Drew Geraci



About The Author

Lindsay Clark

Lindsay Clark has spent the last four years circumnavigating the world three times, hoping to learn constantly by throwing herself into difficult and thrilling situations. Currently, she's the Media Specialist and newMedia Instructor at THINK Global School, the world's first global, mobile high school. Lindsay also runs

  • Derek Prospero

    How about Part 2: Making it NOT look horrible? This example makes me want to stay as far away from HDR as possible.

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