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Awesome cinematography, evocative music, and tight editing make this video my favorite look at Iceland yet.

WHAT IT LACKS in character development it makes up for in sheer cool. Cool angles, cool shots, cool camera tracking, and cool use of ‘mysterious girl’. This is also a perfect example of how the right music can elevate a good video to a great video.

“Fragments of Iceland” has the elemental overtones that most Iceland videos I come across do; the surging water, steaming geysers, open landscapes.

But this video brings a playfulness to these familiar Icelandic notions — it puts a daisy chain on its icy head and teaches it to do cartwheels.

That doesn’t mean the landscapes aren’t stunning. They are.

If I had to pick on one thing I don’t like about this vid, it’d be the lack of humanity.

There’s such precious little evidence of any person actually living in Iceland that one might be led to believe the video producer crash landed his plane on a volcanic island populated by three snowboarding teenagers and two dozen sheep.

Where is everybody?

Either way, the video is being met with vehement approval at Vimeo, and for damn good reason — it rocks.

Video created by Lea et Nicolas Features

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  • Linda Yeremian

    Gorgeous – thank you!

  • Scoble

    Nice job, I drove the ring road last summer with a bud. Good memories, thanks for bringing them back. 

  • Katie Dugan

    This was literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland and this makes me want to even more.

  • Janet Efrati


  • Billy Abercrombie

    What camera was used to film this? This is awesome. The song adds a lot to this video, great choice.

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